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University of New South Wales.

Since the first WIWE Journal was launched in 1994 there have been several staff changes. Associate Professor Betsy Wearing retired in July 1995 and is now an Honorary Professor in the School. Betsy's latest book, Gender: The Pain and Pleasure of Difference has just been published by Longman. New members of staff are Christine Gibson, a social worker with a background in socio-legal practice and Carmen Moran, a psychologist, who has joined us to teach in Human Behaviour, Research and Humour (a General Education subject). Diane Barnes has finished a record term as head of School at the end of 1995 and Tony Vinson has taken over this role.

Our School is trying to encourage interested research and publications output via a Professional Development Fund financed by monies generated from enterprises that School staff are involved in. This has enable Elizabeth Fernandez, Karen Heycox and Lesley Hughes to attend the IASSW/TFSW Congress in Hong Kong in July. With Marie Wilkinson (Sydney University), they are organising the pre-Congress Women's Symposium at which 35-40 papers will be presented. Congratulations are in order for Elizabeth Fernandez on being awarded her PhD on Children in Statutory Substitute Care in New South Wales. Elizabeth's book, developed from her thesis, has just been published by Avebury in the UK. More congratulations!

For some years, Karen, Lesley and Betsy had run a practice elective on women and social work. We are disappointed that there were insufficient numbers of Fourth Year students for the elective in First Semester this year. (We hope this isn't a sign of the times!). We will offer it to Third Year students in Second Semester.

A group of UNSW staff (Tony Vinson, Eileen Baldry, Jan Breckenridge and Michael Wearing) successfully tendered for a project to examine the content on domestic and sexual violence in courses for medical, psychology, social work, welfare and nursing students. They have now produced training packages for use in such courses.

We look forward to meeting with friends and colleagues from other courses at the WIWE Conference in Melbourne.

Contact: Karen Heycox

School of Social Work, UNSW

Ph. (02) 9385 4743 Fax: (02) 9662 8991
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