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Unmaking Atoms.

Unmaking Atoms

Magdalena Ball

Ginninderra Press

9781760412821, $19.50

Communicator, Reviewer, owner of website Compulsive Reader, Business Woman, poet, Magdalena Ball keeps perfecting, accomplishment as a writer.

Unmaking Atoms, a book of 89 pages filled with 88 poetic works separated into seven subdivisions having ten to 20 verse forms each, is Ball's current offering; a publication of poetry with attractiveness for the senses.

Poems followed with * indicate author notes placed at the end of the volume, and are ones I particularly believe further discernment and pleasure of the specific poem.

I found writer Ball's odes oftentimes appear occupied with a poignant yearning for the parent and time of life not always savored by children.

The first section is Artefacts with an accumulation of ten poems.

Fitting into the lines comprising The Last Report of the Day reveals a little child remembers childhood.

It is followed with Charitable Crumb.

Luminous Air commences with a quote 'Come and see my shining palace built upon the sand!' Edna St Vincent Millay, 'A Few Figs from Thistles',

Artefacts Broken offers artefacts and bottles scattered beads excavated as broken promises repeating fractals material culture can't bring back my face though you keep looking.

Atomic Mess presenting communication re the last fractured breath queries 'does inheritance provide solace now you're no longer here reminding me to be brave?'

Other titles include Past Life, Right Angles to Reality, Catalyst, Ashes for the Earth.

And lastly in this segment Yellow Jacquard and the writer's revelation as to why she does not care for the yellow.

Salting the Wound is another assortment of 10 odes:

Beginner's Mind, Salting the Wound, set the timbre for this section an end of life pondering offered in poetic lyric Almost,

Rough Ride and thought of storms give way to Years Ago musings about what was and is, somewhere.

Static, and Trojan Horse, precede 'Landscape at Pentecost' an ekphrastic poem after Landscape at Pentecost by Grace Cossington Smith (circa 1932).*

Irrational Heart completes this section.

Most of Everything is Nothing another grouping of ten offerings beginning with The No Times Times speaking of thoughts re nostalgia and paradoxical changes in the present,

'Encroachment Spells Erosion' is, the writer tells us, a found poem. Every word has been found within the text of James Joyce's Finnegan's Wake.* offers discourse from James Joyce's Finnegan's Wake and Walking Into Eternity opens with a James Joyce quote from Ulysses.

This section includes Life Dreaming, Radiology a (collaboration between Magdalena Ball and Rob Walker) in which worry, imaginings, and thoughts become analysis.

Other titles include Maven on Mars, In the Frame, Shallots and Garlic, Echo Chamber,

Most of Everything is Nothing allows that a list written in blood and nothing changes.

Found in 'Six Realms', 'the dull smoke coloured light/from hell' is from The Tibetan Book of the Dead. * it opens with the stark reality 'My death did the business no good the mining boom was over' and ends the segment.

Robin's Eye is a collection of 20 works including Brown Quail (Coturnix ypsilophora)Offering thoughts regarding the gentle bird, and is followed with Coral Composition, Alien World, Roseanna, and Reflecting sphere,

The Happiness Project asks the question 'Is it enough?'

Ascetic Stitch mentions a stitch in the centre of the chest with origins including neglected croissants with jam butter and chocolate spread.

Cruel Fortune, Robin's Eye, Mirror Neurons, Old Wounds, Circus

Factory, Mobius Strip and Television, the sea, the window move this segment forward.

Cold Mirror projects sorrow and cold comfort, Harnessing Wind asserts being done with cast iron alibis presents a forest of peppermint toys and asserts I'm ready now to believe, while Migration forwards assumed history revealing itself, Decoherence Through the Window leads to understanding that sometimes it's all about the window, Inanimate and meeting with the rocks in the frail hour of dusk gives way to Dark Matter Wants to be Alone which tells that relief comes in bursts of sunlight.

Angel with a quote by Carl Sandburg, 'Dogheads' finishes the set of poems.

A Cloud Withdrew is a group of 11 poems beginning with Mapping Pluto and a shadowy silhouette is followed with Absences,

Stargazy, Mourner's Kaddish and death reviewed at a distance of two years, set a melancholy tone followed by Unmaking Atoms and another goodbye.

More odes includes 'A Cloud Withdrew' a redaction from Emily Dickinson's 'A Cloud Withdrew from the Sky' (895). *

Venus in the East Before Sunrise, Portfolio, Weather Situations, Pranayama, continue melancholia, and lastly ' Inside Your Darkest Everything ' is from a line in The Diary of Frida Kahlo: An Intimate Self-Portrait: 'I want to be inside your darkest everything.'* brings the segment to a close.

Hieroglyphics is another segment of 10 poems beginning with Autotopography and a room before me forever locked, followed with Dhurbar Square, Energy Conservation, and longing for what is not to be.

Hieroglyphics and the notation that hieroglyphics undid me, is followed by 'Unceasing, unchanging murmur' with a line from 'Two Gallants' in Dubliners by James Joyce: 'Like illumined pearls the lamps shone from the summits of their tall poles upon the living texture below which, changing shape and hue unceasingly, sent up into the warm grey evening air, an unceasing, unchanging murmur.' *

Nature's Observatory, Woman with her hair loose, an ekphrastic poem after Head of a Woman with Her Hair Loose by Vincent van Gogh, December 1885, Antwerp. *

Entopic Imagery mentions colours at the corner of the eye, continuing the works is Probability Waves, Essential Whites, In Situ, and 'Gargantua Redacted', a found poem taken from the text of Gargantua and Pantagruel by Francois Rabelais* brings the segment to a close.

Velocity or Pause is a sement of 14 poems beginning with RNA World and a house martin lifting its wings to fly for the first time is followed with Velelocity or Pause and an Emily Dickinson quote, 'Two Lengths has every Day'.

Misinformation Effect, Redhead Beach, Winter Apples, Watagan Walk, Free Radicals, Dogstar, Lacuna, Image of the day, Planet Nine, followed with Fractals of Fractals, and the realization that a this book, a long distance gift, looks just like itself.

Qualia, Solar Collections, Out of the Blue, and Intelligent Equations noting 'with any number of loose technological civilisations warming things are bound to get hot.' The 88 poetic works comes to a close.

Notes * Scattered with the poems they represent for this review are found at the end of the eBOOK I received for review.

I found Unmaking Atoms to be an amalgam occupied with feeling, and language and representation wrought in manner best presented by a bard who comprehends both science and emotion.

Deference, storems a mix of verse and prose, loss of a loved one, odes written with respect to works of art, a delicate statement noting that what we hold dearest may be, but is not always filled with sentiment. The pain of loss is palpable.

Poet Ball's compendium shuffles then links, words and images, emotions and joyous ideas diffused throughout the melodious expressions, reference, mental imagery, and powerful emotions vibrating just below the words depicting pleasure and sorrowfulness, loss and details of lives.

All in all I enjoyed reading this offering of incomparable poems presented by a talented writer. Happy to Recommend

NOTE: Acknowledgements found at the end of the eBOOK include

Versions of these poems have been published in Silver Birch Press,

Tweetspeak Poetry, work & tumble 2015 Anthology, Tincture.

Cordite, ARTS ZINE, Verity La, Bluepepper, Journal of Poetics Research, policies & procedures: poems by rob walker, Medical Journal of Australia, Best Australian Science Writing 2016, Indelible: 2015 PATP anthology, and The Fem.

'Mapping Pluto' was shortlisted in 2015 Bayside Poetry Awards.

Versions of 'Watagan Walk' and 'Redhead Beach' were awarded commendations in the Morisset Show Lake Macquarie Moments competition.

'Nature's Conservatory' won second prize in Catchfire Press's Home is the Hunter competition and published in an anthology of the same name.

Versions of 'Alien World', 'Reflecting Sphere', 'Walking into Eternity',

'Coral Composition' and 'Landscape at Pentecost' appeared in the chapbook Sublime Planet by Magdalena Ball and Carolyn Howard-Johnson, 2014.

Molly Martin, Reviewer
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