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Yes to more libraries, books and research. Editorial Nov 6, 2021 675
SALU, PNQAHE sign MoU to hold their 3rd International Conference to promote academic research. Conference news Nov 2, 2021 211
The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK): Full Scholarship for Students' Academic Research. Nov 1, 2021 419
QIIB, Lusail University sign MoU for knowledge sharing, enhancing academic research. Oct 4, 2021 493
How was Google invented? From university research project to trillion dollar company; Who invented google and what famous faces gave early investment? Here's everything you need to know about the trillion dollar company that started in a garage 23 years ago. By, Andrea Oldereide Sep 27, 2021 616
Commercialising innovative academic research -- a highly desirable goal. Christos Panayiotides Sep 12, 2021 933
Stress in university research professors: A systematic review. Carvajal, Ruben Francisco Palafox; Guedea, Miriam Teresa Dominguez Sep 1, 2021 5341
GCU holds workshop on academic research. Aug 6, 2021 175
Academic research for your practice consideration. Meade, Janet A. Aug 1, 2021 2673
Southern African Student Surgical Society (SASSS) and University of Cape Town Division of Global Surgery Symposium: Developing a pipeline of surgical student researchers collaboratively. Majiet, M.I.; Lee, S.; He, Z.Y.; Verhage, S.; Breedt, D.S. Letter to the editor Jul 1, 2021 757
COVID-19 Vaccines Promise Long Lasting Immunity: Washington University Research. Bhandari, Tamara Jun 29, 2021 1120
UAMS Receives $1.4M to Study COVID-19 Impacts. Jun 21, 2021 243
Rise of Catholic Schools in the Global South and Implications for University Research. Wodon, Quentin Jun 1, 2021 6098
The rising menace of scholarly black-market Challenges and solutions for improving research in low-and middle-income countries. Memon, Aamir Raoof; Rathore, Farooq Azam Report May 30, 2021 2619
Edinburgh University research reveals girl guides are less likely to suffer from anxiety; A study by the university found those who had belonged to organisations like Girlguiding, tended to have better mental health at age 50, and were around 15 per cent less likely to suffer from anxiety or mood disorders, compared with others. Shona Elliott May 7, 2021 420
Research Administration Around the World. Kerridge, Simon Mar 22, 2021 1341
Developing Research Culture: An Outcomes Perspective. Olvido, Michelle Mae J. Report Mar 22, 2021 6915
Research Integrity Officers' Responsibilities and Perspectives on Data Management Plan Compliance and Evaluation. Bishop, Bradley Wade; Nobles, Robert; Collier, Hannah Report Mar 22, 2021 9104
Family interference major cause of divorce, reveals Qatar University research. Feb 23, 2021 635
SAU VC inaugurates academic research on super food crop 'Quinoa' in Sindh. Feb 17, 2021 416
SAU VC inaugurates academic research on super food crop 'Quinoa' in Sindh. Feb 17, 2021 416
Edinburgh University research could help prevent disability in multiple sclerosis; New research from Edinburgh University and primarily funded by the MS Society could help prevent disability in multiple sclerosis. Elsa Maishman Jan 20, 2021 429
Why does UK have the highest Covid death rate? Piers Morgan questions Brandon Lewis on Good Morning Britain; Oxford University research shows an average of 935 people died from coronavirus each day last week. Matt Brooks Jan 19, 2021 554
Modeling the Internal Control Constraint of University Research Funding System. Wang, Jiacan; Hu, Liangzhang Jan 1, 2021 5054
HBKU College research uses AI for football success. Dec 27, 2020 486
HBKU College research uses AI for football success. Dec 27, 2020 463
NCC Reiterates Commitment To Promoting Academic Research In Tertiary Institutions. Nov 19, 2020 299
Grooming University research grants extended to October 31. Oct 16, 2020 300
Cisco and Internet2 partner for academic research networking technology. Oct 7, 2020 165
Dow University research report expresses concerns over growing number of cancer cases in Karachi. Oct 2, 2020 696
Dow University research report expresses concerns over growing number of cancer cases. Oct 2, 2020 720
A New Genealogy for Critical OA Publishing: Towards a Politics of Intersectional Transnationality. Kiesewetter, Rebekka Report Oct 1, 2020 7850
Establishing a Project Management Community of Practice in a Large Academic Health System. Johnson, Marcus R.; Bolte, Jean; Veldman, Timothy; Sutton, Lynn Report Sep 22, 2020 4574
People experiencing hair loss could benefit from a trip to the dentist; University research has unearthed what could be an unexpected cause of sudden hair loss. By, Neil Shaw Sep 4, 2020 497
Horizon Discovery Sees Recovery After Covid-19 Hits Academic Research. Aug 17, 2020 386
Practitioners can benefit from academic tax research. Meade, Janet A. Aug 1, 2020 2941
Yale University research team estimates that US COVID-19 death toll 'may be much higher'. Jul 2, 2020 202
Partnering with postdocs: a library model for supporting postdoctoral researchers and educating the academic research community. Gau, Karen H.; Dillon, Pamela; Donaldson, Teraya; Wahl, Stacey Elizabeth; Iwema, Carrie L. Jul 1, 2020 4227
Portrayal of the "war on terror" in academic research at universities of Pakistan (review of graduate dissertations in University of Peshawar). Anila Javed and Jamil Ahmad Chitrali Jun 30, 2020 4509
IUB sings MoU with CGSS for academic research. Jun 12, 2020 214
University research to reduce pesticides use. JAMES PUGH Jun 9, 2020 316
Boehringer Ingelheim and Eli Lilly sign academic research collaboration for new trial with the Duke Clinical Research Institute. May 27, 2020 318
Boehringer Ingelheim and Eli Lilly sign academic research collaboration for new trial with the Duke Clinical Research Institute. May 27, 2020 314
U.S. Annual Reports Lacked Pandemic Risk Disclosure: University Research. May 6, 2020 500
Research in Pairs: An Undergraduate Atmospheric Science Experience. May 1, 2020 1957
Engagement in Pakistani Academic Research Discourse: A Cross-disciplinary Analysis of PhD Theses in Natural and Social Sciences. Moazzam Ali Malik, Muhammad Islam and Muhammad Shahbaz Apr 30, 2020 3690
Saudi university research team leads global fight against COVID-19. Rawan Radwan Apr 22, 2020 719
Coronavirus: Chinese whistle-blowers remain missing and 'in the hands' of the government; Two prominent whistle-blowers who posted videos online of the devastation the coronavirus crisis was having in Wuhan disappeared in February. It comes as China imposed new restrictions on academic research into Covid-19. By, Ryan Merrifield Apr 15, 2020 841
Dow University Research Team achieve a significant breakthrough in the fight against COVID-19. Apr 14, 2020 657
Advanced Material Development re-writing the rule-book on commercialising academic research. Apr 7, 2020 961
Measuring the Startup Journey and Academic Productivity of New Research Faculty through Systems Engagement, Project Efficiency, and Scientific Publication. Zink, Holly R.; Curran, Jack D. Report Mar 22, 2020 4774
Reprint 2011: Conscious Efforts to End Unconscious Bias: Why Women Leave Academic Research. Easterly, Debra M.; Ricard, Cynthia S. Report Mar 22, 2020 4850
Experiences and Insights for Collaborative Industry-Academic Research in Artificial Intelligence. Amini, Lisa; Chen, Ching-Hua; Cox, David; Oliva, Aude; Torralba, Antonio Mar 22, 2020 8286
Cyprus Seeds: how to commericialise innovative academic research. Press Release Feb 13, 2020 300
Government College University research wins first prize at dengue conference - Press Release issued by Government College University. Jan 15, 2020 333
New Eye Tracking Glasses Bring Real-world Data to Academic Research. Jan 2, 2020 674
New Eye Tracking Glasses Bring Real-world Data to Academic Research - Press Release issued by BIOPAC Systems. Jan 2, 2020 649
Do Accounting Researchers Investigate Topics of Interest to Accounting Practitioners? Preliminary Evidence. Orchard, Lou X.; Sbaraglia, Andrew; Bilbeisi, Khamis; Grant, Dustin Micah Report Jan 1, 2020 6589
Global Alliances to Accelerate Innovation at Plug and Play Technology Center. Masrour, Alireza Jan 1, 2020 939
MTN Nigeria Calls For Entries In Academic Research Development and Innovation Challenge. Nov 26, 2019 330
NASA awards support services contract to West Virginia University Research. Oct 9, 2019 163
NASA awards support services contract to West Virginia University Research. Oct 9, 2019 176
SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH'S MULTIMILLION-DOLLAR ECONOMIC PUNCH: The Economic Impact of University Research. Bridge, Brandon Sep 22, 2019 1106
From the Editor's Desk. Zink, Holly R. Editorial Sep 22, 2019 950
Strategies for Increasing Research at a PUI. Eisenhower, Tracy Report Sep 22, 2019 12719
Enabling Collaborative Work in Higher Education: An Exploration of Enhancing Research Collaborations Within an Institution. Huang, Jun Song; Brown, Andrew Report Sep 22, 2019 8784
How the Federal Government Actually Works: The Reflective Experiences of a University Research Administrator Who Took a Federal Government Job (VA). Hearns, Rene Sep 22, 2019 7884
Success Factors for University Research Development Offices and Activities. Ross, Roxana; Reeves, Jennifer; Scarpinato, Karin; Pelham, Maureen Report Sep 22, 2019 5813
University research also increases the performance of the economy. Sep 8, 2019 452
Ridehailing Services Drive Up Traffic Deaths: University Research. Aug 13, 2019 620
University research at cutting edge of data communication. Jul 10, 2019 434
Toward Commercializing University Research in the Caribbean: Creating a Science and Technology Park Model. Bachan-Persad, Indrani Jul 1, 2019 4503
Mongolia, Switzerland to cooperate in academic research and tourism. Jun 24, 2019 250
Success Factors for University Research Development Offices and Activities. Ross, Roxana; Reeves, Jennifer; Scarpinato, Karin; Pelham, Maureen Jun 22, 2019 5828
How the Federal Government Actually Works: The Reflective Experiences of a University Research Administrator Who Took a Federal Government Job (VA). Hearns, Rene Jun 22, 2019 7605
AIOU promotes academic research on special education. Jun 13, 2019 257
Egypt ranks 35th among 233 countries in academic research. Jun 2, 2019 191
Andersen Construction: Oregon State University Research Way Lab Building. May 8, 2019 460
Students sensitized on academic research at Intra-University Kashmir Conference. Conference news May 6, 2019 497
Kingdom should promote university research. May 6, 2019 1046
Students sensitized on academic research at Intra-University Kashmir Conference. Conference news May 6, 2019 460
UC experts can lead on carbon dioxide removal. Sanchez, Daniel L.; Houlton, Benjamin Z.; Silver, Whendee Report May 1, 2019 2904
The early years of Philippine Studies, 1953 to 1966. Luyt, Brendan Report May 1, 2019 10797
New Inter-University Research Collaborative Dedicated to Climate Change and Sport, Called The Sport Ecology Group, Announces Its Official Launch: Earth Day 2019. Apr 22, 2019 740
President emphasizes for linkage between academic research and public policy formation process. Apr 18, 2019 163
Crescent Communities Now Leasing Luxury Multifamily Community in University Research Park. Apr 4, 2019 698
Google boosts academic research presence. Apr 1, 2019 462
ACADEMIC RESEARCH: Fundamental to Advancing Sustainable Coating. Challener, Cynthia Report Apr 1, 2019 3691
Catalyzing Clusters of Research Excellence: An Institutional Case Study. Demes, Kyle W.; Murphy, Gail C.; Burt, Helen M. Case study Mar 22, 2019 5701
QLC, education ministry sign pact for use of QSurvey in academic research. Mar 18, 2019 388
The 'one size fits all' approach won't get children more active; Schools are a crucial place for physical activity programmes - here's how to make them work, according to Swansea University research assistant Michaela James and Sinead Brophy, professor in public health data science at the university. Mar 7, 2019 828
Putting research first? Perspectives from academics and students on first-year undergraduates learning research. Bage, Grant Report Mar 1, 2019 6448
Careem and Insead Sign MoU for Academic Research. Feb 28, 2019 341
Volunteers required for university research study; IN BRIEF. Clinical report Feb 27, 2019 272
University research finds Ilocano dish ingredient may help fight cancer. Feb 23, 2019 286
How the secret weapon in the battle against climate change could be the humble pond; Northumbria University research reveals how ponds have an amazing ability to soak up carbon, and are excellent for wildlife too. Feb 16, 2019 844
Shaikh Mohammad Bin Zayed visits UAE University, launches UAE University Research Platform. Feb 7, 2019 240
UC ANR research and education influences landscape water conservation and public policy. Hartin, Janet S.; Oki, Lorence R.; Fujino, David W.; Reid, Karrie; Ingels, Charles A.; Haver, Darren Report Feb 1, 2019 5754
FACTS AND FEARS. Pielke, Roger; Marvel, Kate; Goodwin, Jean Jan 1, 2019 2347
Challenging US Research Universities and Funders to Increase Diversity in the Research Community: Building on successful approaches to increasing diversity in science and engineering education could help achieve ambitious goals in the number of doctorates awarded to minority students. Hrabowski, Freeman A., III; Henderson, Peter H. Jan 1, 2019 3476
Ministry of Health and Prevention Signs MoU With Zayed University for Cooperation in Health Sector Research and Development. Dec 27, 2018 422
Industries not benefitting from university research: Senate body. Dec 12, 2018 491
Senate body questions HEC-backed academic research. Dec 12, 2018 698
Pioneering university research applauded; top work features on 100 best advances list. Dec 6, 2018 528
Northern Science Training Program (NSTP) News. Brief article Dec 1, 2018 155
Influenza and Pneumococcal Vaccination Uptake in Adults Aged [greater than or equal to]65 Years and High Risk Groups Admitted to Yozgat Bozok University Research and Application Hospital/ Yozgat Bozok Universitesi Arastirma ve Uygulama Hastanesi'ne Basvuran Risk Gruplarinda ve [greater than or equal to]65 Yasindaki Eriskinlerde influenza ve Pnomokok Asilanma Durumu. Erbay, Ayse; Kader, Cigdem; Ede, Huseyin; Suher, Murat; Akyol, Lutfi; Intepe, Yavuz Selim; Borekci, Report Dec 1, 2018 3033
'Don't close the definition of "open" for books' To make all academic research findings accessible to everyone, we must explore what, exactly, we mean by 'open access' for books, writes Matthew Day. Day, Matthew Dec 1, 2018 628
International moot: Academic research 'must focus on real issues'. Nov 9, 2018 413
Speakers call for society-related academic research. Nov 9, 2018 480
Green light for Glasgow University research hub on hospital site. Oct 24, 2018 394
HFF announces sale of 37.94 acres within Charlotte's University Research Park. Oct 23, 2018 157
AIOU, Somalia signs MoU to promote academic research. Oct 11, 2018 164
AIOU-Somalia signs MoU to promote academic research. Oct 11, 2018 155
AIOU-Somalia signs MoU to promote academic research. Oct 11, 2018 106
AIOU, Somalia signs MoU to promote academic research. Oct 11, 2018 125
Concern as old turn to the bottle; University research revealed. Oct 6, 2018 151
iAbstract: Game-driven Keyword Auction and Summarization for Academic Reading. Cheng, Hercy N.H.; Liao, Calvin C.Y.; Chang, Wan-Chen Case study Oct 1, 2018 6928
Opportunities and resilience: enablers to address barriers for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to commence and complete higher degree research programs. Hutchings, Kate; Bodle, Kerry; Miller, Adrian Report Sep 22, 2018 10296
Enhancing Institutional Research Capacity: Results and Lessons from a Pilot Project Program. Bienen, Leslie; Crespo, Carlos J.; Keller, Thomas E.; Weinstein, Alexandra R. Report Sep 22, 2018 11470
Creation of a Grants Database Highly Customized for College Level Reporting. Oestreich, Julie H.; Heersche, Kimberly K. Report Sep 22, 2018 2598
Black Women Researchers' Path to Breaking Silence: Three Scholars Reflect on Voicing Oppression, Self-reflexive Speech, and Talking Back to Elite Discourses. Owens, Latoya; Edwards, Erica B.; McArthur, Sherell A. Viewpoint essay Sep 22, 2018 7912
Setting Goals for Sponsoring University Research. Wright, Randall S. Sep 1, 2018 2028
Mining-polluted water a potential source of antibiotics: University research reveals links between algae and health benefits. Kelly, Lindsay Aug 1, 2018 770
Military veteran puts new uni research to the test; A pioneering university research project is aiming to treat military veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder. Here, one former member of the Armed Forces tells us why he's championing the potential of this new technology. Jul 11, 2018 1115
Military veteran puts new uni research to the test; A pioneering university research project is aiming to treat military veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder. Here, one former member of the Armed Forces tells us why he's championing the potential of this new technology. Jul 9, 2018 1113
Juntendo University Research Reveals a Triggering Mechanism for Certain Cancers. Jun 29, 2018 234
Qatar University research excellence award winner urges more education on plastic use. Jun 24, 2018 583
FEDERALLY FUNDED R&D FUELS REGIONAL ECONOMIES: A PANEL DATA ANALYSIS. Arik, Murat; Ndrianasy, Estrella R. Report Jun 22, 2018 10395
Stanford University Research Project Uses CoPrimer Technology from Co-Diagnostics. Jun 5, 2018 177
Things Fall Apart: Supporting Undergraduate Research in the Archives. McNeill, Laurie Report Jun 1, 2018 9057
University research into artificial cells; IN BRIEF. May 30, 2018 107
An Investigation of Attitudes towards the Research Activities of University Teachers. Khan, Shafqat; Shah, Syed Manzoor Hussain; Khan, Tariq Mahmood Case study Apr 30, 2018 5323
Newcastle University students to visit Indian villages for academic research. Apr 5, 2018 333
Librarians' Roles in Establishing a Multidisciplinary Research Institute. Christian, Elizabeth; Balek, Kathryn; Hudock, Sandy; Gonzales, Rhonda Report Apr 1, 2018 4669
An Investigation of Attitudes towards the Research Activities of University Teachers. Khan, Shafqat; Shah, Syed Manzoor Hussain; Khan, Tariq Mahmood Report Mar 31, 2018 5323
AIOU sets up latest labs to promote academic research. Mar 28, 2018 357
AIOU sets up latest labs to promote academic research. Mar 28, 2018 168
AIOU sets up latest labs to promote academic research. Mar 28, 2018 168
AIOU sets up latest labs to promote academic research. Mar 28, 2018 307
Corporate Office Properties leases 84% of University Research Court. Mar 1, 2018 141
PMAS-AAUR launches 'Supply of Compost to University Research Farm'. Feb 23, 2018 252
Ben Gurion University Research: Medical Cannabis Highly Effective in Elderly Patients. Feb 14, 2018 528
Prof. Nadeem Qamar urges Faculty and Postgraduates to document and publish their work. Report Jan 31, 2018 1491
Nat. Taiwan University research: people drastically underestimate time spent using smartphones. Jan 22, 2018 368
Breast cancer patients to benefit from a Northumbria University research project; A [pounds sterling]238,000 funding package will see researchers look to reduce the risk of the disease returning after treatment. Jan 18, 2018 434
AIOU takes steps disseminating academic research findings. Jan 13, 2018 364
AIOU takes steps disseminating academic research findings. Jan 13, 2018 104
AIOU takes steps disseminating academic research findings. Jan 13, 2018 104
Fake Russian tweets spread discord after terror attacks, Cardiff University research finds; Researchers said the level of interference is higher than previously reported. Dec 24, 2017 595
University research gives hope to multiple sclerosis sufferers. Dec 18, 2017 287
Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 2017 Collegiate Meetings. Conference overview Dec 1, 2017 10355
Student Presentation Awards at the 2017 Collegiate Division Meetings. Dec 1, 2017 846
AIOU undertakes academic research to promote gardening. Nov 23, 2017 345
AIOU undertakes academic research to promote gardening. Nov 23, 2017 209
Society must benefit from academic research: Dr Arshad. Nov 22, 2017 331
AIOU gets Botanical garden to promote academic research. Nov 19, 2017 284
AIOU taking all possible measures for promotion of academic research culture: VC. Nov 19, 2017 339
Academic research offers brilliant opportunities for flexible working; Award-winning health psychologist Kate Brain leads a programme of behavioural science research in Cardiff to help in the fight against cancer. Here, she opens up on her inspiration and cultural expectations around women's roles at work and at home. Nov 11, 2017 795
World's Leading Academic Research Initiative for Cryptocurrencies and Contracts (Ic3) Adds Top Researchers in Europe and USA. Nov 1, 2017 774
The plight of the engaged scholar. Schneider, Jack Nov 1, 2017 680
University research profile is vital FORWALES. Oct 12, 2017 846
EGA inks Australian university research project deal. Oct 9, 2017 386
Naming in Master's Thesis Acknowledgements within Two Ghanaian University Departments. Afful, Joseph B.A.; Awoonor-Aziaku, Lena Report Oct 1, 2017 7242
Omani university research reveals medicinal properties of Arabian resin. Sep 25, 2017 370
Academic research and engagement with the Canadian public service: Insights from three surveys. Migone, Andrea R.; Brock, Kathy L. Survey Sep 1, 2017 11465
Product Management of Research and Development Centers at Public Sector Universities in Pakistan. Zafar, Jam Muhammad; Hussain, Irshad; Shakir, Muhammad Report Aug 31, 2017 2785
Colleges strengthen support for undocumented 'dreamers': campuses now guide a vulnerable population on financial aid, the legal system and academic research. Botelho, Stefanie Aug 1, 2017 503
UAE crowned among 'digital elite' in US university research. Jul 13, 2017 279
Marketing, Tourism, and International Business Journal Rankings 2014: The Vox Populi Approach. Richard, James E.; Fam, Kim-Shyan; Ting, Hiram Abstract Jul 1, 2017 7711
Impressive work of universities; Professor Peter Halligan, chief execuitve of the Learned Society of Wales, looks at the socio-economic Impact of Wales' university research. Jun 29, 2017 541
Award-winning mentors see democratization as the future of undergraduate research. Shanahan, Jenny Olin; Walkington, Helen; Ackley, Elizabeth; Hall, Eric E.; Stewart, Kearsley A. Report Jun 22, 2017 6551
Curating exhibitions as undergraduate research. Sand, Alexa; Thoms, Becky; Davis, Erin; Pumphrey, Darcy; Kinkead, Joyce Report Jun 22, 2017 4586
Design thinking as research pedagogy for undergraduates: Project-based learning with impact. Chamberlain, Linda; Mendoza, Susan Report Jun 22, 2017 3575
Leveraging the maker movement for undergraduate research: developing a making and innovation culture. Mekolichick, Jeanne; Wirgau, Joseph Report Jun 22, 2017 3648
Utilizing undergraduate research to enhance integrative learning. Mumford, Karen; Hill, Stephen; Kieffer, Laurel Jun 22, 2017 4328
Some pathologies of undergraduate research--and how to cure them. Barnett, Ronald Report Jun 22, 2017 5053
A response to "some pathologies of undergraduate research--and how to cure them". Rivera, Julio Report Jun 22, 2017 1218
Undergraduate research in support of community decision-making. Burns, David P.; Goldin, Anya Brief article Jun 22, 2017 189
Anyone can play: forming undergraduate interdisciplinary research around video games. Hudson, Seth; Eyman, Doug Report Jun 22, 2017 435
Ensuring the safety and success of dual-enrolled students involved in undergraduate research through a university-high school partnership. Meredith, Tricia L.; Chamely-Wiik, Donna Report Jun 22, 2017 497
Interdisciplinary approach to undergraduate research in education: collaborating on the development of a practitioner's textbook. Miller, Stacia C.; McIntyre, Christina J.; Lindt, Suzanne F. Report Jun 22, 2017 380
A primarily undergraduate institution and a research hospital collaborate on a research initiative in central Pennsylvania. Ryan, Nathan Brief article Jun 22, 2017 282
Conceptual Model of Innovation Capability in Industrial and Academic Research Centers: A Systematic Review. Yaghoubi, Maryam; Teymourzadeh, Ehsan; Bahadori, Mohammadkarim; Ghardashi, Fatemeh Report Jun 22, 2017 9134
Clients' Expectation and Perception of the Services Rendered by the Research and Publication Office. Reyes, Maria Elena C.; Pimentel, Leilani G. Report Jun 1, 2017 5959
Student Presentation Awards at the 126th Meeting of the Tennessee Academy of Science. Jun 1, 2017 1201
The Free-Play Tax Deduction Debate: How Academic Research Can Help. Lucas, Anthony F.; Spilde, Katherine Mar 22, 2017 8563
Undergraduate and graduate research and creative activities: Faculty's evaluation, time commitment and perceived barriers. A practice report. Beer, Francisca; Thompson, Jeffrey Report Mar 1, 2017 2478
Academic Activities Transaction Extraction Based on Deep Belief Network. Wang, Xiangqian; Huang, Fang; Wan, Wencong; Zhang, Chengyuan Report Jan 1, 2017 4686
A Study on Attitude towards Research among Technology Education Students in Pakistan. Hussain, Tariq; Ch, Abdul Qayyum; Akhter, Mumtaz; Abid, Nisar; Sabir, Sidra Report Dec 31, 2016 3215
Implementing course-based research increases student aspirations for STEM degrees. Overath, R. Deborah; Zhang, Daiyuan; Hatherill, J. Robert Dec 22, 2016 5184
Integrating undergraduate research into economics general education. Simkins, Zamira; Mahjabeen, Rubana; Mahmud, Sakib Report Dec 22, 2016 5242
Fostering students' identity as scientists as they search for new antimicrobial drugs. Baynham, Patricia J. Report Dec 22, 2016 3295
Engaging students with research through a connected curriculum: an innovative institutional approach. Fung, Dilly Report Dec 22, 2016 4692
Course-based science research promotes learning in diverse students at diverse institutions. Staub, Nancy L.; Beck, Christopher W.; Delesalle, Veronique A.; Griffin, Gerald D.; Merritt, Robert Report Dec 22, 2016 7487
Broadening participation: engaging academically at-risk freshmen in undergraduate research. Olson-McBride, Leah; Hassemer, Holly; Hoepner, Jerry Report Sep 22, 2016 4487
Undergraduate research for all: addressing the elephant in the room. Awong-Taylor, Judy; D'Costa, Allison; Giles, Greta; Leader, Tirza; Pursell, David; Runck, Clay; Mund Report Sep 22, 2016 5656
Curricular design and institutional support for undergraduate research in music history. Frankenbach, Chantal Report Sep 22, 2016 4280
Working from the same page: collaboratively developing students' research skills across the university. Torres, Lynette; Jansen, Sarah Report Sep 22, 2016 5714
Developing undergraduate research in Japanese medical education. Imafuku, Rintaro; Saiki, Takuya; Suzuki, Yasuyuki Report Sep 22, 2016 4010
A closer look at the pragmatic model of mentored undergraduate research in a school of education. Slobodzian, Jean; Pansofar, Nadya; Hall, Matthew; Peel, Anne Report Sep 22, 2016 3892
Scaffolding undergraduate research throughout the curriculum. Allen, Cynthia Sep 22, 2016 372
Directed undergraduate research courses: a viable academic-year option. Walczak, Mary; Richey, Matthew Sep 22, 2016 541
The use of reusable learning objects for integration of research. Gardner, Catherine Villanueva Sep 22, 2016 345
National universities. Statistical table Sep 1, 2016 15344
Liberal arts colleges. Statistical table Sep 1, 2016 11308
Top 100 Master's universities. Statistical table Sep 1, 2016 5003
Top 100 baccalaureate colleges. Statistical table Sep 1, 2016 5170
A note on methodology: 4-year colleges and universities. Sep 1, 2016 1558
Research Awards: The Dena Epstein Award for Archival and Library Research in American Music. Fairchild, Linda Brief article Aug 19, 2016 204
Newcastle University research could improve child leukaemia survival rates; Scientists have been able to accurately predict how children whose cancer returns are likely to respond to further treatment. Aug 18, 2016 475
Missing in action: engaged U.S. communication research in the context of democratic decline and the digital revolution. McChesney, Robert W. Essay Aug 1, 2016 3772
Crossing boundaries between communication activism research and applied communication research discourses. Barge, J. Kevin Essay Aug 1, 2016 4083
Seizing the social justice opportunity: communication activism research at a politically critical juncture: epilogue. Frey, Lawrence R.; Carragee, Kevin M. Essay Aug 1, 2016 2864
Scholarly publications of librarians in universities in Nigeria: 2000-2012--a bibliometric analysis. Tsafe, Aliyu Gadanga; Chiya, Usman; Aminu, Basaka Abubakar Report Aug 1, 2016 5377
A global guide to responsible research. Gwynne, Peter Jul 1, 2016 1591
Humanizing Research Culture System through Quality Assurance Practices in the Universities of Pakistan. Shabbir, Muhammad; Khalid, Muhammad Ibrahim Report Jun 30, 2016 5679
Undergraduate researchers partner with local head start programs. Chiang, Tsu-Ming Jun 22, 2016 345
Developing a culture of undergraduate research with incoming students. Moore, Laura J.; Fasano, Christopher G.; Downing, Wendy Jun 22, 2016 379
Bridging the divide between Biology Educators and disciplinary researchers. Spell, Rachelle M.; Beck, Christopher W. Jun 22, 2016 329
Undergraduate research and NSF's broader impacts. Blockus, Linda; Renoe, Susan Jun 22, 2016 335
Newcastle University study reveals whether dogs bred on puppy farms are more aggressive; Newcastle University research has revealed differences in behaviour traits between 'farmed' dogs and those from reputable breeders. May 26, 2016 690
A new partner in the process: the role of a librarian on a faculty research team. Foutch, Leslie J. Apr 1, 2016 1872
Structural requirements for auditing educational and research processes: (Case: Shahed University). Abili, Khodayar; Dariyan, Jafar Towfighi; Khodamoradi, Saeed; Jabbari, Lotfali Case study Mar 22, 2016 4969
Undergraduate research at the School for Field Studies' SFS) Center for Marine Resource Studies in the Turks and Caicos Islands. MacLean, Meghan Graham; Hertler, Heidi; Seifert, Mark Report Mar 22, 2016 3599
Mucking about in the mess: research-based education at Quest University Canada. Helfand, David J. Report Mar 22, 2016 4264
Characteristics of Faculty who mentor undergraduates in Research, Scholarship, and Creative Work. Lunsford, Laura Gail; Greer, Jane; Pifer, Meghan; Ihas, Dijana; Baker, Vicki Report Mar 22, 2016 4273
Re-imagining education of mathematics teachers through undergraduate research. Groth, Randall E.; Bergner, Jennifer A.; Burgess, Claudia R.; Austin, Jathan W.; Holdai, Veera Report Mar 22, 2016 3550
University of Maryland's First-Year Innovation and Research Experience (FIRE) encourages student participation in policy-based research. Killion, Patrick; Page, Ian Mar 22, 2016 547
Newcastle University research into deadly children's diseases handed top award; Newcastle University's project to replace faulty mitochondria in foetuses has won the Guardian University's Awards Research Impact prize. Mar 18, 2016 475
On the importance of promoting graduate funding opportunities: a response to CIHR President Alain Beaudet's open letter. Gagne, Thierry; Lapalme, Josee Letter to the editor Mar 1, 2016 922
PhD candidate wins award to pursue pollination research. Mar 1, 2016 489
4m [pounds sterling] grant for cutting-edge sensor systems research. Brief article Mar 1, 2016 159
Pakistan, Qatar sign four MoUs in energy, health, radio, television, academic research activities. Feb 11, 2016 488
A global endeavor: honors undergraduate research. Killinger, Mimi; Spies, Kate; Runyambo, Daniella Report Jan 1, 2016 4499
Project to look at impact of loneliness. Narine, Shari Brief article Jan 1, 2016 194
In tandem or out of sync? Academic economics research and public policy measures. Kosnik, Lea-Rachel Report Jan 1, 2016 5509
Beyond grants: creative funding strategies for undergraduate research. DeCosmo, Janice Dec 22, 2015 508
Creative funding strategies for undergraduate research at a primarily undergraduate liberal arts institution. Ramirez, Martina; McNicholas, Joseph; Gilbert, Brianne; Saez, Jose; Siniawski, Matthew Report Dec 22, 2015 2885
Leveraging Federal Work-Study to support undergraduate research. Nazaire, Denise W.; Usher, Bethany M. Dec 22, 2015 5753
Crowdfunding undergraduate research projects. Fitzgerald, Neil Dec 22, 2015 2805
The evolution of the Roskilde Model in Denmark. Andersen, Anders Siig; Wulf-Andersen, Trine; Heilesen, Simon B. Dec 22, 2015 4757
Undergraduate research experience aids progression, graduation rates at Texas Southern University, an HBCU. Owerbach, David; Oyekan, Adebayo Dec 22, 2015 3218
Assessing the impact of undergraduate research on graduation rates at the University of Georgia. Rogers, Martin; McDowell, William G. Report Dec 22, 2015 4053
Eagle apprenticeship program: supporting recruitment, retention, and undergraduate research. Cooper, Scott; Janke, Louise; Sjoquist, Corey Brief article Dec 22, 2015 283
The Moms Project. Batsche, Catherine; Boothroyd, Roger; Armstrong, Mary Dec 22, 2015 331
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Northumbria University research could provide weather reports for space travel; Travellers looking to enjoy space tourism could get inter-galactic weather reports thanks to new research in Newcastle. Jul 31, 2015 626
Low income families 'struggle to feed their children' during school holidays; Northumbria University research revealed that 71% of parents found it harder to make ends meet during the summer holidays. Jul 19, 2015 537
UMass tries new policy on sanctions. Jul 17, 2015 501
Northumbria University research into long term steroid use revealed; Long term steroid use could affect memory of users, according to latest research from Northumbria University. Jul 7, 2015 433
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American Speech-Language-Hearing Association encourages undergraduate researchers at Convention. Lott, Susan Nitzberg Conference news Jun 22, 2015 417
Collaborative research idea cemented by 5 universities. Brief article Jun 21, 2015 168
North experts studies impact of over-fishing on world's coral reefs; Newcastle University research shows how long coral reefs depleted by fishing will take to recover and what can be done to help. Apr 12, 2015 434
Durham University research today reveals how smoking affects unborn children; Dr Nadja Reissland, of Durham University, has studied moving 4D scan images and recorded thousands of tiny movements in the womb. Mar 23, 2015 407
Combating inhibitors of quality research outputs at the University of Cape Town. Masango, Charles Akwe Report Mar 22, 2015 5933
Key considerations in organizing and structuring university research. Nguyen, T.L. Huong; Meek, Vincent Lynn Mar 22, 2015 9262
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Using student learning agreements in assessing an undergraduate research program. Larson, Susan Mar 22, 2015 318
Newcastle residents 'going hungry to pay bedroom tax', university research warns; The new report highlights how Newcastle communities are struggling to cope with bedroom tax which has left people feeling 'hopeless'. Mar 16, 2015 602
Northumbria University research paves the way for men on Mars; Northumbria University academics are working on a potential energy plant for Red Planet using a natural phenomenon called the Leidenfrost effect. Mar 9, 2015 561
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