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University partners approve changes to ACPE graduate program.

We are pleased to announce that the 2007 changes to ACPE's graduate program make completing a graduate degree in medical management easier and more affordable. Highlights of the improvements include:


* Less time & money to complete ACPE's Section I curriculum

* More hours available within Section I electives to choose courses that appeal to you

Here's a chart that shows the full set of Section I curriculum requirements. Current Section I students may stay with the current program or adopt this new curriculum.

Section I Curriculum * ACPE

(Valid for everyone in the program Jan 1, 2007)


(Complete all of the following for 93 hours)

24 Financial Decision Making

24 Managing Physician Performance

21 Physician in Management: PIM-Influence, PIM-Marketing, PIM-Negotiation

24 Three Faces of Quality


(Choose at least 32 hours from the following)

24 ACPE's Keystone

24 Conflict & Cooperation: Influence in Organizations

12 Ethical Challenges* -- choose InterAct Express (5 CME) or full version (12 CME)

14 Health Law* -- choose InterAct Express (8 CME) or full version (14 CME)

19 Increasing Personal Influence

3.5 Informatics (choose any Informatics course)

3.5 Physician in Management -- Communication Skills

7 Physician in Management -- Finance

3.5 Physician in Management -- Management Skills

19 Top-Down Bottom-Up Management

125 TOTAL HOURS required to complete Section I

For those considering CPE certification: a total of 150 hours are required for Section I courses, which must include Ethics and Health Law. For more information, visit
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Publication:Physician Executive
Date:Jan 1, 2007
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