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Unlocking or jailbreaking iPhone.

We're approaching the end of 2012, and so far, we've seen numerous advancements in the tech world. Every year, there's one particular product category that's on the rise. Most people looking to buy a smartphone are overwhelmed by the choices at hand

iPhone generation is occupied by many confusions. What is jailbreaking and what is unlocking? These two questions must have answers for any iPhone user. What these processes are and why these are important for any iPhone to function properly?

Understanding jailbreaking: Jailbreaking involves accessing the files present on iPhone by running some unsigned code. It allows the user to install certain unlocking programs onto the device, like Icy or Cydia. Unlocking enables the user to download 3rd party apps onto the device.

Is it legal to jailbreak iPhone or not? Another confusion for iPhone users is to think whether the process is legal or not. Many users think, as they own the device so it's up to them whatever they do with their Smartphone.

However, Apple thinks the other way. They are of the view that jailbreaking is a total violation of the copyrights. But, in actual, Apple can't go after each and every jailbreaker, so legal status is not a serious issue in way of successful jailbreaking of iPhone.

Advantages of jailbreaking: Apple doesn't allow any 3rd party apps to be downloaded onto the device, so jailbreaking is an effective procedure. Main advantages of jailbreaking iPhone are briefly described below.

* Installing apps that Apple doesn't allow otherwise

* Recording videos (this is supported by iPhones with 3GS)

* Installing special graphics and favorite themes

* Tethering without any cost

* Accessing cracked apps available at App Store without paying a single penny

* Easy way to unlock iPhone

Disadvantage of jailbreaking: You can't claim warranty of the device if its jailbroken. However, if the jailbreak process reversed, you can claim the warranty as it wouldn't be possible for Apple to detect it.

How to run the procedure? The procedure of jailbreaking isn't tough. It needs a step-by-step procedure to follow that is usually provided by the vendor. Many vendors perform the whole procedure on behalf of the iPhone user.

Is restoring easy? If you face any problem while jailbreaking the device, you can simple reverse the process by switching the phone to computer and launching iTunes. Factory settings would be restored.

iPhone unlocking: Unlock iPhone 4s is a process of removing any SIM restrictions from the device and enabling the phone to operate with any carrier. Unlocking services are available in two forms: hardware based unlocking and software based unlocking. Software unlocking is better than hardware unlocking, as it has nothing to do with modification of the device. Hardware unlocking is expensive and may cause damage to the device that is irreversible.

Status of unlocking: Ethically and legally, it's not good to unlock iPhone without any authentic code. Many countries don't have any specific rules regarding unlocking. In U.S., unlocking was considered as a crime according to DMCA, but the later amendment of Nov. 27, 2006 allowed it.

An unlocked iPhone has better reselling value compared to a locked phone. An unlocked iPhone can be used with any service provider, which isn't possible if it is locked. If you won't use your iPhone internationally, don't unlock it because you don't need it.

What's the right way to unlock iPhone? Jailbreaking is essential to unlock iPhone. Unlocking can be performed directly from computer or from the phone. Online software vendors provide a step-by-step process to facilitate the users in performing the unlocking process.

Despite disturbing the settings, unlocking process can be reversed. To restore the factory settings, iTunes offer help.

Now, you might have clear understanding of jailbreaking and unlocking processes. Both these processes are meant to facilitate the iPhone users in getting maximum advantages out of the device. So, you can go for any process with complete confidence, as it's your right to use your gadget with total freedom.
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Date:Jan 15, 2013
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