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Universal access to female condoms: programmes in Cameroon and Nigeria.

The Universal Access to the Female Condom (UAFC) Joint Programme is a collaboration between Oxfam Novib, the World Population Foundation, IDA Solutions, and the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs which aims to make female condoms widely available through support for advocacy, programming and research. The initiative has launched programmes in Cameroon and Nigeria which are run by a national steering committee and implemented by local actors: civil society organisations, the government, UN agencies and the private sector. In Nigeria, the Society for Family Health is the lead organisation and already holds 80% of the male condom market. The programme provides female condoms largely through the private sector (pharmacies, hairdressers, beauty parlours) while the government and UNFPA work within the public sector (family planning clinics). Cameroon is one of the first countries in the sub-region where studies have been conducted on accessibility and perception of female condoms. The lead partner is the Association Camerounaise de Marketing Social, which has worked on female condom programming since 2002, though not on a large scale. The Joint Programme will pay special attention to communicating the benefits of female condoms to a large audience. (1)

(1.) Universal Access to Female Condom Joint Programme website. At: < s/Where/16>

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Date:Nov 1, 2010
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