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Unpalatable meals and poor service.


THE WASHFORD MILL, Icknield Street Drive, Redditch B80 7BD (Tel: 01527 523068) IT didn't start well ... and it got a lot worse.

We waited, as requested on a sign, to be seated - only for the staff to walk past and ignore us.

Eventually, we were shoved into a very rundown corner of the pub. That was a pity as it's generally very nicely decorated inside.

Asking to be moved, the waitress looked at all the empty tables and said, as a couple, we weren't supposed to take up a table for four in case they became busy later on.

I pointed out that it was 8.30pm on a Tuesday evening and they were finishing service in half an hour.

Reluctantly, she moved us. As a Great British Carvery pub, serving carveries for PS6 each, the menu makes much of its Red Tractor-approved British meats.

But we found the chef attempting to carve from a bare turkey carcass that looked as though it had been there all day.

Opting for beef and lamb, we then found the "proudly British" carrots were undercooked and hard, the sprouts were limp and watery and the cauliflower cheese tasted as though the raw vegetable had simply been dipped in sauce and placed on the hot plate to cook.

There was only one roastie left so I asked the chef for more. We stood and waited with a fellow diner, all of our meals going cold, until she returned.

Asking for more gravy, the chef rolled her eyes at me and stomped off, leaving us waiting even longer.

After leaving most of our meals as they were unpalatable, the waitress advised us it would probably have been better to come earlier in the day.

Surely, if a pub is willing to take money for food, it should make sure the food is worthy of eating right up until closing time? The bill, including two warm soft drinks, came to just over PS15.

We won't be returning.

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:Jun 1, 2014
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