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University staffers charged as covert agents.

UNIVERSITY STAFFERS CHARGED AS COVERT AGENTS. Two Cuban-Americans have been charged with being covert agents for Cuba's government for almost three decades and were denied bail when they made their first court appearance in Miami, reports AFP (Jan.10, 2006). Carlos Alvarez, 61, a Florida International University professor, and his wife Elsa Alvarez, 55, who also works at the university, were both charged with one count of failing to register as agents of a foreign government. The indictment alleges Carlos Alvarez worked for Cuba's Directorate of Intelligence (DI) and its predecessor agencies since 1977, while his wife worked as a covert agent since 1982. The defendants gathered information for the DI in the United States, informing on groups and individuals who oppose Cuban President Fidel Castro, "and carrying out other operational directives," the indictment said. The prosecutor said the two confessed to their activities last year. "They admitted serving as spies," he said, adding that the two naturalized US citizens conceded their "primary allegiance is to Cuba." But an agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation who testified at the hearing said he had no information suggesting the couple were paid by Cuba. He also admitted that the two apparently did not have access to top secret information or military intelligence. If convicted, they could each face up to 10 years in jail and a maximum fine of US$250,000.
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Date:Feb 1, 2006
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