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THE LAW WANTS TO BE FORMAL. Sainton, Chaim Jan 1, 2021 24652
Insurance - Unjust enrichment. Feb 18, 2019 429
AMENDING THE UNWRITTEN CONTRACT: CLAIMS FOR COMMISSION AND UNJUST ENRICHMENT: Bing Holdings Inc and Anor v Hue-Williams. Woodhouse, Holly Apr 1, 2018 1765
Unjust factors, absence of juristic reason and the development of Canadian unjust(ified?) enrichment law. Sheehan, Duncan Aug 1, 2016 18675
Characterization of proprietary restitution in the conflict of laws. Tudsri, Pattarapas Sep 22, 2013 29001
Strict liability and negligence in property theory. Sterk, Stewart E. Jun 1, 2012 13240
Reversing course: a critique of the Court of Appeals new rules for unjust enrichment and criminal legal malpractice actions. Carlisle, Jay C., II Jan 1, 2012 13298
Wounded warrior appeal dismissed. Hrywna, Mark Feb 1, 2011 361
Artificiality in failure of consideration. Mitchell, Paul (Australian law professor) Dec 1, 2010 12845
Rule 10b-5 and the rise of the unjust enrichment principle. Park, James J. Nov 1, 2010 31223
Judges and academics in the United Kingdom. Rodger, Alan Jul 1, 2010 8663
Bad faith in cyberspace: grounding domain name theory in trademark, property, and restitution. Lipton, Jacqueline D. Mar 22, 2010 15717
Incapacity, non est factum and unjust enrichment. Bant, Elise Aug 1, 2009 12524
The nature of Torrens indefeasibility: understanding the limits of personal equities. Low, Kelvin F.K. Apr 1, 2009 16753
Change of position and restitution for wrongs: 'ne'er the twain shall meet'? Walker, Paul A. Apr 1, 2009 20266
Lumbers v. W. Cook Builders Pty. Ltd. (in liq): restitution for services and the allocation of contractual risk. Bryan, Michael Apr 1, 2009 6609
Bailouts, bonuses, and the return of unjust gains. Thomas, Tracy A. Mar 1, 2009 5281
Becker v. Pettkus: limits of the law: this new feature profiles a famous Canadian case from the past that holds considerable public and human interest. It explains what became of the parties and why it matters today. (A famous case revisited). Bowal, Peter Jan 1, 2009 1703
Money for nothing? Unconditional payments and unjust enrichment in Jackman v. Jewel Lake Villa One. Roesch, Benjamin J. Jun 1, 2008 7814
Puelo v. Topel: respectfully, the court got it wrong: the Puelo court held that a dissolved LLC was on the hook for liabilities incurred after the dissolution. Wrong answer, the authors argue. Hanson, Lin; Murdock, Charles W. Mar 1, 2008 1321
The problem of classification in private law. Jensen, Darryn Aug 1, 2007 12393
'The receipt of what?': Questions concerning third party recipient liability in equity and unjust enrichment. Dietrich, Joachim; Ridge, Pauline Apr 1, 2007 22455
The disgorgement interest in contract law. Eisenberg, Melvin A. Dec 1, 2006 23629
Spangaro v. Corporate Investment Australia Funds Management Ltd.: failure of consideration (failure of basis) as a claim in unjust enrichment. Moore, Jonathon Aug 1, 2005 12912
Peter Birks and unjust enrichment in Australia. Bryan, Michael Dec 1, 2004 6278
Rocking Wrigley: the Chicago Cubs' off-field struggle to compete for ticket sales with its rooftop neighbors. Bitman, Ronnie Mar 1, 2004 7725
Quantum meruit: just enrichment. Todd, Trevor Feb 1, 2004 3859
Enrichments and reasons for restitution: protecting freedom of choice. McInnes, Mitchell Sep 1, 2003 31674
Round 2. (Whispers). Brief Article Jun 9, 2003 190
Debts to humanity: do the rich, industrial nations of the North owe the peoples of Africa some sort of compensation for the wrongs that were done? (Africa - Compensation). Dec 1, 2001 1590
Distinguishing quantum meruit and unjust enrichment in the construction setting. McConnell, H. Hugh Mar 1, 1997 2913
Successor developers: untapped opportunities for subdivision bond sureties. Klinger, Marilyn; Ryken, Kenneth C. Oct 1, 1995 3562

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