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Unlocking the mystery of MPOA.

The arrival of Multi-Protocol Over ATM (MPOA) on the networking scene has been largely unheralded, considering its numerous benefits. In part, the problem rests with the name.

Mentioning it can prompt a response of, "Isn't that what ATM's supposed to do?" After all, most people expect ATM to be able to transport multiple protocols such as IP and IPX.

Also, many networks already transport a variety of protocols via another ATM technology called LAN emulation (LANE). So why is MPOA such a breakthrough?

Like any other technology, MPOA is designed to solve a problem. In this instance, it's the problems created by today's router-based networks, which are being swamped by the increasing wave of bandwidth-hungry applications demanded by users.

Consider the evolution of a typical network, which began with a collection of users on a common, shared LAN -- for example, an Ethernet segment. As the enterprise grew, additional segments were added and connected with bridges, then routers.

The number of and reliance on routers increased steadily over time as more and more users and applications were added to the network. As bandwidth demands outstripped the capabilities of Ethernet, a new backbone technology such as FDDI was implemented to solve the problem and maintain service guarantees.

Unfortunately, the reward for good network performance is demand for even greater performance -- to support Web-browsing, whiteboarding, scheduling, multi-disciplinary teams, corporate intranets and, in the near future, multimedia that would amaze even the most jaded 13-year-old cybergame prodigy.

The-bottom line: raw bandwidth is no longer enough in a world where the network has evolved from useful business tool to strategic necessity. Today, network administrators must provide the bandwidth, along with several classes of traffic contracts with tight service guarantees.

The result is increasing pressure on the routers at the core of the typical network, accompanied by delays and painfully slow service that threaten the ability to meet those guarantees.

The immediate reaction is to add more routers -- but it's not necessarily the correct and certainly not the most cost-effective solution. Routers are expensive -- a number of user studies peg the cost of router ports, in terms of price/performance, at five to 18 times the cost of ATM switch ports.

The price difference stems from the fact that routers rely on software and work in a connectionless paradigm. Most data passing through a router must be analyzed to determine where it will be directed and to check items such as filter lists -- tasks typically performed by microprocessors running software. This analysis is neither cheap nor scalable, but it's a necessity for every data packet transmitted.

Performance and cost are just two of the reasons why an increasing number of network architects are opting for ATM backbones. Since the early 1990s, ATM has demonstrated its value in thousands of mission-critical networks as an optimal solution in terms of price/performance, tighter quality of service (QoS), scalability, and inherent support for hybrid networks comprising data, voice, and video traffic.

Despite the advantages of ATM, two concerns continue to affect network architects' decisions about adopting the technology: the need to provide ongoing support for non-ATM connected users, and the pressure to preserve existing network hardware and software investments.

Supporting non-ATM users is accomplished with the implementation of LAN emulation (LANE) over ATM, which allows an ATM network to emulate a physical LAN segment without the physical constraints, such as distance or maximum bandwidth, of a real LAN segment.

LANE is built entirely around Layer 2 of the protocol stack and deals in MAC addresses, making it completely transparent to Layer 3 protocols such as IP, just like the real LAN segments it emulates. In a typical LANE network, user devices are split across several of these emulated LANs (ELANs).

LANE enables network architects to build networks with an ATM backbone that supports Ethernet, token-ring, or FDDI clients connected via the legacy LAN to ATM switches, while servers and other high-bandwidth devices can be connected directly to the ATM backbone.

Traffic flows between users in an ATM virtual circuit, in hardware. The software-based problems of a router-based network disappear because 1) ATM using LANE adds a connection-oriented scheme that eliminates the need to analyze data packet-by-packet in every node, and 2) traffic forwarding is accomplished in hardware.

End of story? Not quite. Until recently, users in different ELANs still required a router that had been upgraded with an ATM interface to communicate, exposing the ATM network to the same old router problems.

Hence the need for MPOA. MPOA provides the AtM-based, connection-oriented path required for realizing the benefits of AtM -- for example, QoS.


MPOA logically divides the operations of a traditional router in two and allows each function -- route calculation and packet forwarding -- to reside on different hardware platforms. With MPOA, these functions can be distributed throughout the network, forming virtual routers and providing important benefits:

* The ability to use more low-cost legacy LAN switches in combination with fewer, more-expensive layer products such as routers. Because the router is now dedicated to route calculation, not packet forwarding, it can support greater numbers of users.

* The ability to use ATM to provide guaranteed QoS.

* Preservation of existing router investment. Assuming the router vendor supports ATM interface cards and MPOA, the router can be dedicated to route calculation, extending its useful life.

Given the hype that accompanies new technologies these days, network administrators are naturally wary of extravagant claims. Buying into a new, pre-standard technology may provide some benefits, but at the price of locking the buyer into a proprietary scheme that's unproved and offers no guarantee of interoperability.

That's not the case with MPOA, for several reasons:

* ATM Forum standards for MPOA are nearly complete, with only minor administrative issues remaining.

* Many leading vendors have already implemented MPOA and are working to ensure full compliance with the final specification due this fall.

* Multivendor interoperability, hosted by the ATM Forum, has already been demonstrated. At the May NetWorld+lnterop show in Las Vegas, MIPOA interoperability between FORE Systems, Cisco, Bay Networks, and Newbridge was demonstrated, and the list of participating vendors continues to grow.


Several alternative technologies -- notably IP switching and tag switching -- are currently being touted as alternatives to MPOA. These technologies were created with similar objectives, but attempt to achieve them in different ways. They all differ from MPOA in several ways:

* MPOA is currently the only multivendor standards-based solution, and the one with the best chance of widespread adoption.

* MPOA is designed to work with ATM and maximize its unique properties such as scalability, QoS guarantees, security, and performance. In contrast, tag switching was designed as a general-purpose scheme that is not inherently aware of ATM.

* MPOA builds on the proven infrastructure specifications of the ATM Forum such as PNNI and LANE. In contrast, IP switching, while built on ATM hardware, ignores this foundation and utilizes new, unproved standards.

* MPOA aware-devices typically are required only at the edge of a network. To support tag switching and IP switching, all the devices in the network must be aware of these technologies.

The dual performance/cost imperative will not disappear for network administrators. It will only intensify as organizations wrestle with the challenge of feeding the bandwidth monster, preserving current networking investments, and demonstrating strategic payback for new technology.

A number of new technologies claim to be the best for carrying IP and other protocols. But only MPOA has demonstrated the ability to provide the interoperability, scalability, guaranteed QoS, and price/performance that build on the proven strengths of ATM, and extend those benefits across the network.

Andy Reid can be reached at areid@

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CN presents its annual Network Management Directory. For you convenience, contacts and phone numbers have been included where available. Accompanying the directory is a matrix outlining the various products and/or services available from each company.


A. T. Schindler Communications Inc. David Hopkins 101-21 Antares Dr. Ottawa, ONT, Canada K2E 7T8 Phone: 613-723-1103 Fax: 613-723-6895

Accelerated Technology Inc. Jamie Little 720 Oak Cir. Dr. E. Mobile, AL 36609 Phone: 334-661-5770 Fax: 334-661-5788

Access Beyond Inc. 1300 Quince Orchard Blvd. Gaithersburg, MD 20878 Phone: 800-456-7844 Fax: 301-921-8376

Acclaim Communications Inc. 5000 Old Ironsides Dr. Santa Clara, CA 95054 Phone: 408-327-0100 Fax: 408-327-0106

ACE*COMM Corporation 704 Quince Orchard Rd. Gaithersburg, MD 20878 Phone: 301-721-3000 Fax: 301-721-3001

ADTRAN Inc. 901 Explorer Blvd. Huntsville, AL 35806 Phone: 205-963-8000 Fax: 205-963-8699

Advanced Computer Communications (ACC) 340 Storke Rd. Santa Barbara, CA 93117 Phone: 805-685-4455 Fax: 805-685-4465

Advanced TechCom Inc. Anne Buckley 181 Ballardvale St. Wilmington, MA 01887 Phone: 508-694-3017 Fax: 508-694-4808

Algo Communications Corp. Margo Chanter 12221 Merit Dr. #1003 Dallas, TX 75251 Phone: 972-866-2000

Allied Telesyn International Serge Timacheff 19015 N. Creek Pky., Ste. 200 Bothell, WA 98011 Phone: 206-487-8880 Fax: 206-481-3845

ALLTELL Supply 6625 The Corners Pky. Norcross, GA 30092 Phone: 770-448-5210 Fax: 770-368-1162

Alpine Computer Systems 125 Jeffrey Ave. Holliston, MA 01746 Phone: 508-429-0700 Fax: 508-429-0500

American Technology Labs Dan Kosek/Ted Wiss 10097 Tyler Pl., #1 Ijamsville, MD 21754 Phone: 301-695-1547 Fax: 301-874-3465

Ameritec Corp. William Gunning 760 Arrow Grand Cir. Covina, CA 91722 Phone: 626-915-5441 Fax: 626-915-7181

Ancor Communications Inc. Marty Holmes 6130 Blue Cir. Dr. Minnetonka, MN 55343 Phone: 612-932-4000 Fax: 612-932-4037

Anixter Inc. George Zuniga 4711 Golf Rd. Skokie, IL 60076 Phone: 847-677-2600 Fax: 847-677-9480

Applied Digital Access Steve Murphy 9855 Scranton Rd. San Diego, CA 92121 Phone: 800-854-2242 Fax: 619-623-2208

Ariel Corp. Steve Curtin 2540 Rt. 130 Cranbury, NJ 08512 Phone: 609-860-2900 Fax: 609-860-1155

Ascent Communications Inc. 1701 Harbor Bay Pky. Alamedaa, CA 94502 Phone: 510-769-6001 Fax: 510-747-2300

Ascom Timeplex Lynn Derfus 400 Chestnut Ridge Rd. Woodcliff Lake, NJ 07675 Phone: 201-391-1111 Fax: 201-391-0852

Axent Technologies Inc. 2400 Research Blvd., Ste. 200 Rockville, MD 20850 Phone: 800-298-2620, X728 Fax: 801-227-3781

Bay Networks Inc. 4401 Great America Pky. Santa Clara, CA 95054 Phone: 800-8-BAYNET

BBN Corp. 150 Cambridge Pk. Dr. Cambridge, MA 02140 Phone: 617-873-2000 Fax: 617-873-5011

Bell Atlantc Network Integration Kate Burns 52 E. Swedesford Rd. Frazer, PA 1933 Phone: 800-PICBANI Fax: 610-296-8493

Berry Test Sets & Independent Technologies Inc. Don Brehm 11422 Miracle Hills Dr., Ste. 500 Omaha, NE 68154 Phone: 402-496-4700 Fax: 402-493-5100

Best Power (Unit of General Signal) P.O. Box 280, N9249 Hwy. 80 S. Necedaah, WI 54646 Phone: 608-565-7200 Fax: 608-565-2221

BindView Development Corp. David Pulaski 3355 W. Alabmaaa, 12th Flr. Houston, TX 77098 Phone: 713-881-9100 Fax: 713-881-9200

Broadband Networks Inc. Sandy Howe 2820 E. College ve. State College, PA 16801 Phone: 814-237-4073 Fax: 814-234-2841

Bull Worldwide Information Systems Carolyn Langluis 508-294-6131 300 Concord Rd. Billerica, MA 01821 Phone: 800-544-6736 Fax: 508-294-6109

Caravelle Inc. Corien Greenwood 210 Colonnade Road S., Suite 301 Nepean, Ont., Canada K2E 7L5 Phone: 613-225-1172 Fax: 613-225-4777

Castelle Juliette Noh 3255-3 Scott Blvd. Santa Clara, CA 95054 Phone: 408-496-0474 Fax: 408-492-1964

Centigram Communications Corp. Beverly Rindfleisch 91 E. Tasman Dr. San Jose, CA 95134 Phone: 408-428-3722 Fax: 408-428-3733

Chesivalae Electronics Inc. Bruce Band 11812 N. Creek Pky. N., Ste. 205 Bothell, WA 98011 Phone: 425-482-0121 Fax: 425-482-0120

Chrysalis-ITS Benita Baker 380 Hunt Club Rd. Ottawa, ONT., Canada K1V 1C1 Phone: 613-731-6788 Fax: 613-731-1013

Cinco Networks Inc. Roger Cox 7133 Koll Ctr. Pky. Pleasanton, CA 94566 Phone: 510-426-1770 Fax: 510-426-8105

Citdel Technology Terry Loftis 3811 Turtle Crk. Blvd. #600 Dallas, TX 75219-4421 Phone: 214-520-9292 Fax: 214-520-9293

Citel America Inc. 1111 Parkcentre Blvd., Ste. 340 Miami, FL 33169 Phone: 305-621-0022 Fax: 305-621-0766

Citrix Systems Inc. Deepo Swamy 6400 NW 6th Way Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309 Phone: 954-267-2346 Fax: 954-267-2525

CKS NA Linda Brozell 11 Parkway Ctr., Ste. 390 Pittsburgh, PA 15220 Phone: 412-928-3300 Fax: 412-928-3307

CNET Inc. Jerri Barrett 4975 Preston Park Blvd, Ste. 800 Plano, TX 75093 Phone: 972-867-3333 Fax: 972-867-6800

Coastcom Joan Black 1151 Harbor Bay Pky. Alameda, CA 94502 Phone: 510-523-6000 Fax: 510-523-6150

Communication Devices Inc. Tadhg Kelly 1 Forstmn Ct. Clifton, NJ 07011 Phone: 201-772-6997 Fax: 201-772-0747

Compaq 8404 Esters Blvd. Irving, TX 75063 Phone: 800-544-5255 Fax: 972-929-1720

Compression Techniques Corp. George Heston 585 Grove St., Ste., 330 Herndon, VA 20170 Phone: 703-478-5385 Fax: 703-471-1473

CompuServe Network Services 5000 Britain Rd. Hillard, OH 43026 Phone: 800-433-0389 Fax: 614-723-1643

Computer Network Technology (CNT) 605 N. Hwy. 169 Minneapolis, MN 55441 Phone: 612-797-6000 Fax: 612-797-6813

ComSonics, Inc. Roy Weitzell 1350 Port Republic Road Harrisonburg, VA 22801 Phone: 540-434-5965 Fax: 540-432-9794

Control Data Systems Inc. Tom Charkod 4201 Lexington Ave. N. Arden Hills, MN 55126 Phone: 612-415-3001 Fax: 612-415-4891

Convex Corp. James Turner 45150 Business Ct. Sterling, VA 20166 Phone: 703-318-8991 Fax: 703-318-8994

CyberGuard Corp. Lisa Thornhill-Jones 2000 W. Commercial Blvd., Ste. 200 Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309 Phone: 800-666-4273 Fax: 954-973-5160

Cybernetics 111 Cybernetics Way Yorktown, VA 23693 Phone: 757-833-9000 Fax: 757-833-9300

Cylink Corp. Andrew Aorbitzer 910 Hermosa Ct. Synnyvale, CA 974086 Phone: 408-735-5800 Fax: 408-735-6643


dB-tronics Joy Hope 145 Tradd St. Spartanburg, SC 29301 Phone: 864-574-0155, ext. 105 Fax: 864-574-0383

D-Link Systems Inc. Stephen Moore 5 Musick Irvine, CA 92618 Phone: 714-455-1688 Fax: 7144552521

Datacom Technologies Terri Bevan-Philipps 11011 31st Place W. Everett, WA 98024 Phone:4253550590 Fax: 4252901600

Datacomm Associates Inc. Bob McGregor 20701 Lorain Rd. North Olmsted, OH 44070 Phone: 2167772800 Fax: 2167163410

Dataprobe Inc. David Weiss 11 Park Place Paramus, NJ 07652 Phone: 2019679300 Fax: 2019679090

DEI Shandra Knight 230 N. Market Place Escondido, CA 92029 Phone: 760-7438344 Fax: 7607635297

Deltec Corp. Susan Connell 2727 Kurtz St. San Diego, CA 92110 Phone: 6192914211 Fax: 6192192973

Desktalk Systems Inc. Bock Communications Christine Bock/Valerie Christopherson 19401 S. Vermont Ave. Torrance, CA 90502 Phone: 3103235998 Fax: 3103236197

Digilog Inc. Paul Scheffler X305 2360 Maryland Rd. Willow Grove, 190901709 Phone: 2158309400 Fax: 2158309444

Digital Link Corp. Sue Johnson 217 Humboldt Ct. Sunnydale, CA 94089 Phone: 408-7456200 Fax: 4086456250

Digital Lightwave, Inc. Bill Rooney 601 Cleveland Street, 5th Floor Clearwater, FL 33755 Phone: 813442667 Fax: 8134425660

Digital Telecom Inc. Mike Griffith 12600 S. Belcher Rd., Ste. 105B Largo, FL 33773 Phone 8135388677 Fax 8135390567

Digitech Industries Inc. Adele Annesi 55 Kenosia Ave. Danbury, CT 06813 Phone 2037972676 Fax 2037972682

Direct of New England Don Cadieux Ten Tower Office Park, #216 Woburn, MA 01801 Phone 6179338116 Fax 6179338233

Disaster Recovery Yellow Pages Steven Lewis 25 Ellison Rd. Newton, MA 02159 Phone 6173323496 Fax 6173324358

DPL Telecom Techniques Jocelyn Parker 1216 Sand Cove Road Saint John, NB, Canada E2M 5V8 Phone: 506-635-1055 Fax: 506-635-1057

DPS Inc. Eric Storm 4922 E. Yale Ave. Fresno, CA 93727 Phone: 800-622-3314 Fax: 209-454-1688

Electro Standards Laboratory Inc. Data Communication Products Div. 36 Western Industrial Dr. Cranston, RI 02921-3403 Phone: 401-943-1164 Fax: 401-946-5790

Enterprise Systems Management Jim Campbell 14742 Newport Ave., Ste. 207 Tustin, CA 92780 Phone: 714-505-7686 Fax: 714-505-7690

Envive Corp. Giff Constable 5150 El Camino Real B31 Los Altos, CA 94022 Phone: 415-919-0600 Fax: 415-919-0620

Equinox Systems Inc. One Equinox Way Sunrise, FL 33351 Phone: 800-275-3500 Fax: 954-746-9101

Executive Search of America Matt Carpenter 22700 Shore Ctr. Dr. Cleveland, OH 44123 Phone: 216-261-7400 Fax: 216-289-1635

Farallon Communications Inc. 510-814-5050, 2470 Mariner Square Loop Alameda, CA 94501 Phone: 510-814-5100 Fax: 510-814-5020

FastComm Communications 45472 Holiday Dr. Sterling, VA 20166 Phone: 703-318-7550 Fax: 703-787-4625

Finisar Corp. Ellis Goldberg 274 Fergusen Dr. Mountain View, CA 94043 Phone: 415-691-4000 Fax: 415-691-4010

FTP Software Inc. 100 Brickstone Sq., 5th Flr. Andover, MA 01810 Phone: 508-685-4000 Fax: 508-794-4488

Fujitsu Network Communications Laura Click 2801 Telecom Pky. Richardson, TX 75082 Phone: 972-690-6000 Fax: 972-479-6990

FutureSoft Inc. 12012 Wickchester Ln., Ste. 600 Houston, TX 77079 Phone: 800-989-8908 Fax: 281-496-1090

Geist Maufacturing Inc. Tom Kennedy P.O. Box 83088 Lincoln, NE 68501 Phone: 402-474-3400 Fax: 402-474-4369

General DataComm Inc. 1579 Straits Tpke. Middlebury, CT 06762-1299 Phone: 203-574-1118 Fax: 203-758-9468

General Signal Networks Inc. Alexander Nagy 13000 Midlantic Dr. Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054 Phone: 609-234-7900 Fax: 609-778-8700

GoldMine Software Corp. 17383 Sunset Blvd., Ste. 301 Pacific Palisades, CA 90272 Phone: 310-454-6800 Fax: 310-454-4848

Gordon Kapes Inc. 5520 W. Touhy Ave. Skokie, IL 60077 Phone: 847-676-1750 Fax: 847-982-0747

GN Nettest Anthony Mastrangelo 55 Rentrew Dr. Markham, Ont. Canada L3R 8H3 Phone: 800-465-9400 Fax: 905-475-6524

GTE CyberTrust 77 A St. Needham, MA 02194 Phone: 800-987-8788 Fax: 617-455-4005


Hadax Electronics Inc. David Foni 310 Phillips Ave. South Hackensack, NJ 07606 Phone: 201-807-1155 Fax: 201-807-1782

Harmonic Lightwaves Inc. 549 Baltic Way Sunnyvale, CA 94089 Phone: 408-542-2500 Fax: 408-542-2511

Hekimian Laboratories Inc. 15200 Omega Dr. Rockville, MD 20850-3240 Phone: 301-590-3600 Fax: 301-590-3680

Hewlett-Packard Co. 2501 Colorado St., Ste. 300 Santa Monica, Ca 90404 Phone: 310-255-3000 Fax: 310-255-3050

Hewlett-Packard Co. P. O. Box 58059, MS511L-SJ Santa Clara, CA 95051 Phone: 800-533-1333 Fax: 800-333-1917

High Technology Software Corp. DBA: HiTecSoft Corp. Karen Handwork 3370 N. Hayden Rd., Ste. 123-175 Scottsdale, AZ 85251 Phone: 602-470-1025

Hubbell Premise Wiring Cathy Dunn Cathy Dunn 14 Lord's Hill Rd. Stonington, CT 06378 Phone: 800-626-0005 Fax: 860-535-8328

Hypercom Network Systems 2851 W. Kathleen Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85023 Phone: 800-577-5501 Fax: 602-504-5166

ImageNet Inc. Jim Zahoudanis 12950 Saratoga Ave., Ste. D Saratoga, CA 95070-4658 Phone: 408-863-7260 Fax: 408-863-7260 Fax: 408-863-7265

Independent Technologies, Inc. Dick Spear 11422 Miracle Hills Dr., Ste. 500 Omaha, NE 68154 Phone: 402-496-4700 Fax: 402-493-5100

Independent Telephone Network Inc. dba HB Distributors 8741 Shirley Ave. Northridge, CA 91324 Phone: 818-882-0000 Fax: 818-700-1808

INET Inc. Julie Angrave 1255 W. 15th St., Ste. 600 Plano, TX 75075 Phone: 972-578-6100 Fax: 972-578-6113

Inktomi Corp. Kevin Brown 1900 S. Norfolk St., Ste. 110 San Mateo, CA 94403 Phone: 415-653-2800 Fax: 415-653-2801

IntegraTRAK Inc. Nancy Gates 12600 SE 38th St. #250 Bellevue, WA 98006 Phone: 425-401-1000 Fax: 425-401-1700

Intellect Network Technologies Bart Rogers 1100 Executive Dr. Richardson, TX 75081 Phone: 972-367-2100 Fax: 972-367-2200

International Data Sciences Inc. Jeannette Gouin 475 Jefferson Blvd. Warwick, RI 02886 Phone: 401-737-9900 Fax: 401-737-9911

International Transware Jerome Calvo 1503 Grant Rd., Ste. 155 Mountain View, CA 94040-3270 Phone: 415-903-2300 Fax: 415-903-9544

Internet Security Systems Inc. (ISS) Paul Graffeo, X155 41 Perimeter Ctr. E. Atlanta, GA 30346 Phone: 770-395-0150 Fax: 770-395-1972

Ipswitch Inc. Michelle Maloney 81 Hartwell Ave. Lexington, MA 02173 Phone: 617-676-5700 Fax: 617-676-5710

IRE Inc. Carol Regan/John Jungclaus 8029 Corporate Dr. Baltimore, MD 21236 Phone: 410-931-7500 Fax: 410-931-7524


Jensen Tools, Inc. 602-968-6231 7815 S. 46th St. Phoenix, AZ 85044 Phone: 602-968-6241 Fax: 602-438-1690

Joslyn Electronic Systems Co. Cindy Camilluci 6868 Cortona Dr. Goleta, Ca 93116-0817 Phone: 805-968-3551 Fax: 805-968-2335

KeyLabs Inc. Tyler Smith 633 S. 550 E. Provo, UT 84606 Phone: 801-377-5484 Fax: 801-377-5439

Knozall Systems Inc. Ed Thorpe 375 E. Elliot Rd., Ste. 10 Chandler, AZ 85225-1130 Phone: 602-545-0006 Fax: 602-545-0008

Lancast Kristina O'Connell 12 Murphy Dr. Nashua, NH 03062 Phone: 603-880-1833 Fax: 603-594-2887

Landmark Systems Laurie Stone 703-902-8116 8000 Towers Crescent Dr. Vienna, VA 22182-2700 Phone: 703-902-8000 Fax: 703-893-5568

LANSource Technologies Inc. Louise Johns 221 Dufferin St., Ste., 310A Toronto, ONT, Canada M6H 2Y2 Phone: 416-535-3555 Fax: 703-535-6225

Larscom Michelle Solis 1845 McCandless Dr. Milpitas, CA 95035 Phone: 408-988-6600 Fax: 408-986-8690

Larus Corp. 1560 Berger Dr. San Jose, CA 95112 Phone: 800-999-9946 Fax: 408-494-0735

LBA InfoSystems, LLC David MacArthur P. O. Box 8026 Greenville, NC 27835 Phone: 919-757-0279 Fax: 919-758-6015

LeeMah DataCom Bryan Keeter 6200 Paseo Padre Pky. Freemon, CA 94555-3601 Phone: 510-608-0600 Fax: 510-608-0688

Lexmark International Inc. 740 New Circle Rd. NW Lexington, KY 40511 Phone: 800-LEXMARK Fax: 800-232-9539

Livermore Software Labs Int'l. Ellana Livermore 2825 Wilcrest, Ste. 160 Houston, TX 77042 Phone: 713-974-3274 Fax: 954-916-6246

Magic Communications Corp. 10500 NW 50th St., Ste. 103 Sunrise, FL 33351 Phone: 954-747-9944 Fax: 954-916-9624

MAKE Systems Tom Eason 201 San Antonio Cir. #225 Mountain View, CA 94040 Phone: 415-941-9800 Fax: 415-941-5856

Memco Software 12 E. 49th St. New York, NY 10017 Phone: 212-888-6200 Fax: 212-888-6240

Memotec Communications Inc. Hughes Letourneau 600 McCaffrey St. Montreal, PQ, Canada H4T 1N1 Phone: 514-738-4781 Fax: 514-733-3836

Merge Technologies Group Inc. Marie Mariolle/Joan Salazar 211 Gateway Rd. W., Ste. 201 Napa, CA 94558 Phone: 707-252-6686 Fax: 707-252-6687

MESA Group Inc. (The) Julianne Greenwood 29 Crafts St. Newton, MA 02158 Phone: 617-964-7400 Fax: 617-964-4240

MET Laboratories, Inc. Leonard Frier 914 W. Patapsco Ave. Baltimore, MD 21230 Phone: 410-354-3300 Fax: 410-354-3313

MGE UPS Systems Inc. Alexx Wood 415-392-6041 1660 Scenic Ave. Costa Mesa, CA 92626 Phone: 714-557-1636 Fax: 714-557-9788

Micom Communications Corp. Stacey Doherty 4100 Los Angeles Ave. Simi Valley, CA 93063 Phone: 805-583-8600 Fax: 805-583-1997

MicroFrame Inc. Lisa Donald 21 Meridian Rd. Edison, NJ 08820 Phone: 908-494-4440 Fax: 908-494-4570

Microplex Systems Ltd. Gerry Sawkins 8525 Commerce Ct. Burnaby, BC, Canada V5A 4N3 Phone: 604-444-4232 Fax: 604-444-4239

Microtest 4747 N. 22nd St. Phoenix, AZ 85016 Phone: 602-952-6400 Fax: 602-952-6401

Milestone Software & Systems Ltd. Greg Shipper P.O.B. 152 Toqneam Illit Israel 20692 Phone: 011-972-49590515 Fax: 011-972-49590516

Mitel Corp. 350 Legget Dr. P. O. Box 13089 Kanata, ONT, Canada K2K 1X3 Phone: 613-592-2122 Fax: 613-591-2321

Multi-Tech Systems Inc. 2205 Woodale Dr. Mounds View, MN 55112 Phone: 800-328-9717 Fax: 612-785-9874


N.E.T. Jo Minola 800 Saginaw Dr. Redwood City, CA 94063 Phone: 415-366-4400 Fax: 415-366-5675 NEC America Inc. 1525 W. Walnut Hill Ln. Irving, TX 75038 Phone: 972-751-7273 Fax: 972-518-4420

Netaccess Inc. Mike Potvin 18 Keewaydin Dr. Salem, NH 03079 Phone: 603-898-1800 Fax: 603-894-4545 Netoria Inc. Pieta Callaway 1283 N. State St. Orem, UT 84057 Phone: 888-227-0744 Fax: 801-221-1688

Netrix Corp. Dawn Higgins 13595 Dulles Technology Dr. Herndon, VA 20171 Phone: 703-742-6000 Fax: 703-742-4048

Network General Corp. Lisa Hamilton 4200 Bohannon Dr. Menlo Park, CA 94025 Phone: 415-327-2000 Fax: 415-327-2303

Network Peripherals Inc. 1371 McCarthy Blvd. Milpitas, CA 95035 Phone: 408-321-7300 Fax: 408-321-9218

Network Technologies Inc. 1275 Danner dr. Aurora, OH 44202 Phone: 800-742-8324 Fax: 330-562-1999

Network Tools Inc. Cheryl Knight 408-571-2645 2570 N. First St., 4th Flr. San Jose, CA 95131 Phone: 408-571-2600 Fax: 408-571-2601

New Technology Partners Bill Mann 40 S. River Rd., Bldg. 44 Bedford, NH 03110 Phone: 800-503-9766 Fax: 603-641-6934

Newbridge Networks Inc. Catherine Weigel 593 Herndon Pky. Herndon, VA 20170 Phone: 800-343-3600 Fax: 703-471-7080

Newton Instrument Co. Inc. Carla Rein 111 E. "A" St. Butner, NC 27509-2426 Phone: 919-575-6426 Fax: 919-575-4708

NHC Communications Inc. Peter Benisti 5450 Cote De Liesse Mt. Royal, PQ., Canada H4P 1A5 Phone: 514-735-2741 Fax: 514-735-8057

Nitech Inc. Dilip Guha 4400 Rt. 9 S. Freehold, NJ 07728 Phone: 908-303-7471 Fax: 908-303-8622

NOKIA 2300 Valley View Ln., Ste. 100 Irving, TX 75063 Phone: 800-666-5553 Fax: 972-257-9831

Novell Inc. Gordon Evans 408-577-6371 gmevans@novell 1275 Trade Zone, Bldg.5 San Jose, CA 95131 Phone: 408-434-2300 NSM Jukebox Dave Emel 158 Tower Ln. Bensenville, IL 60106 Phone: 630-860-5100 Fax: 630-860-5144

Octopus Technologies A Div. of Qualix Group Inc. Katrina Hottenstein 1717 Langhorne Newtown Rd., Ste. 402 Langhorne,PA 197047-9265 Phone: 215-597-5600 Fax: 2115-579-3200

Olicom Inc. 900 E. Park Blvd., Ste. 250 Plano, TX 75074 Phone: 972-423-7560 Fax: 972-423-7261

On Technology Corp. One Cambridge Ct. Cambridge, MA 02142-1604 Phone: 617-374-1400 Fax: 617-374-1433

Optimal Networks Michael Cartsonis 1057 E. Meadow Cir. Palo Alto, CA 94303 Phone: 415-845-6333 Fax: 415-845-6363

PalmSun Software Michelle Strykonski 847-29-1616 106 E. Sixth St., Ste. 900 Austin, TX 78701 Phone: 512-322-5330 Fax: 52-322-5301

Paradyne 8545 126th Ave. N. Largo, FL 33773 Phone: 800-PARADYNE Fax: 813-530-2835

Patton Electronics Co. Ron Cole 7622 Rickenbacker Dr. Gaithersburg, MD. 20879 Phone: 301-975-1000 Fax: 301-869-9293

Positron Fiber Systems Inc. Andrew Knott 3000 Atrium Way, Ste. 510 S. Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054 Phone: 609-222-288 Fax: 609-222-1744

Powercom Herb Levitin 1612 State St. Santa Barbara, CA 93101 Phone: 800-288-9807 Fax: 805-962-0104

Qualix Group Inc. Marie Martin 415-638-4095 1900 S. Norfolk St., Ste. 224 San Mateo, CA 94403 Phone: 415-572-0200 Fax: 415-572-1300

Racal Data Group 1601 N. Harrison Pky. Sunrise, FL 33323-2899 Phone: 800-RACAL-55 Fax: 954-846-4942

Racal Recorders Inc. C.J. Elias-West 15375 Barranca Pky., Ste. H-101 Irvine, CA 92618 Phone: 714-727-3444 Fax: 714-727-1774

Racon Onc. Carmen Dagle 12628 Interurban Ave. S. Seattle, WA 98168-3383 Phone: 206-241-1110 Fax: 206-246-9306

RAD Data Communications Anne Ayalon 900 Corporate Dr. Mahwah, NJ 07430 Phone: 201-529-1100 Fax: 201-529-5777

RADVision Inc. Dan Aquafredda 575 Corporate Dr., Ste. 420 Mahwah, NJ 07430 Phone: 201-529-4300 Fax: 201-529-3516

RedCreek Communications Inc. Chris Kelly 3900 Newpark Mall Rd. Newark, CA 94560 Phone: 510-745-3900 Fax: 510-745-3995

Resonate Inc. Judy Fujii 465 Fairchild Dr., Ste. 224 Mountain View, CA 94043 Phone: 415-967-6500 Fax: 415-967-6561


S.I. Tech Inc. 901 N. Batavia Ave. Batavia, IL 60510 P.O. Box 609 Geneva, IL 60134 Phone: 630-232-8640 Fax: 630-232-8677

SBE Inc. 4550 Norris Canyon Rd. San Ramon, CA 94583-1369 Phone: 5110-355-2000 Fax: 510-355-2020

SCH Technologies Debbie Phipps 895 Central Ave. Cincinnato, OH 45202-1961 Phone: 513-579-0455 Fax: 513-579-1064

Seattle Software Labs Gayla Gray 316 Occidental Ave. S., Ste. 300 Seattle, WA 98104 Phone: 206-521-8340 Fax: 206-521-8341

SFA DataComm Inc. Heather Beck 7450 New Technology Way Frederick, MD 21043 Phone: 301-662-5926 Fax: 301-694-6279

Shomiti Systems 1800 Bering Dr. San Jose, CA 95112 Phone: 408-437-3940 Fax: 408-437-4052

SilCom Manufacturing Technology Ron Jenkins 5620 Timberlea Blvd. Mississauga, Ont., Canada L4W 4M6 Phone: 905-238-8822 Fax: 905-238-1887

SMARTS 14 Mamaroneck Ave. White Plains, NY 10601 Phone: 914-948-6200 Fax: 914-948-6270

SolCom Systems Inc. Leslie Lehman 1801 Robert Fulton Dr., Ste. 400 Reston, VA 20191 Phone: 703-758-6722 Fax: 703-758-3568

Southwestern Bell One Bell Ctr. St. Louis, MO 63101 Phone: 800-203-9009 Specialix Inc. Deborah Deverse-Gaches 745 Camden Ave. Campbell, CA 95008 Phone: 408-378-7919 Fax: 408-378-0786

Sprint North Supply 600 New Century Pky. New Century, KS 66031-8000 Phone: 913-791-7000 Fax: 913-791-7019

Strohl Systems John Henken 500 N. Gulph Rd. King of Prussia, PA 19406 Phone: 610-768-4120 Fax: 610-768-4135

Sunrise Telecom Inc. 22 Great Oaks Blvd. San Jose, CA 95119 Phone: 408-363-8000 Fax: 408-363-8313

Sybase Inc. 6475 Christie Ave. Emeryville, CA 94608 Phone: 800-8-SYBASE Fax: 510-922-3210

Symplex Communications Corp. Paulette Smith 5 Research Dr. Ann Arbor, MI 48103 Phone: 313-995-1555 Fax: 313-995-1564

Sync Research Inc. 40 Parker Irvine, CA 92614 Phone: 714-588-2070 Fax: 714-588-2080

System Management ARTS Inc. Bill Leavy 14 Mamaroneck Ave., 3rd Flr. White Plains, NY 10601 Phone: 914-948-6200 Fax: 914-948-6270

Systems Enhancement Corp. Chris Ferguson 174 Chesterfield Ind. Blvd. Chesterfield, MO 63005 Phone: 314-532-2855 Fax: 314-532-2037

Tadiran Telecommunications Inc. Candy Barr 6021 142nd Ave. N. Clearwater, FL 33760 Phone: 813-523-0000 Fax: 813-523-0010

Technical Communications Corp. Panos Lekkas 100 Domino Dr. Concord, MA 01742-2892 Phone: 508-287-5100 Fax: 508-371-1280

Tekelec Don Lewis 25680 W. Agoura Rd. Calabasas, CA 91302 Phone: 818-880-5656 Fax: 818-880-6993

Tekno Industries Inc. Ernest Karras 795 Eagle Dr. Bensenville, IL 60106 Phone: 630-766-6960 Fax: 630-766-6533

Telco Research Corp. Stephen Doster 616 Marriott Dr. Nashville, TN 37214 Phone: 800-48-TELCO Fax: 615-231-6144

Telehouse International Corp. of America George Salamy 7 Teleport Dr. Staten Island, NY 10311 Phone: 718-355-2545 Fax: 78-355-2578

Telesyn Inc. Moti Shacham 5555 Oakbrook Pky., Ste. 110 Norcross, GA 30093 Phone: 770-246-9662 Fax: 770-246-9733

TELINC John Scully 2 Keystone Ave., Bldg. 43 Cherry Hill, NJ 08053 Phone: 609-489-0700 Fax: 609-489-1785

Time Step Corp. Pat Forrest Kanata, ONT., Canada K2K 2P5 Phone: 613-599-3610 Fax: 613-599-3617

Tone Commander Systems Inc. Norton Lovold 11609 49th Place W. Mukilteo, WA 98275 Phone: 425-349-1000 Fax: 425-349-1010

TTC 20400 Observation Dr. Germantown, MD 20876 Phone: 800-638-2049 Fax: 301-353-0234

TTI NEWGEN James Whitt 449 Sovereign Ct. Manchester, MO 63011 Phone: 314-227-6996 Fax: 314-227-1372

TxPORT Beverly McCorkle 127 Jetplex Cir. Madison, AL 35758 Phone: 800-926-0085 Fax: 205-772-3388


V-ONE Corp. Ann Schuster 20250 Century Blvd. #300 Germantown, MD 20874 Phone: 301-515-5200 Fax: 301-515-5820

Verilink Corp. Tom Fleck 145 Baytech Dr. San Jose, CA 95134 Phone: 408-945-1199 Fax: 408-262-6260

Vinca Corp. 2000 Central Pk. E. 1815 S. State St. Orem, UT 84097 Phone: 800-934-9530 Fax: 80-223-3107

VIR Linear Switch Tom Infantino 105 James Way Southampton, PA 18966 Phone: 800-344-3934 Fax: 215-364-0920

Virtual Motion Ken Hilliard 185 Berry St., Ste. 3805 San Francisco, CA 94107 Phone: 45-778-0101 Fax: 415-778-0129

VPNet Technologies Inc. Richard Kagan 1530 Meridian Ave, San Jose, CA 951253 Phone: 408-445-6600 Fax: 408-445-6611

VTEL Corp. 108 Wild Basin Rd. Austin, TX 78746 Phone: 512-314-2700 Fax: 512-314-2792

Western Datacom Jeff Sweitzer 959 Bassett Rd. Westlake, OH 44145 Phone: 216-835-1510 Fax: 216-835-9146

Western Telematic Inc. Dan Morrison 5 Sterling Irvine, CA 92618-2517 Phone: 714-586-9950 Fax: 714-583-9514

Wiltron Co. Ann Gargiulo 685 Jarvis Dr. Morgan Hill, CA 95037 Phone: 408-776-8300 Fax: 408-776-1744

Wiltronix Inc. Ellen Packard 16850 Oakmont Ave. P.O. Box 364 Washington Grove, MD 20880 Phone: 301-258-7676 Fax: 301-963-8624

Winncom Technologies Inc. G. Raskin 30700 Carter St., Un. A Solon, OH 44139 Phone: 216-498-9510 Fax: 216-498-9511

WRQ 1500 Dexter Ave. N. Seattle, WA 98109 Phone: 206-217-7100 Fax: 206-217-0293

Xentek Power Systems Fernando McLean 1770 La Costa Meadows Dr. San Marcos, CA 92069 Phone: 760-471-4001 Fax: 760-471-4021

Zitel Corp. Marilyn Kanas 47211 Bayside Pky. Fremont, CA 92069 Phone: 510-440-9600 Fax: 510-440-9666

Zoom Telephonics Inc. 207 South St. Boston, MA 02111 Phone: 617-423-1072 Fax: 617-423-3923

Zypcom Inc. Fiachra Murray 2301 Industrial Pky. W., Bldg. 7 Hayward, CA 94545-5029 Phone: 510-783-2501 Fax: 510-783-2414
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Title Annotation:Technology Information; Special Focus: Network Management; includes Network Management Directory of companies listing contacts, phone numbers, matrices; Multi-protocol over ATM network architecture
Author:Reid, Andy
Publication:Communications News
Article Type:Cover Story
Date:Sep 1, 1997
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