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Gen. Lee statue comes down in former Confederate capital. Associated Press Sep 9, 2021 305
CHRISTIAN ARMED GROUPS: A Forgotten Actor of the Middle Eastern Conflicts /KRESTANSKE OZBROJENE SKUPINY: Zapomenuty akter blizkovychodnich konfliktu. Cejka, Marek Report Dec 1, 2020 6855
Mississippi to lose rebel emblem from flag. EMILY WAGSTER PETTUS Associated Press Jun 30, 2020 860
Statues targeted, toppled in protests against racism. Associated Press Jun 21, 2020 591
The significance of Juneteenth. Terry Tang Associated Press Jun 19, 2020 891
Logan among six inducted into Lincoln Hall of Fame Logan. Submitted by DAVID BLANCHETTE, The Lincoln Academy of Illinois May 19, 2020 765
South Sudan's rivals form unity government meant to end civil war. Maura Ajak Associated Press Feb 23, 2020 423
Gotabaya Rajapaksa sworn in as Sri Lanka's new president. Nov 18, 2019 138
Hezbollah warns of chaos, civil war in Lebanon. Reuters News Service Oct 25, 2019 780
A record 35 candidates vie for Sri Lanka's presidency. Oct 7, 2019 253
Mozambique's last rebel fighters finally lay down their arms. Aug 1, 2019 732
Blasts hit Sri Lanka churches, hotels. Apr 21, 2019 357
A poet remembers her impulsive trip into a civil war. Apr 17, 2019 1131
Libya falling into civil war. Apr 7, 2019 399
Prelude to Civil War: Francis Graham Wilson on Spain: As Spanish philosopher George Santayana famously noted, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." Is Spain's past our future? Bishirjian, Richard J. Critical essay Mar 22, 2019 2338
Despite peace, S. Sudanese fear leaving U.N. camps. Jan 27, 2019 648
CLOSE ENOUGH TO TOUCH: The Civil War in Living Memory. Graham, M.R.; Burlbaw, Lynn M. Jan 1, 2019 5772
Yemen peace talks in Sweden focus on prisoner swap deal. Dec 10, 2018 617
Yemen rebels in move to halt rockets. Nov 20, 2018 465
Made for Civil War: We built America on the politics of national division. Vlahos, Michael Nov 1, 2018 3237
Syria FM: Victory over 'terrorism' is near, US must leave. Sep 30, 2018 789
Syria: Everyone else's battleground, in both war and peace. Sep 26, 2018 782
Syria: Everyone else's battleground, in both war and peace. Sep 25, 2018 850
Experts: UAE, Saudis may have committed war crimes in Yemen. Aug 29, 2018 740
In Damascus, Syrians hope war's end is near. Jul 23, 2018 981
S. Sudan cease-fire violated within hours. Jul 1, 2018 305
In South Sudan, actress Ashley Judd brings spirit of #MeToo. Jun 29, 2018 666
The politics of reconstruction in Syria. Jun 19, 2018 2230
Ex-Guatemala dictator dies at 91. Obituary Apr 2, 2018 783
WHITNEY POCKET REVOLVER. James, Garry Mar 16, 2018 570
Sri Lanka declares state of emergency in wake of communal violence. Mar 7, 2018 453
Abductions rise amid S. Sudan civil war. Feb 5, 2018 509
Yemen's civil war, humanitarian crisis drag on. Feb 5, 2018 825
Cease-fire begins in S. Sudan civil war. Dec 24, 2017 277
Allawi warns of 'civil war' over Kurdish-held Kirkuk. Oct 10, 2017 665
US warns South Sudan rival leaders they risk US support if not respect 2015 peace deal. Jul 22, 2017 246
Cinco de Mayo: A Celebration Of Mexican Heritage. May 5, 2017 515
Bishops speak on Syria attack. Brief article Apr 21, 2017 159
UN Report Says Violence In South Sudan Nearing Genocide. Mar 8, 2017 479
Obama To Lift Sanctions Against Beleagured Sudan. Jan 13, 2017 329
Aleppo Evacuation Begins. Dec 15, 2016 523
In Memory Of Those We Lost... May 30, 2016 562
Memorial Day 101. May 29, 2016 555
Civil War Battlefield Looted Ahead Of Memorial Day. May 29, 2016 428
'Captain America: Civil War' film review: Newbies bring all the fun to the yard. May 5, 2016 605
'Civil War' is the best Marvel movie so far. Apr 29, 2016 996
'Civil War': Hero versus hero, minus the convolutions. Apr 29, 2016 432
'Civil War' is the best Marvel movie so far. Apr 25, 2016 986
The Mayhem in Syria: where to? Tamimi, Azzam Essay Mar 22, 2016 3419
Geopolitical realignments around Syria: threats and opportunities. Kahf, Ammar Essay Mar 22, 2016 3349
The Syrian political opposition: what went wrong? Ulutas, Ufuk Essay Mar 22, 2016 2983
US bears blame for rise of Islamic State. Zunes, Stephen Jan 1, 2016 1081
'Captain America: Civil War' Cast To Include Tom Holland's Spider-Man. Dec 4, 2015 588
A path out of the Middle East collapse. Kissinger, Henry A. Oct 30, 2015 2065
Whose war in Yemen? Saudi Arabia wreaks havoc on its poorest neighbor--with U.S. help. Larison, Daniel Sep 1, 2015 1738
Here's what Reddit thinks about Syrian groups on the ground. Brief article Aug 11, 2015 290
Words mightier than hacks: narratives of cyberwar in the United States and China. Cai, Cuihong; Dati, Diego Report Jul 1, 2015 4542
How have women's voices changed since the Arab Spring? Brief article Jun 17, 2015 186
Actor Martin Freeman joins Marvel's 'Captain America: Civil War'. May 6, 2015 298
Congress pushes Ukraine war. Brief article Mar 22, 2015 196
AFRICOM goes to war on the sly. Turse, Nick Jan 1, 2015 2852
Supporting the warfighter from the U.S. Naval observatory: enabling decision superiority. Benson, Kirk R. Jan 1, 2015 1793
Theory and Practice of Interventionist State Building: Paradoxes and Limitations. Aman, Shahida; Aman, Shagufta Report Dec 31, 2014 9267
Will the Arab spring come to Sudan? A look backward--and forward. Moravitz, Michael L. Dec 1, 2014 3686
'Captain America 3' To Be 'Civil War' With Black Panther. Oct 30, 2014 472
Colombia: Washington's other war. Brief article Oct 24, 2014 135
If there is 'no military solution' in Iraq, where is the non-military solution? Chayes, Sarah Viewpoint essay Oct 3, 2014 1109
The West Point History of the Civil War. Jennings, Nathan A. Oct 1, 2014 593
Reinterpretations of freedom and emancipation, civil rights and assimilation, and the continued struggle for social and political change. Johnson, Pearlie M. Report Sep 22, 2014 4461
Experts point to US role in migrants' flight. Rotondaro, Vinnie; Coutin, Susan Bibler Aug 1, 2014 1216
Iraqi troubles all fault of Americans. Jun 20, 2014 346
Decriminalisation of mass murders, rape and sexual violence--a critique of president Mbeki and Prof Mamdani. Obote-Odora, Alex Report Jun 1, 2014 1210
Fewer Americans Think Obama Respected on World Stage; Slim majority still think world views U.S. favorably. Feb 24, 2014 959
New from NDU press: for the Center for Strategic Research. Yaphe, Judith S. Brief article Jan 1, 2014 169
Within U.S. trade and the long shadow of the American secession. Felbermayr, Gabriel; Groschl, Jasmin Jan 1, 2014 15295
Ethiopian dream. Teklehaimanote, Ephrem Nov 1, 2013 2721
Bashar al-Assad admits 'making mistakes' in Syrian civil war. Oct 6, 2013 200
Band of others. Sep 22, 2013 622
The Gettysburg address: in fewer than 300 words, President Lincoln managed to recast the Civil War in a new light and give the nation a "new birth of freedom". Brown, Bryan Sep 16, 2013 749
Attacking Syria is the best way to deal with Iran. Tabler, Andrew J. Viewpoint essay Sep 13, 2013 437
A meeting point remains elusive. Sadjadpour, Karim Sep 13, 2013 308
Possible U.S. intervention in Syria: issues for congress. Sharp, Jeremy M.; Blanchard, Christopher M. Report Sep 1, 2013 18612
U.S. credibility on Iran at stake in Syria. Singh, Michael Jul 12, 2013 905
Vicksburg: historic Vicksburg marks 150th anniversary of battle. Gillette, Becky Jul 5, 2013 924
A new birth of freedom. Guelzo, Allen C. Excerpt Jun 22, 2013 4288
Sarah Palin says 'leaderless' US should 'let Allah sort out' Syrian Civil War. Jun 16, 2013 143
McCain says Assad has 'upper hand' in civil war in Syria. Jun 3, 2013 165
Ankara and Washington need an ambitious approach to Syria. Ulgen, Sinan Viewpoint essay May 24, 2013 720
Erdogan: Turkey Won't be Dragged into Syria's Civil War. May 13, 2013 172
President Obama, Premier Cameron to Discuss Syrian Civil War at White House. May 13, 2013 209
Don't link Syrian crisis to Iran. Robison, Gordon Viewpoint essay May 10, 2013 820
Syria Civil War: Israeli Warplanes 'Bomb' Targets. May 4, 2013 332
Intervention escalation. Jeffrey, James F. May 3, 2013 1346
Civil War General Stonewall Jackson Death Blamed On The Moon; Astronomers Uncover Mystery Behind Confederate Officer's Death. May 2, 2013 425
Kerry sets his sights on Turkey to talk Syria. Brief article Apr 3, 2013 177
The Battle of Yellow Jack: a comparative look at preventive medicine during the American Civil War. Graham, Barry F. Apr 1, 2013 3222
N. Korea threatens to nullify armistice that ended 1953 civil war. Mar 6, 2013 174
FBI arrests California man trying to start 'civil war' in US by blowing up BOA. Feb 9, 2013 174
Syrian President Bashar Assad Will Deliver A Rare Speech Sunday After UN Reports 59,648 Killed In The Civil War. Jan 6, 2013 204
The Hollywood Dialectic. Bayles, Martha Critical essay Dec 22, 2012 2451
Sri Lanka Tamils call for inquiry into UN's 'failure to save civilians' in bloody civil war. Nov 16, 2012 378
A Long Eight Months In Libya. Oct 20, 2012 2785
The great compromiser: advocating peace before the Civil War, Henry Clay paved the way to economic prosperity and unity in a divided nation. Huso, Deborah R. Oct 1, 2012 1104
Lest we remember: Civil War memory and commemoration among the five tribes. Fortney, Jeff Sep 22, 2012 7542
Syrian Violence Spills Into Lebanon, Worsening Regional Instability. Aug 24, 2012 804
Syria Civil War: Rebels Aim to Capture Assad's Aleppo Stronghold. Jul 22, 2012 426
Hot spots: Mozambique. Belcsak, Hans Jul 1, 2012 1130
Neo-Colonialism: American foreign policy and the first Liberian civil war. Klay Kieh, George, Jr. Essay Mar 1, 2012 7642
Murdoch's media empire descends into civil war following Sun journalists' arrest. Feb 14, 2012 292
The civil war: 10 things you should know (and probably don't). Ayers, Edward L. Cover story Jan 30, 2012 1534
Quiz wizard. Jan 30, 2012 502
1852: did a novel start the Civil War? Published 160 years ago, Harriet Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin captivated--and bitterly divided--America. Reynolds, David S. Jan 2, 2012 1529
Americans should be concerned about what is happening in Syria, if only because it threatens to become another undeclared war like Libya but much, much worse. Giraldi, Philip Jan 1, 2012 497
Science & society. Dec 31, 2011 533
Turkey warns Syria not to provoke regional crisis--ex -Saudi Intel chief says League will not allow violence to continue--U.N. rights chief wants to access to Syrian events--Ghalioun urges free army to avoid civil war. Dec 10, 2011 1530
El Ninos may fuel civil uprisings: food prices, unemployment may link climate to unrest. Raloff, Janet Oct 8, 2011 328
UPDATE2: Libyan rebels seize all of Tripoli except Gaddafi stronghold. Aug 22, 2011 433
The essential civil war curriculum. Brief article Jun 22, 2011 212
Memorial Day Remembrance: Casualties from U.S. Wars. May 30, 2011 339
Why should I study military history? Studying military history may not provide an exact blueprint for what to do in every situation. But the lessons learned from past experiences can encourage innovative thinking. Godfrey, James J. May 1, 2011 1351
Dividing a nation: the firing on fort Sumter marked the first engagement of the civil war and took place 150 years ago, on April 12, 1861. Kenny, Jack Apr 4, 2011 3157
The civil war: 10 things you should know (but probably don't): we all know the basics, but America's bloodiest conflict was full of twists and turns, and the way it unfolded was more complicated than you think. Ayers, Edward L. Apr 4, 2011 3241
Whitman's earliest attempt to absorb the Civil War into leaves of grass. Conrad, Eric Critical essay Mar 22, 2011 550
Twenty years after the Cold War: a strategic survey. Elhefnawy, Nader Report Mar 22, 2011 6007
Clean trade in natural resources. Wenar, Leif Essay Mar 22, 2011 4997
US declines to call Libyan crisis 'Civil War'. Mar 10, 2011 232
Fears of Libya civil war kick Footsie into the red; CITYMARKETREPORT. Feb 23, 2011 487
Quiz Wizard. Feb 7, 2011 487
The unending civil war: race and heritage are at the heart of America's inability to find consensus about the Civil War. Bunch, Lonnie Feb 3, 2011 1158
Months past: the first act of the American Civil War; the end of the farthing; and a baron's violent death. Richard Cavendish looks at December's anniversaries. Cavendish, Richard Dec 1, 2010 1613
Sudan: the crisis in Darfur and status of the North-South peace agreement. Dagne, Ted Report Dec 1, 2010 16850
Somalia: current conditions and prospects for a lasting peace. Dagne, Ted Report Dec 1, 2010 14896
S. Sudan wants voters to return for referendum. Aug 18, 2010 469
Specter of civil war haunts South Sudan referendum. Aug 14, 2010 651
Tracking 'go-getters' across America: where do young workers want to live? Watkins, Tate; Yandle, Bruce Jun 22, 2010 2660
Born in the USA: a new world of war: the American Civil War transformed the nature of armed conflict. Its opening salvos harked back to Waterloo; its end anticipated the industrial warfare of the 20th century. White, David Essay Jun 1, 2010 3843
Elizabeth Stoddard's Civil War: "Gossip from Gotham" and the San Francisco Daily Evening Bulletin. Putzi, Jennifer Reprint Jun 1, 2010 3882
Introduction: the SRSGs and the management of civil wars. Sisk, Timothy D. Essay Apr 1, 2010 2221
Sudan: the crisis in Darfur and status of the North-South peace agreement. Dagne, Ted Report Jul 1, 2009 15944
Sudan: the crisis in Darfur and status of the North-South peace agreement. Dagne, Ted Report May 1, 2009 16116
Lebanon: background and U.S. relations. Addis, Casey L. Report May 1, 2009 13732
The first civil war. Mar 22, 2009 471
The Civil War battle that helped create a state. Chick, Kay A. Jan 1, 2009 3146
Gettysburg and the civil war: when brother fought brother. Sep 1, 2008 731
1968 Remembered. McCleaster, Sandra Jul 1, 2008 1028
The ghosts of Gettysburg. Brief article Jul 1, 2008 186
America in the Civil War Era: A History Institute for Teachers. Footnotes. Volume 13, Number 13. Kuehner, Trudy Report Jul 1, 2008 180
The Congo's killing fields: families separated. Millions left for dead. Do we share some of the blame? Clarke, Kevin Jul 1, 2008 1208
Understanding social networks. Costa, Dora L. Jun 22, 2008 2479
A second Haitian revolution: John Brown, Toussaint Louverture, and the making of the American Civil War. Clavin, Matthew Event overview Jun 1, 2008 11226
"Poor Burn?" the Antietam conspiracy that wasn't. Rafuse, Ethan S. Essay Jun 1, 2008 13712
Iraq's "hidden" conflict. Jarrar, Raed Mar 18, 2008 1462
Measures of war: a quantitative examination of the Civil War's destructiveness in the confederacy. Paskoff, Paul F. Report Mar 1, 2008 12191
South of the border: Ulysses S. Grant and the French intervention. Hardy, William E. Report Mar 1, 2008 10352
Security challenges, responses, and options. Katzman, Kenneth Report Jul 1, 2007 8198
Does Balkanisation beckon anew? Buchanan, Patrick J. Jun 22, 2007 845
Civil War generals as strategic leaders--a comparison of Sickles, Meade, and Hooker. Swain, Richard Apr 1, 2007 3938
The Civil War's lost cause. Stout, Harry S. Letter to the editor Mar 22, 2007 939
Fighting civil wars with education. Wagner, Cynthia G. Brief article Mar 1, 2007 228
IRAQ - Iraq Sliding Into Civil War. Feb 5, 2007 575
Security challenges, responses, and options. Katzman, Kenneth Feb 1, 2007 7618
A reality check for Iraq. Howell, Llewellyn D. Jan 1, 2007 1104
The John W. Holmes lecture: Building Peace. Doyle, Michael W. Viewpoint essay Jan 1, 2007 6248
PALESTINE - Dec 17 - Abbas's Gamble Deepens Strife With Hamas. Dec 23, 2006 600
Uncivil libertarians: civil war rages at the ACLU, as the old executive director attacks the new one. It's all about first principles. Or wartime exigencies. Or stresses of growth. Or generational change. Or Oedipal tensions. Or quarrelsome DNA. Or all of the above. McKelvey, Tara Dec 1, 2006 2884
10 imperatives for peace: the tragedy of the decades-old Sri Lankan civil war inspired this development expert to think practically about peace. Richardson, John Viewpoint essay Nov 1, 2006 2308
Fort Fisher: amphibious victory in the American Civil War. Ohls, Gary J. Sep 22, 2006 9043
IRAQ - Resurgence In The Shi'ite World - Part 8 - Civil War May Spread. Aug 7, 2006 579
Good shepherd. Rosengren, John Aug 1, 2006 922
Trust in God & fear nothing: confederate Gen. Lewis Armistead and Union Gen. Winfield Scott Hancock--like many of their contemporaries--were good friends who found themselves on opposite sides in the Civil War. Telzrow, Michael E. Jul 10, 2006 2366
The United States in Congress assembled. Rakove, Jack N. Jun 22, 2006 2376
Somalia. Brief article Jun 1, 2006 225
Canadians in the U.S. Civil War: although it was an American tragedy, the Civil War was a defining moment in Canada's history. Fear of invasion and the political fallout of the war were the catalysts to Confederation. Twatio, Bill May 1, 2006 1738
Civil War sharpshooters. Ray, Fred L. May 1, 2006 1659
Stop the curriculum, there's a chance to learn: the measurable learning outcomes of Coretta Scott King. Stager, Gary Apr 1, 2006 672
IRAQ - Rumsfeld Says Iraqis Will Handle Any Civil War. Brief Article Mar 13, 2006 341
ARAB-US RELATIONS - Mar 9 - Rumsfeld Says Iraq 'Will Handle Any Civil War'. Mar 11, 2006 452
Killing the serpent speedily: Governor Morton, General Hascall, and the suppression of the democratic press in Indiana, 1863. Towne, Stephen E. Mar 1, 2006 11548
Reconstruction as it should have been: an exercise in counterfactual history. Huston, James L. Dec 1, 2005 2535
Reconstructing reconstruction: options and limitations to federal policies on land distribution in 1866-67. Ransom, Roger L. Dec 1, 2005 6239
A Marshall Plan for the South? The failure of republican and democratic ideology during reconstruction. Richardson, Heather Cox Dec 1, 2005 4487
The use of military force to protect the gains of reconstruction. Blair, William Dec 1, 2005 6063
An alternative to the tragic era: applying the virtues of bureaucracy to the reconstruction dilemma. Huston, James L. Dec 1, 2005 5216
Imagining a different reconstruction constitution. Vorenberg, Michael Dec 1, 2005 4506
The missing catalyst: in response to essays on reconstructions that might have been. Engs, Robert F. Dec 1, 2005 2006
With war's traces in his soul, he still hopes for peace. Kusari, Ylber Oct 21, 2005 1185
IRAQ - Caution Advised. Oct 3, 2005 718
Civil War soldiers experienced post-traumatic stress. Brief article Jun 22, 2005 160
Union Provost Took On the Thankless Tasks. Carey, John E. Feb 1, 2005 1669
"In the midst of strange and terrible times": the New York city draft riots of 1863. Cruz, Barbara C.; Patterson, Jennifer Marques Jan 1, 2005 5742
Peacekeepers arrive. Coday, Dennis Brief Article Aug 15, 2003 150
Uganda archbishop calls for international intervention. (World). Coday, Dennis Brief Article Aug 1, 2003 164
Simms and the American apocalypse: 'Woodcraft' and 'The Cassique of Kiawah' chart a course. Bakker, Jan Jun 22, 2003 3265
Replenishing the soil and the soul of Texas: the Civilian Conservation Corps in the lone star state as an example of state-federal work relief during the great depression. Hendrickson, Kenneth E., Jr. Jun 22, 2003 6376
The impact of the American civil war on the local communities of Southern Scotland. Peters, Lorraine Jun 1, 2003 10142
A military legacy of the Civil War: the British inheritance. Dubrulle, Hugh Jun 1, 2003 14706
'We have not been honest with ourselves'. Editorial May 16, 2003 820
Move over, Trent Lott I. (No Comment). Brief Article Feb 1, 2003 93
The administration's commitment to Sudan. Kansteiner, Walter H., III Jan 1, 2003 1767
End of cold war is not the cause. (Civil Wars). Dec 1, 2002 638
End of Cold War is not the cause. (Civil Wars). Dec 1, 2002 639

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