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University of Hawai'i National Foreign Language Resource Center (NFLRC). (News From Sponsoring Organizations).

The University of Hawai`i National Foreign Language Resource Center engages in research and materials development projects and conducts Summer Institutes for language professionals among its many activities.


In April the National Foreign Language Resource Center at the University of Hawai`i at Manoa was once again selected to serve as one of the nation's language resource centers established to improve the teaching and learning of foreign languages, particularly less commonly taught languages, throughout the United States. All nine current language resource centers were refunded, and three new centers were added (the Center for Advanced Language Proficiency Education and Research at Pennsylvania State University, the Language Resource Center for Central Asia, Azerbaijan, and Afghanistan at Indiana University, and the Center for Applied Second Language Studies at the University of Oregon). For more information on planned activities for the new grant cycle, visit the projects section of the NFLRC Web site.

Richard Schmidt (Director) and Jim Yoshioka (Program Coordinator) will serve as Program Chair and Associate Program Chair of the upcoming AAAL 2003 Conference in Arlington, Virginia. Highlights of the conference include six plenary addresses (Patricia Duff, Joshua Fishman, Georgette Ioup, Geoffrey Nunberg, William O'Grady, Congressman Robert Underwood), five invited colloquia ("Instructed Second Language Acquisition," "The Discourse of Health Care Dilemmas," "Classroom Talks: A Conversation Analytic Perspective," "Cognitive Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition," & "The Development of Academic Competence in Adolescent English Learners"), a joint AAAL/ILTA colloquium, numerous selected papers, posters, and colloquia reflecting the diversity of applied linguistics, a publishers' exhibit, and much more! For more information about AAAL 2003, visit the AAAL Web site (

NFLRC Publications

Two additions to the NFLRC-Hawaii's Technical Report Series come available in September:

* New Technologies and Language Learning: Cases in the Less Commonly Taught Languages (Spreen, editor), is a collections of articles outlining how different types of technologies are used to support language programs (i.e., Web, ITV, and audio- or video-based materials), discussing identifiable trends in e-language learning and exploring how technology addresses issues of equity, diversity, and opportunity.

* An Investigation of Second Language Task-Based Performance Assessments (Brown, Hudson, Norris, & Bonk) describes the creation of performanceassessment instruments and their validation.

Please drop by and peruse our publications at the joint Language Resource Centers display at ACTFL 2002 in Salt Lake City.
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