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Universal Ice Blast, Inc., Receives Purchase Order From Ford.

KIRKLAND, Wash., Aug. 28 /PRNewswire/ --

Universal Ice Blast, Inc., (UIBI) has received its first purchase order from the Ford Motor Company. The purchase order is for an automated ice blast system for production cleaning, which is to be installed at Ford's Sharonville, Ohio transmission gear facility. The order is for the design, manufacture, and installation of an ice blast cleaning station with commitments for additional similar systems. The commitments will be automatically triggered upon Ford's acceptance of the first system.

Currently, UIBI has an installed ice blast cleaning station at the Ford Automatic Transmission New Product Center. This cleaning station after continued use has demonstrated reliability in product quality (cleaning precision) and that the ice blasting equipment is easy to operate and maintain. After Ford representatives toured the Company's facilities, the Company received a Request for Quotation, which resulted in this order.

"We are extremely pleased with the recent events with Ford," states Company President Dr. Sam Visaisouk. "We have developed a technology that is clean, cost effective and environmentally friendly, it means a great deal for us to be recognized and accepted by an industry leader like Ford." The Company sees this Ford purchase order as the first of many. "We believe that with Ford's stamp of approval, GM, Toyota and many others in the automotive industry will not be too far behind," adds Company Chairman Rory Clarke.

UIBI's unique ice blast technology is an effective solution for many precision cleaning applications. Precision cleaning is cleaning to a defined tolerance, typically in a repetitive production setting where quality is closely measured and monitored. It involves removing surface contaminants from cast or machined parts, electronic or fuel handling components, or highly purified materials. It can also involve light "deburring" (removal of burrs created by cutting tools on machined metal parts). Ice blast technology is currently being used to clean and deburr electric motor armatures, transmission components and gears, engine and other cast parts for Japanese and American auto manufacturers.

Installation and acceptance of the first precision cleaning system is considered by Management as a beachhead for acceptance of ice blast technology within the automotive industry as the future standard for production cleaning, de-chipping of machined parts, and light de-burring. Management estimates the potential worldwide market for precision cleaning ice blast systems within the automotive industry to be approximately 7,500 units over the next ten years.

To learn more about Universal Ice Blast, Inc., please check out our website at Universal Ice Blast, Inc. a manufacturer of chemical-free, dust-free, VOC-free ice blast machines.

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Date:Aug 28, 2001
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