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United against deviant ideology.

Saad Dosari

The ideology of hatred is beyond comprehension and as to how it influences the minds and hearts of young people to the point they don't shy away from killing complete strangers. Call it sickness or lust for blood; it is difficult to describe this madness. Unfortunately, this madness took place in our backyard; Al-Dalwa of Al-Ahsa in our Eastern Province was the stage on which the madness was demonstrated. What happened in Al-Ahsa might signal a spill of the ongoing madness around us into our own territory. Interior Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Mansour Al-Turki has even used the term "the deviant group" that is usually used to describe Al-Qaeda and its affiliates, signaling in a way that the groups currently active in the war hotspots around us might be part of this. Nevertheless, we are still faced with the same pressing questions that we find ourselves obligated to answer whenever young Saudis are found to be part of such violence anywhere in the world; the paramount question of all is - why? Why such ideas of hatred and violence find hearing ears in some members of our young generations? Why such ideas are resonating with some of our people's beliefs and concepts of religion and the world? Apparently, there seem to be sources that are feeding such hatred. Whether in the background, in the shadows, in the deepest villages scattered all over the country, or shamelessly in front of cameras and under the spotlights of some dubious TV studios. A couple of generations ago, the country found itself obligated to start its war on terror when it found its infrastructure, its guests from the western world under attack for nothing but distorted ideas and images implanted in the imagination of some of its citizens. The confrontation expanded on so many fronts and mediums; it was totally successful on the ground, successful to a certain extent on the field of ideas and debates. It is so hard to contain abstract ideas especially when they grow in the dark. To fight them, you have to cut their supplies; the air and light which they need to grow in the forms of media, social media, education, etc. We started the journey and we still need to continue. United in the feeling of belonging to this land, we should not be subjected or influenced by the culture of hatred and violence. It is the country that hosts the Two Holy Mosques. If you are a Muslim, of any background, you are connected to this country. The scenes of unity and sentiments that came to light at the funeral that followed the Al-Ahsa tragedy is what we should be all about; together and united, sharing the same lands, sharing the same destiny. - @smaldosari

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Publication:Arab News (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)
Date:Nov 10, 2014
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