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How did you all come to form Y.O.U.N.G? Jamie and I worked at the same music studio together for a couple of years and we became mates.

We ended up making a couple of questionable songs on our lunch but we really wanted to experiment with a rapper so that's where our man Ben came in.

Luckily, we met his uncle Clive - Wiggy" from the Hit Man and Her! - who lives in Scotland, at a local film festival in Manchester.

From there, we wanted to make the band more about a live show and I knew just the guys. Graeme (drums) is also a DJ who I've known since primary school.

Tom (bass) just happens to be my best mate. So it all fell into place nicely.

What was the band's biggest highlight in 2017? Either having our songs played at the Manchester United games and a full page in their match programme or doing a live session on daytime BBC national radio.

What do you hope to accomplish in 2018? I'd just like to see continued progression and for the name and sound of Y.O.U.N.G to carry on growing at the rate it is. We also want to tour more later in the year and perform at the summer festivals.

Finally, to focus on writing the best music we can so we are delivering good song after good song.

You're beginning your Lazy tour at The Attic in Glasgow on February 28. How would you describe a Y.O.U.N.G show? It's funny because the tour is called Lazy but we're a very loud, high energy band with a fusion of sounds shining through.

We've recently been told our onstage banter is refreshing, we're just being us - so you might be in for a few laughs too.

The song is exactly what it says on the tin. Think dressing gowns, pizza, cups of tea, Yankee candles and Netflix.

Who doesn't love a lazy day now and again? Who do you sound like? We've been described as a British Twenty One Pilots or Royal Blood fronted by Lethal Bizzle.

People should have a listen though and make their own minds up.

Have you been working on any new material lately? We're currently working on an album.

We have enough finished recorded and mixed songs now but we're constantly writing every single day and bringing ideas to the table.

We're just trying to constantly better ourselves.

We are our own biggest critics.

What do you get up to when you're not working as a band together? I love football. So I like to get involved whenever I get the chance.

I'm a massive Manchester United fan and have a season ticket.

But I also love the simplicity of just sitting in watching a movie and stroking the cats.

n Y.O.U.N.G play The Attic in Glasgow on February 28.


LOFTY AMBITIONS... Y.O.U.N.G are headed for The Attic

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Date:Jan 28, 2018
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