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Albertsons sees food-stamp users feeling inflation pressure. Apr 13, 2022 419
Food bank gets anonymous $500,000 gift. Associated Press Jan 3, 2021 252
IN AN AGE OF ABUNDANCE, WHY DO PEOPLE STARVE? Our wonderful global supply chain is not just failing to prevent hunger-it's causing it. Johnson, Bobbie Jan 1, 2021 2699
Study tracks workplace and public benefits. The Washington Post Report Nov 19, 2020 1315
FOOD INSECURITY DURING COVID-19: Faith communities respond with love and groceries. Scanlon, Leslie Cover story Aug 24, 2020 1761
Conduent delivers government assistance to approx. 5M recipients. Aug 3, 2020 201
Amazon working to expand online groceries through SNAP benefits. Jun 17, 2020 183
Catholics step in as food insecurity skyrockets. Vodvarka, Sophie May 29, 2020 1201
Catholic Charities is on front lines: Agency sees dramatic growth in need for providing food to those in and around nation's capital. Zimmermann, Mark May 15, 2020 1378
Millionaires on Food Stamps? No More, Says USDA. Aug 19, 2019 323
Trump proposal seeks to crack down on food stamp 'loophole'. Jul 28, 2019 1087
Quest for food stamp data lands newspaper at Supreme Court. Apr 21, 2019 593
SNAP recipients can buy groceries online under pilot program. Apr 19, 2019 604
U.S government launches pilot program for SNAP participants to food shop online. Apr 18, 2019 269
State risks losing $18M over food stamp processing. Mar 31, 2019 246
Foodlink receives federal grant for Curbside program. Oct 9, 2018 343
The Future of SNAP: CONTINUING TO BALANCE PROTECTION AND INCENTIVES. Schanzenbach, Diane Whitmore Essay Nov 1, 2017 9349
Pepsico Supports World Food Programme Emergency Food Assistance in Libya. Aug 28, 2017 492
Snap judgment: the 1996 welfare reform law is being used to cut food aid to some of the poorest Americans. d'Amora, Delphine Nov 1, 2016 957
Revisions to standards for food in care programs. Mangels, Reed Brief article Oct 1, 2016 208
Camden National Bank employees raise USD9,000 to benefit food pantries in Maine. Jun 28, 2016 263
Camden National Bank employees raise USD9,000 to benefit food pantries in Maine. Jun 28, 2016 261
Increasing the effectiveness and sustainability of the nation's entitlement programs. Biggs, Andrew; Capretta, James C.; Doar, Robert; Haskins, Ron; Levin, Yuval Report Jun 1, 2016 15121
Did you hear? Brief article May 1, 2015 202
Nutrition Hotline. Mangels, Reed Apr 1, 2015 478
Cleveland County Department of Social Services saves $10,000 in county dollars while helping county citizens in need of food. Ellis, Karen Apr 1, 2015 500
Cooking up a winner: last semester, VIP's Social Action group decided that they were going to run a food drive along with preparing a meal for families who stay for extended periods of time at the Ronald McDonald House of Long Island. Baron, Jason Mar 1, 2015 1059
NCSL's Hunger partnership. Brief article Mar 1, 2015 139
Hunger games: from farmers to manufacturers to grocers, many in the supply chain are coming together to combat food insecurity nationwide. Hatt, Elizabeth Louise Cover story Mar 1, 2015 2987
Feeding every hunger. Jul 18, 2014 742
After long argument, then compromise, Congress agrees on nutrition assistance benefit cuts in the Agricultural Act of 2014. Wilde, Parke E. Apr 1, 2014 2419
Theme overview: rural poverty and food. Rupasingha, Anil Apr 1, 2014 894
Agriculture, rural development, food and drug administration, and related agency. Statistical data Jan 1, 2014 168
Recent trends in spending patterns of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program participants and other low-income Americans. Sep 1, 2013 10781
Feds Feed Families drive fights hunger. Brief article Sep 1, 2013 150
Legislation would reinstate, extend farm disaster assistance programs. Brief article Feb 4, 2013 263
Lessons of Fresh Start can guide schools seeking to boost student fruit consumption. Crawford, Patricia B.; Woodward-Lopez, Gail; Gosliner, Wendi; Webb, Karen L. Report Jan 1, 2013 6561
Fight for your food. Imhoff, Daniel; Detrick, Hallie Aug 1, 2012 401
Standing with the bishops. Jul 20, 2012 760
April 18 webinar on city strategies to reduce child hunger and obesity using federal meal programs. Hope, Imani Apr 2, 2012 760
Healthy choices and heavy burdens: race, citizenship and gender in the 'obesity epidemic'. Firth, Jeanne Report Mar 15, 2012 8732
Lightening the Load: A Look at Four Ways that Community Schools Can Support Effective Teaching. Chang, Theodora Report Jan 1, 2012 340
SNAP directors hold October conference in Ohio. Conference notes Dec 1, 2011 552
Coming Up in California Agriculture. Brief article Oct 1, 2011 167
Food drive fed by competitive spirit. Brief article Oct 1, 2011 244
Food stamp payment accuracy rate and program integrity record improves for fourth year. Brief article Oct 1, 2011 314
Supermarket nutrition resources. Palmer, Sharon Sep 1, 2011 908
Save the food! Vanquish waste and hunger. Catlin, Christine Sep 1, 2011 845
Food prices rocket: more and more Americans are feeling the economic pinch as food prices rise. Are high food prices here to stay or merely a temporary inconvenience? Adelmann, Bob Cover story Jul 18, 2011 3045
Passing the test. Brief article Jul 1, 2011 103
Women and children last: would we so willingly cut programs for the poor if we knew them by name? Cones, Bryan Editorial Jul 1, 2011 762
The fragility of progress. Jacobson, Michael F. Jul 1, 2011 543
International School Feeding: USDA's Oversight of the McGovern-Dole Food for Education Program Needs Improvement. Report to Congressional Requesters. GAO-11-544. Melito, Thomas Abstract May 1, 2011 367
When even the 'dollar value meal' costs too much: food insecurity and long term dependence on food pantry assistance. Paynter, Sharon; Berner, Maureen; Anderson, Emily Report Mar 3, 2011 8011
Hungry for votes. Brief article Feb 11, 2011 172
Household Food Insecurity: Serious Concerns for Child Development. Social Policy Report. Volume 25, Number 3. Fiese, Barbara H.; Gundersen, Craig; Koester, Brenda; Washington, LaTesha Author abstract Jan 1, 2011 348
Food stamps go a longer way. Winslow, Samantha Brief article Nov 1, 2010 218
Moving toward a more sustainable Army Food Program. Sherriff, David J. Sep 1, 2010 1828
Telling Michigan's recovery story. Ahmed, Ismael Apr 1, 2010 844
Saving food 'not pretty enough, to sell'; an obscene amount food is wasted that we know is perfectly good. Coday, Dennis Sep 4, 2009 1024
Mobile workshop profile: Haven for Hope is a transformational campus. Marbut, Robert, Jr.; Campa, Dennis J. Conference notes Jul 27, 2009 1093
Struggling families can benefit from federal nutrition programs. McComas, Laura; Meade, Katie Jul 27, 2009 738
Clinton says "We blew it". Brief article Jun 22, 2009 250
Among black Catholics, a deep loss. Roberts, Tom May 15, 2009 1328
Summer Food Service Program. Nourishing News. Volume 3, Issue 8. Author abstract Mar 1, 2009 169
Nutrition assistance. Feb 1, 2009 3499
Numbers of needy are climbing at an alarming rate. Roberts, Tom Dec 12, 2008 1093
Number of Americans on food stamps expected to top 30M. Brief article Dec 1, 2008 263
Calif. Adding Grocers to Disaster Response System. Oct 15, 2008 382
Tyson Disaster Relief Convoy Hits Highway to Help Texas, Gulf States. Brief article Sep 26, 2008 284
WFP: cash roll-out to help hunger hot spots. Aug 12, 2008 753
UN "buying local" for food aid program. Mastny, Lisa; Hanson, Jessica May 1, 2008 496
Introduction. Osmond, Stephen May 1, 2008 291
The essential Catholic 'stuff'. Roberts, Tom Oct 12, 2007 672
Utah Independents Team Up to Fight Local Hunger. Brief article Sep 13, 2007 112
Coding famine: famine relief and the British Raj in Rudyard Kipling's "William the Conqueror". Bhattacharya, Sumangala Critical essay Jun 22, 2007 10767
Oregon Governor's food stamp challenge raises awareness. Brief article Jun 1, 2007 174
Feeling like 'we'. Mar 9, 2007 156
Eat, or the journey will be too long. Martinez, Demetria Column Jan 26, 2007 649
Feasibility of using a personal digital assistant to self-monitor diet and fluid intake: a pilot study. Welch, Janet; Dowell, Shannon; Johnson, Cynthia S. Brief article Jan 1, 2007 3894
Government redefines 'hunger'. Brief article Dec 8, 2006 163
Many families miss out on crucial food stamp benefits. Goldberg, Heidi Nov 20, 2006 571
There's hunger and hope in America's cities. Escarra, Vicki Nov 20, 2006 418
The Income Volatility See-Saw: Implications for School Lunch. ERS Report Summary. Newman, Constance Report Aug 1, 2006 374
Food sovereignty: ending world hunger in our time. Mittal, Anuradha Mar 1, 2006 1965
Numbers in the news. Brief Article Dec 12, 2005 102
Turkey toss. Brief Article Oct 1, 2005 122
Federal food assistance: Hurricane Katrina. Richardson, Joe Sep 1, 2005 2009
Millions of pounds. Brief Article Aug 1, 2005 98
Overfed but undernourished: not will power, but purchasing power, may determine who eats healthy foods. Winterfeld, Amy Apr 1, 2005 1616
Should Kofi Annan resign? Brief Article Jan 10, 2005 108
Food stamps still popular with poor. Brief Article May 1, 2004 209
Bowling for Westfield: for Wisconsin member Jeff Napp and his Pioneer Westfield High School art students, the fight against hunger starts in the kiln and goes right to the kitchen. Kotterman, Chris May 1, 2004 211
Social justice: food that will last. De Marco, Donald Feb 1, 2004 1521
Project GLEAN: implementing a school-based food distribution program. Hampl, Jeffrey S Sep 22, 2003 1233
Homelessness on rise in U.S. cities. (Voluntary Sector). Brief Article Jan 20, 2003 80
U.S. asks Vatican to intervene in modified food standoff. (World). Donovan, Gill Brief Article Oct 18, 2002 215
Living on the edge: examination of people attending food pantries and soup kitchens. Biggerstaff, Marilyn A.; Morris, Patricia McGrath; Nichols-Casebolt, Ann Jul 1, 2002 6841
Mayors find hunger increasing in their cities. (Nation). Donovan, Gill Brief Article Dec 28, 2001 257
New Millennium Gleaners - Volunteers for the society of st. andrew salvage nutritious produce from fields and orchards to distribute to hungry people across the united states. shaffer, janet Jun 1, 2001 1074
An End to Hunger. Dec 1, 1999 2256
Speedy delivery. Turcsik, Richard; Summerour, Jenny Dec 1, 1999 149
Why do low-income households not use food stamps? Evidence from an experiment. Daponte, Beth Osborne; Sanders, Seth; Taylor, Lowell Jun 22, 1999 6986

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