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University's home help for students.

Students are being urged not to put up with sub-standard housing.

Earlier this month the Chronicle told how four Newcastle University students signed a contract on a house deemed unfit for human habitation.

Peter Dobbin, 21, Guy Rumsey, 20, Andrew Grant, 21, and Tom Hawkins, 21, paid a pounds 1,049 deposit for a flat on Glenthorn Road, Newcastle in January 2003.

On they day they were due to move in, a council health inspection ruled the property was unfit for human habitation. There were missing roof tiles, exposed wiring, dampness and rotten window frames and floorboards.

The group found somewhere else to stay but were unable to get their deposit back from their landlord, but later won the cash back at Newcastle County Court.

Vivienne Robinson, accommodation manager for Newcastle University, said the case sent out an important message that landlords can't mess students around. She added: "There is no reason students should be signing contracts for homes that are unfit for human habitation.

"There is a surplus of accommodation in the city and we have a list of accredited properties we have checked out.

"Our message is only go for properties accredited by the universities and not to rush into signing any contract until you're totally happy with the house."
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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Jun 27, 2005
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