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University of Great Falls and Montana State University combine to open campus clinic.

University of Great Falls (UGF) freshman Bryan Bosch is glad he won't have to make the trek to an off-campus clinic next time he gets a cold. UGF and the Montana State University (MSU) Bozeman College of Nursing have joined together to open a student health center on the Great Falls campus.

In September, UGF invited students and staff to check out the new office on the upper level of the UGF Student Center. "This is a really neat partnership," said Deanna Babb, a family nurse practitioner who will work at the center. "I'm looking forward to caring for this population."

UGF students, faculty and staff can visit the center for limited primary care one day a week at first. Health center staff will offer care including diagnostic procedures, treatment of common illnesses, preventive care, minor injury treatment and immunizations. "You don't want to walk all the way across town just for a cold," said Bosch, who is also a UGF wrestler. "And a lot of freshmen don't have cars." Bosch said he will take advantage of the new facility, which is tucked in a corner of the Student Center but still offers all the comforts of a walk-in clinic.

Senior Inga Davis also said the facility is a welcome addition to campus. "I wish it had been here the entire time," said Davis, who is finishing up work in sociology and secondary education. MSU nursing staff from the program, which has a Great Falls campus, will work at the clinic. The faculty includes advanced practice registered nurse practitioners who are able to give prescriptions.

Babb said she is looking forward to working with students. She said there will be great opportunities to focus on preventive medicine and to promote healthy lifestyles. The partnership also is a good chance for Babb and others to enhance their nursing skills. "This is an opportunity for nurses to practice what they are teaching," said Susan Raph, campus director for the MSU Bozeman College of Nursing.

The Great Falls Clinic, Sisters of Providence and Sacred Heart Medical Center in Spokane donated equipment for the facility. Cathy Day, UGF vice president of enrollment and student services, said UGF hasn't offered health services since the early 80s. With a growing student population on campus, it is needed. UGF is working with a 14 percent increase in its freshmen class this fall. Students, faculty and staff can pay $80 a semester to use the center or opt to pay $35 per visit. Since the facility is opening about a month into the academic year, the semester fee for fall is $60. Hours of service at the health center are Tuesdays from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. during the academic semester. For more information contact UGF Student Services at 791-5208.

"We're starting out one day a week," Day said. "We will expand those hours as the need dictates."

Reach Tribune Staff Writer Sonja Lee at, or at (406) 791-1471 or (800) 438-6600.

Originally published September 28, 2005

Reprinted with permission of the Great Falls Tribune

Sonja Lee, Tribune Staff Writer
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