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Unnecessary translation.

* Regarding the efforts of biblical scholars, theologians and bishops to bring us a new translation of the missal (NCR, Sept. 3): They are not correcting heresy but simply changing some words and phrases to conform more closely to the original Latin. And then there are the expensive and unnecessary "visitations" to U.S. women's religious orders. Who, pray tell, are they kidding? Our church is in the most dreadful scandal since the Inquisition and we have no leadership. The countries mentioned most are the United States, Ireland and Germany. I would hope those bishops would go to Rome wearing sackcloth and ashes. Every bishop who covered up abuse should resign. Every priest who raped a child should be defrocked and his files turned over to legal authorities.

I find our bishops, without courage, hiding behind things like the unnecessary visitations and a translation that could be done by a half-dozen scholars in a few months.


Lawrenceville, III.


* It is with shuddering dismay and ever deepening concern for our beloved church that we read about the newest nonsense coming from our Roman "lords." They now decree that our Sunday liturgical prayers must be rewritten in a more Latinized form. They would give us a Middle Ages vernacular, actively diminishing our modern church. Who are these few men who presume to set aside the honest, dedicated work of Vatican II, the work of all the bishops of all the world gathered by papal decree in historic conclave under the guidance of the Holy Spirit? Then-chicanery is beyond arrogance and should be rejected. Where are our American bishops? Why are they not speaking for their church communities? Why are they not standing for the people of God, "the light of the world"?


Lagunitas, Calif.

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Title Annotation:LETTERS
Publication:National Catholic Reporter
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Date:Oct 1, 2010
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