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Unpredictability of US.

THE Trump Administration has informed Congress that it will take unilateral steps in areas of divergence with Pakistan while expanding cooperation between the two countries where their interests converge. In a report, Pentagon emphasized the need for a 'fundamental change' in the way Pakistan deals with the alleged terrorist safe havens on its territory.

While Pakistan is doing what it could to placate the United States, dismaying signals continue to emanate from Washington, ostensibly aimed at brow-beating and pressurizing Islamabad to accept undue and unjustified demands. A war of nerves is going on and it is hoped that despite our internal weaknesses, the policy and decision-makers would not accept conditions for cooperation that are affront to our national interests. The threat to take unilateral steps in areas of divergence is a clear message that Washington is bent upon mischief. It shows the United States has no plans to take care of genuine Pakistani concerns about violation of its territory and undue favours for India especially in relations to Afghanistan and Kashmir. As pointed out by National Security Advisor Lt. General A(r) Nasser Khan Janjua, Pakistan became victim of terrorism only after it started assisting US operations in Afghanistan. The main reason for instability and insecurity in Pakistan is due to terrorism, which is product of US actions and policies in this part of the region. Pakistan has been forced to spend huge budget on a war imposed on it by others and now they are not only running away from shouldering their responsibility but are also encouraging our starch enemy to squeeze the country through different means. The United States is also badly disturbing strategic balance in the region by arming India to teeth and showering on it all technologies including nuclear and missile. Under these circumstances, people of Pakistan would not forgive the leadership if core interests of the country were again compromised by extending unilateral cooperation to the United States to help it implement regional agenda.

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Publication:Pakistan Observer (Islamabad, Pakistan)
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Date:Dec 20, 2017
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