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Unquiet waters.

I take the shape of the receptacle that holds me I take the contours of the earthen pitcher tall, squat or lean I take the form of the bottle or the glass on the table I even take on the colours of the utensils in which I dwell.

I am the waters that you can see through I am the liquid that is almost not there I am the one in receptacles of various kinds, my shape not my own.

If you can but break the pitcher, just once and set me free I would flow into the stream gurgling, gurgling, I'll catch the sun in a jewelled glitter.

If only you'll break the pitcher, just this once I'll run over the smooth rocks, swiftly, swiftly, to join my mother, the river till we melt together into the ocean of our being.

Lakshmi Kannan

Dr. Lakshmi Kannan has published three volumes of her poems in English. She lives in India and also writes fiction in Tamil under the pen-name of 'Kaaveri'.
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Author:Kannan, Lakshmi
Publication:Contemporary Review
Date:Feb 1, 1997
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