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University of Western Sydney, Macarthur.

New staff

Jan Mason has been appointed Professor of Social Work and is also Head of the new department of Social Policy and Human Services. Other appointments are lone Lewis, Natalie Bolzan, Rhonda Ansiewicz and Louise King.

Bachelor of Social Work

Staff in the Department are preparing for assessment from AASW for full accreditation of the social work degree. Tis process should be completed in early 1997.


Ione Lewis successfully coordinated an application for a grant from the Teaching Development Centre for research utilising visiting scholars on behalf of a number of staff who are involved in this field - Belinda Mericourt, Julie King, Natalie Bolzan and Genevieve Rankin.

Jan Mason, Liz Watson and Jane Mears, together with two Canadian Professors of Social Work, has received a grant from the International Council for Canadian Studies, under the program for International Research Linkages (PIRL).

Leonie Gibbons has been successful with a research grant from UWSM Research Funds to continue her work on computers in social work.

Brenda Bartlett and Carolyn Noble, as members of the Combined Universities Field Education Unit, are co-recipients of a PEPE Research Grant to investigate the personal, professional and organisational facts which help or hinder the provision of practica in large leaching hospitals to social work students.

Meg Smith and Liz Watson, members of the Safety for women In Mental Health Steering Committee and Research Committee are involved in a joint research project with Charmian Clift Cottages and Women in Mental Health, NSW, funded by the NSW Department for Women.

Carolyn Noble and Linda Briskman (Deakin University) have been given a research grant to continue their research on ethics and social work and Carolyn Noble was successful in coordinating a research grant for social work field education research.

Contact: Carolyn Noble

Department of Social Policy and Human Services

University of Western Sydney, Macarthur

Ph. (02) 9772 9244 Fax: (02) 9773 0019
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