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Welcome To Atlanta: You won't have to go far to find fun things to do in Georgia's capital city during PVA's Annual Convention. Nemann, Andy Apr 23, 2022 1764
Immunity, side effects and civil liberties: Results from COVID-19 public survey. Daily Financial Times Mar 15, 2022 987
Immunity, side effects and civil liberties: Results from COVID-19 public survey. Mar 15, 2022 976
In Selma, VP backs voting rights law. KIM CHANDLER Associated Press Mar 7, 2022 306
Former police officers convicted of violating George Floyd's civil rights; Footage taken of the death of the 46-year-old black man went viral and sparked global outrage over racial injustice. By, Amy Forliti, Steve Karnowski, Associated Press & Shane Jarvis Feb 24, 2022 295
Former police officers convicted of violating George Floyd's civil rights; Footage taken of the death of the 46-year-old black man went viral and sparked global outrage over racial injustice. By, Amy Forliti, Steve Karnowski, Associated Press & Shane Jarvis Feb 24, 2022 295
Defense rests in civil rights trial of former cops in Floyd's killing. STEVE KARNOWSKI and AMY FORLITI Associated Press Feb 22, 2022 225
Biden seeking professional diversity in his judicial picks. COLLEEN LONG Associated Press Feb 11, 2022 1142
Scholastic to publish picture book I Am Ruby Bridges by Civil Rights activist Ruby Bridges. Jan 12, 2022 221
Scholastic to publish picture book I Am Ruby Bridges by Civil Rights activist Ruby Bridges. Jan 12, 2022 238
STILL FRONTING: How the George Floyd uprising was framed. Cyrus, Ramenda Jul 1, 2021 1336
Fox News to pay $1M settlement following NYC human rights panel probe. Jun 29, 2021 220
Vatican orthodoxy office: Gay union blessings barred They are not part of God's plan, church says Blessing: Francis has endorsed civil rights for same-sex couples. NICOLE WINFIELD Associated Press Mar 16, 2021 757
Biden marks 'Bloody Sunday' by signing voting rights order. AAMER MADHANI Associated Press Mar 8, 2021 263
AG nominee set to easily clear Senate Snubbed for high court, Garland will be tasked with shifting DOJ's focus to civil rights, police overhaul. MICHAEL BALSAMO Associated Press Feb 22, 2021 783
Franchise owner's federal lawsuit claims McDonald's racially biased Lawsuit: Other owners have made similar claims. MARK GILLISPIE Associated Press Feb 17, 2021 442
No charges for officer Kenosha: Federal civil rights investigation still underway. TODD RICHMOND and MICHAEL TARM Associated Press Jan 6, 2021 796
IS SAME-SEX MARRIAGE SECURE? Shackford, Scott Jan 1, 2021 404
SKEWING THE TRUTH: "Not everyone in law enforcement misrepresents qualified immunity, but almost everyone who misrepresents qualified immunity is part of law enforcement.". Schweikert, Jay Jan 1, 2021 2878
Dillard's to Pay $900K to Resolve Federal Race Discrimination Lawsuit. Oct 15, 2020 315
Thousands gather at March on Washington commemorations. Morrison, By Aaron; Stafford, Kat; Press, Ashraf Khalil Associated Aug 29, 2020 1210
The conscience of the nation, not of the US Congress. Jul 21, 2020 1006
Kanye West grows tearful over late mother at first presidential campaign rally; The unconventional speech also saw him slam historical civil rights figure Harriet Tubman. By, Meg Kinnard, Associated Press & Kirstie McCrum Concert review Jul 20, 2020 429
Donald Trump talks about white victims when asked why black people are killed by police; The US president has been accused of racism once again, now by The American Civil Liberties Union's Jeffery Robinson for his response when quizzed about the disproportionately high number of deaths of black people at the hands of American law enforcement. By, Ryan Merrifield Jul 15, 2020 533
Facebook did not do enough to fight discrimination says audit report. Reuters News Service Jul 8, 2020 399
Facebook Civil Rights Audit Criticises Fact Checking Policy. Jul 8, 2020 268
Facebook did not do enough to fight discrimination says audit report. Jul 8, 2020 369
Facebook confronts civil rights complaints it put off for years. Jul 5, 2020 1360
African American Clergy Attitudes Regarding Affirmative Counseling with Sexual Minorities. Estelhomme, Cherry D.; Lane, W. David; Lane, Donna E. Jun 22, 2020 4342
Black Lives Matter could change facial recognition forever - if big tech doesn't stand in the way. Jun 13, 2020 1700
Lafayette Park near White House: A soapbox for social unrest. DEB RIECHMANN Associated Press Jun 12, 2020 1051
Minnesota files civil rights charge vs police in Floyd death. STEVE KARNOWSKI and AMY FORLITI Associated Press Jun 3, 2020 571
Civil rights leader Lowery dies at 98. Associated Press Obituary Mar 29, 2020 582
Joseph Lowery, civil rights leader and MLK aide, dies at 98. Associated Press Obituary Mar 29, 2020 1093
Former rival endorses Biden; Sanders backed by civil rights leader. Associated Press Mar 9, 2020 232
Remote Control: A civil rights lawsuit highlights how Comcast's monopoly crushes media diversity. Stoller, Matt Mar 1, 2020 5676
'Black in Space' looks at final frontier of civil rights. Russell Contreras Associated Press Feb 22, 2020 666
Jewish Couple Sues Airline Over Alleged Discrimination. Jan 29, 2020 344
Jewish Couple Sues Airline Over Alleged Discrimination. Jan 29, 2020 344
FedEx Celebrates the Life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Jan 16, 2020 530
Press flubs first draft of history of race. Freivogel, William H. ess Jan 1, 2020 4496
Civil rights icon John Lewis diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. ANI Dec 30, 2019 312
Civil rights icon has pancreatic cancer. Bill Cormier Associated Press Dec 30, 2019 465
Trump aims to crack down on 'anti-Semitism' on college campuses using civil rights protections. Dec 12, 2019 542
Supreme Court Upholds Kentucky Abortion Ultrasound Law; Law had been challenged by the American Civil Liberties Union, will go into effect shortly. Dec 9, 2019 113
FACING THE THREATS; Luke Graham looks at the risks posed by facial recognition software to privacy, civil liberties, and society. Luke Graham Oct 24, 2019 1061
Inquiry: Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass. Hubbard, Janie Oct 1, 2019 5409
Biden defends race record Front-runner addresses criticism from Harris of past civil rights stand. Jun 29, 2019 597
Biden defends race record Front-runner addresses criticism from Harris of past civil rights stand Defends: Language choice draws new criticism. Jun 29, 2019 597
Biden defends past work on civil rights after Harris attack. Jun 29, 2019 224
US Supreme Court to hear Comcast appeal in Byron Allen racial bias suit. Jun 11, 2019 217
Biden declares LGBTQ rights his No. 1 legislative priority. Jun 2, 2019 936
Malekoff: A civil rights case for those with mental health issues. Apr 19, 2019 548
Civil Rights at School: Agency Enforcement of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Cole, Jared P. Report Apr 1, 2019 16007
George H.W. Bush's legacy on racial issues is complicated. Dec 5, 2018 1178
Travel ban sweeps Muslim civil rights under the rug. Jun 28, 2018 817
NBC civil rights reporter; conservative thinker, writer. Jun 24, 2018 853
Civil rights attorney Lewis Myers Jr. passes away. May 27, 2018 184
Simon & Schuster to commemorate 100th anniversary of the American Civil Liberties Union in 2020 with publication of anthology edited by Michael Chabon and Ayelet Waldman. May 21, 2018 238
Rekindling of 'Poor People's Campaign' takes shape. Apr 4, 2018 397
State of the Field: Jews & Others. Eisenberg, Ellen Apr 1, 2018 8024
2 civil rights groups join lawsuit against sheriffs. Feb 2, 2018 129
MLK Jr Day 2018: History Channel Slammed For Lack Of Martin Luther King Jr Programming. Jan 16, 2018 393
Edgar Ray Killen, 'Mississippi Burning' Perpetrator, Dies In Prison. Jan 13, 2018 314
Ex-Disney Employee Sues For Discrimination. Jan 3, 2018 339
Exposing harassment a big step forward for women's civil rights DR CHERRIE SHORT; Dr Cherrie Short examines a year when a monumental cultural shift exposed a deep-seated culture of sexual harassment both in the film industry and beyond... De w m. Dec 30, 2017 944
Trump visits Mississippi Civil Rights Museum amid backlash. Dec 10, 2017 355
Trump hails civil rights heroes; protesters pan his record. Dec 10, 2017 1034
Education Department Proposes Cutting Civil Rights Investigations In Schools. Nov 23, 2017 516
Expecting CIVIL RIGHTS. Reese, James Foster Nov 13, 2017 1965
Civil Rights and Our Nation's Conscience. Castro, Martin R. Nov 1, 2017 2637
HISTORY HAS ITS EYES ON US. Christina, Greta Nov 1, 2017 1134
Statue Rises for Frederick Douglass: "He saw that the protection of specific groups or classes would lead government away from protecting individual rights and towards assigning benefits and burdens. 'I know of no rights of race,' he said, 'superior to the rights of humanity.'". Morel, Lucas E. Nov 1, 2017 633
NY Atty. General launches investigation of Weinstein Co. Oct 24, 2017 266
The Civil Rights Era. Sep 4, 2017 345
Congressman Jon Lewis Led A Comic-Con Civil Rights March. Jul 24, 2017 405
Rights Groups Sue US Government for Turning Away Asylum Seekers. Jul 13, 2017 480
The Retaliation Doctrine Under Title VII of U.S. Civil Rights Law: A Primer for Managers and Employees. Cavico, Frank J.; Mujtaba, Bahaudin G. Jun 22, 2017 17128
Labor, Civil Rights Lawyers Press Anti-Discrimination Claims Against Facebook. Erin Mulvaney May 31, 2017 1179
Labor, Civil Rights Lawyers Press Anti-Discrimination Claims Against Facebook. Erin Mulvaney May 31, 2017 1220
Discrimination Complaints Against Frontier Airlines by Employee Moms Mount. May 17, 2017 617
Discrimination Complaints Against Frontier Airlines by Employee Moms Mount. May 17, 2017 578
CNN Commentator Says Trump Is 'Martin Luther King Of Healthcare'. Apr 14, 2017 608
Trade-offs between civil liberties and national security: A discrete choice experiment. Finkelstein, Eric Andrew; Mansfield, Carol; Wood, Dallas; Rowe, Brent; Chay, Junxing; Ozdemir, Semra Report Apr 1, 2017 10234
Collaborative family health care, civil rights, and social determinants of health. Mauksch, Larry B.; Fogarty, Colleen T. Report Mar 1, 2017 2930
Citizen Snowden. Isin, Engin; Ruppert, Evelyn Report Feb 1, 2017 8660
A cultural tide begins to turn: the civil rights movement, with support from Washington, turned hearts and minds- and films lionizing tolerance helped drive the shift. Jan 3, 2017 810
Civil rights Deja Vu, only worse. Bagenstos, Samuel R. Essay Jan 1, 2017 2834
Who will we speak for? Humanism's role in defending human rights and civil liberties. Miller, Merrill Jan 1, 2017 1471
Extended Commentary: The Good that Came Out of the Cold War. Amoroso, Alexander Jan 1, 2017 2062
Microsoft's civil rights crusader: Brad Smith is fighting the U.S. government in a series of cases that will shape online privacy--and the cloud business. Simonite, Tom Nov 1, 2016 865
Denver Officials Accused Of Violating Rights Of Homeless. Oct 26, 2016 353
United Coalition for Diversity calls for Congressional investigation of racial discrimination. Sep 15, 2016 168
United Coalition for Diversity calls for Congressional investigation of racial discrimination. Sep 15, 2016 182
The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is currently litigating several lawsuits in which members of the LGBT community allege discrimination. Gajewski, Karen Ann Brief article Sep 1, 2016 112
Hearing before the subcommittee on the constitution, civil rights, and civil liberties of the committee on the judiciary House of Representatives One Hundred Tenth Congress first session. Aug 1, 2016 15232
Hearing before the subcommittee on the constitution, civil rights, and civil liberties of the committee on the judiciary House of Representatives One Hundred Tenth Congress first session. Discussion Aug 1, 2016 15025
Hearing before the subcommittee on the constitution, civil rights, and civil liberties of the committee on the judiciary House of Representatives One Hundred Tenth Congress first session. Discussion Aug 1, 2016 12902
Civil liberties or gun control? Krayewski, Ed Apr 1, 2016 407
From bench to dock: putting judges on trial. Cheliotis, Leonidas K. Mar 11, 2016 4358
1916 or 2016? What you need to know about voting restrictions before the election. Wallace, Hailey Mar 1, 2016 438
UN experts urge the U.S. to address legacies of the past, police impunity and 'crisis of racial injustice'. Mar 1, 2016 735
Reaching for college. Obama, Michelle Brief article Feb 1, 2016 112
The virtue that has no name: more essential to freedom than rights or laws is something like chivalry. Buckley, F.H. Jan 1, 2016 3126
LAW AND JUSTICE. Jan 1, 2016 913
Editor's letter. Breen, Matthew Editorial Dec 1, 2015 636
Well-heeled warriors. Godfrey, Chris Dec 1, 2015 2523
Part One: complete case summaries in alphabetical order. Case overview Nov 1, 2015 18761
Atlanta Life Financial Group Pledges Support to The National Center for Civil and Human Rights, Inc.. Aug 25, 2015 521
U.S. spying threatens civil liberties: ex-AT&T technician. Aug 18, 2015 258
Americans Less Positive About Black Civil Rights Progress. McCarthy, Justin Survey Aug 7, 2015 1017
Indian policy used to assault freedom, expert says. Jul 20, 2015 342
Sweet music, despite our dissonance on race. Editorial Mar 27, 2015 726
Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, et al.: a survey of emergent grassroots protests & public perceptions of justice. Okafor, Victor Oguejiofor Report Mar 1, 2015 7315
The web as a right: using the internet isn't just a luxury. Grammatis, Kosta Mar 1, 2015 442
The march continues: Ava DuVernay's 'Selma,' the first theatrical film about Martin Luther King Jr., arrives at a time when civil rights protests again resonate in America. Chang, Justin Jan 6, 2015 2687
Gallup Review: Black and White Differences in Views on Race. Dec 12, 2014 1595
Democracy's stunted growth in fallow fields. Howell, Llewellyn D. Nov 1, 2014 1075
Kathy Levinson: California >> civil rights. Kay, Sheryl Oct 1, 2014 359
Editors introduction: learning from the past, critiquing the present, and preparing for the future. Price, Paula Groves Editorial Sep 22, 2014 1232
The left's dishonesty regarding "No-Cost" birth control. Ari, Armstrong Brief article Sep 22, 2014 319
Myths and facts about a rights-respecting immigration policy. Armstrong, Ari Sep 22, 2014 592
When local police become a "standing army": as police powers have become more nationalized and centralized, the abuse of those powers has increased dramatically, threatening civil liberty. Wolverton, Joe, II Cover story Sep 8, 2014 4902
You have to fight, for the right ... to be free. Sep 1, 2014 1154
CBS event marks civil rights history. Jul 24, 2014 530
A last will and testament for freedom: viewpoint. Mikulich, Alex Jul 18, 2014 577
Leonce Law Launches Employee Rights Law Firm with Atlanta's Legal Elite in Attendance. Jul 9, 2014 502
Benevolent racism: upholding racial inequality in the name of Black empowerment. Esposito, Luigi; Romano, Victor Report Jun 22, 2014 10575
Fighting for black grief: exchanging the Civil War for civil rights in Go Down, Moses. Penner, Erin Kay Critical essay Jun 22, 2014 9753
Dissing old glory. Emord, Jonathan W. May 1, 2014 906
The menace of secret government: Obama's proposed intelligence reforms fail to safeguard civil liberties. Bailey, Ronald Column Apr 17, 2014 1195
Indigenous rights key factor behind court's decision to prohibit additional genetically altered soy in Campeche state. Navarro, Carlos Apr 16, 2014 1634
Athletic stance: despite being out of the ordinary, some student-athletes played prominent roles in the Civil Rights Movement in the '60s. Oguntoyinbo, Lekan Feb 27, 2014 1318
Civil rights report card: Whitman College has forged an innovative program to teach the Civil Rights Movement to youngsters. Cooper, Kenneth J. Feb 27, 2014 1232
Is Rosa still tired? Revisiting Kohl's myths in contemporary picture book. Groce, Eric; Bellows, M. Elizabeth; McClure, Greg; Daigle, Elizabeth; Heafner, Tina; Fox, Brandon Essay Jan 1, 2014 7613
United Airlines gets good human rights score. Dec 11, 2013 199
United Airlines gets good human rights score. Dec 11, 2013 209
Escape from Tehran: a young Iranian talks about why she fled to the United States and the 74 lashes that await her back home. Potenza, Alessandra Interview Nov 18, 2013 547
'A civil rights issue'. Sichelman, Lew Nov 1, 2013 958
The red scare when America was less scared than today: after more than 125 bombing plots from 1917-20, U.S. government officials violated civil liberties. But the violations were minuscule compared with today's "war on terror.". Eddlem, Thomas R. Oct 21, 2013 3070
How to keep the Constitution: it requires transparency and checks, not a national-security state. Amash, Justin Sep 1, 2013 819
Post-Zimmerman, Blacks More Concerned About Civil Rights; Even before verdict, blacks less upbeat than whites about civil rights gains. Saad, Lydia Survey Aug 26, 2013 1726
Nike's positive imagery promotes civil rights. Aug 25, 2013 810
The unfinished march. Goffe, Leslie Gordon Aug 1, 2013 2278
Citizens, then and now. Wilson, Clyde Jul 1, 2013 915
A modest proposal for speech control. Jenkins, Philip Jul 1, 2013 779
Transgender Six-Year-Old, Coy Mathis, Likely Discriminated Against Rules Colo. Civil Rights Panel. Jun 24, 2013 370
Obama's un-American call to "service" and "duty". Bourque, Stephen Jun 22, 2013 518
The Obamacare ruling and beyond: is the U.S. Supreme Court a bastion of Republican extremism? Gottschall, Jon; Gottschall, Marcia Jun 22, 2013 3933
The acceptance con: the word "tolerance" implies a go-along-and-get-along atmosphere. But actually tolerance means moral people have to be silent as they are belittled by immoral ones. Duke, Selwyn Essay Jun 17, 2013 2860
"Martial law" in Watertown: the civil rights situation. Eddlem, Thomas R. Jun 3, 2013 483
No relief in sight: barring Bivens claims in torture cases. Klarevas, Louis Jun 1, 2013 13881
Media fail to cover discrimination in USDA programs. Robinson, Sam Mar 22, 2013 1047
Poll: majority believe government threatens liberties. Mar 4, 2013 776
The Civil Rights Cases. Jan 1, 2013 3248
On being crazy. Du Bois, W.E.B. Jan 1, 2013 753
The law: Barack Obama and civil liberties. Pyle, Christopher H. Dec 1, 2012 7040
Civil Rights Leader Lawrence Guyot Dies At 73; Brutally Beaten In A Miss. Jail During A Lifelong Fight For Equality. Obituary Nov 25, 2012 495
Examining Discrimination and Bias in the Campus Racial Climate: Multiple Approaches and Implications for the Use of Multiracial College Student Data. Guillermo-Wann, Chelsea Abstract Nov 2, 2012 415
Black homeowners sue Morgan Stanley for racial discrimination. Oct 15, 2012 224
Borderline rights: shooting a rock-thrower. Tuccille, J.D. Brief article Oct 4, 2012 254
Review essay: Timothy Sandefur's The Right to Earn a Living. Wagner, David M. Critical essay Oct 1, 2012 4325
The Western States: Profound Diversity but Severe Segregation for Latino Students. Kucsera, John; Flaxman, Greg Report Sep 1, 2012 436
Potential Pitfalls of using race in the K12 admissions process: the new guidelines issued by the Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights pose risks for school districts that employ them. Munich, John; Boyer, Jamie; Guffey, Erin Sep 1, 2012 1222
Lawsuit accuses Chevron of gross negligence in refinery fire. Aug 16, 2012 332
Rights: rhetoric versus reality. Hocutt, Max Essay Jun 22, 2012 6719
Editor's introduction. Platt, Tony Jun 22, 2012 360
Obama Boy, aka Justin Brown, Has 'A Crush On Obama'. Brief article Jun 13, 2012 179
PPACA: Civil Rights, Abortion Rights Advocates Seek to Shape NAIC White Paper. Jun 11, 2012 753
Special emphasis programs. Robinson, John M. Jun 1, 2012 601
La Supreme Court rules in favor of medical malpractice cap. Brief article May 1, 2012 137
Emergent extremism in a multi-agent model of religious clubs. Makowsky, Michael D. Apr 1, 2012 12520
Revolting parasites. Fleming, Thomas Viewpoint essay Mar 1, 2012 2114
The inner logic of civil rights. Polin, Claude Viewpoint essay Mar 1, 2012 2536
Zora Neale Hurston's white mare. Trotter, Jack Viewpoint essay Mar 1, 2012 2099
Freedom is indivisible: the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), Cold War politics, and international liberation movements. Erin Wood, Julia Author abstract Mar 1, 2012 546
Teaching the movement: '60s-era civil rights activists use classrooms to educate the masses. Watson, Jamal Eric Feb 2, 2012 1265
Evaluation of Classified Employees. Research into Practice. Williamson, Ronald Report Feb 1, 2012 253
Matrix of Key Federal Statutes and Federal and State Court Decisions Reflecting the Core Concepts of Disability Policy. Turnbull, H. Rutherford, III; Stowe, Matt; Klein, Samara; Riffel, Brandon Report Jan 1, 2012 196
Spotlight on Speech Codes 2012: The State of Free Speech on Our Nation's Campuses. Report Jan 1, 2012 365
Confusion at the top: does the Obama administration even understand the constitution--or the bill of rights--when it comes to executive power and the War on Terror? Mukasey, Michael Jan 1, 2012 3140
Warfare. Jan 1, 2012 2923
The assault on abortion rights undermines all our liberties. Hsieh, Diana; Armstrong, Ari Report Dec 22, 2011 6717
Kill on command: since president Obama ordered the assassination of Anwar al-Awiaki without a trial, it behooves us to examine exactly what crimes he is accused of committing. Wolverton, Joe Nov 21, 2011 2721
The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA): a civil rights victory: the law prohibits employers from making adverse employment decisions based on a person's genetic information, including family health history. Petruniak, Mark; Krokosky, Alyson; Terry, Sharon F. Oct 1, 2011 756
Civil liberties on campus since 9/11. Hulsey, Timothy L. Sep 22, 2011 805
Secondary preservice teachers' knowledge of the first amendment. Call, Ian; O'Brien, Jason Report Sep 22, 2011 7894
Back to Burke. Sep 1, 2011 564
Blacks, Whites Differ on Government's Role in Civil Rights; All Americans see progress in civil rights in their lifetime. Frank Newport Survey Aug 19, 2011 1112
Finding freedom. Davis, Crystal D. Brief article May 12, 2011 121
Situational patriots. Brief article Apr 1, 2011 275
Victims: 3, robbers: 0. Brief article Mar 21, 2011 182
The price of safety: does the fight against terrorism require giving up some of our rights? Smith, Patricia Jan 31, 2011 1616
Tattoos and piercings: issues of body modification and the workplace. Elzweig, Brian; Peeples, Donna K. Jan 1, 2011 7979
Human rights in Cuba: a missed shot on the wrong flank. de la Hoz, Pedro Dec 1, 2010 2300
Rights for the Undead. Balko, Radley Brief article Nov 24, 2010 169
A civil rights movement--of sorts. Brief article Nov 11, 2010 158
Education Department reviewing complaints about inequities in K-12 discipline, supportive services: experts say the alleged disparities could impact minority students' aspirations and access to higher education. Jones, Joyce Nov 11, 2010 855
A common, necessary, and sufficient cause in liberty. Krause, Kenneth W. Nov 1, 2010 2069
Upfront Teacher's edition. Rebhun, Elliott Brief article Oct 25, 2010 248
Humanoid rights: the ACLU looks to science fiction to prepare for future threats to civil liberties. Serwer, Adam Oct 1, 2010 1774
Supreme decisions: the Supreme Court is wrestling with critical issues that affect us all. Wilmore, Kathy Sep 20, 2010 1100
Baghdad To Pay $400M For Saddam Mistreatment Of Americans. Sep 20, 2010 955
Social justice: cultural origins of a perspective and a theory. Bankston, Carl L., III Essay Sep 16, 2010 6556
MP Zahra supports Palestinian civil rights but within Lebanese laws. Jun 23, 2010 235
Stalking on campus: ensuring security with rights and liberties. Campbell, Julie; Longo, Peter J. Report Jun 1, 2010 7539
Terrorism, Miranda, and related matters. Doyle, Charles Report May 3, 2010 5464
Political activism, academic freedom and the cold war: an American experience. Deery, Phillip Essay May 1, 2010 14183
Mississippi ACLU rejects $20,000 donation. Brief article May 1, 2010 307
Protect & serve: the Oath Keepers have more in common with Henry David Thoreau than Timothy McVeigh. Walker, Jesse May 1, 2010 1854
Most see government as threat to their rights. Statistical data Mar 29, 2010 395
New tools help cities alert residents to foreclosure rescue scams. Brooks, James; Kahn, Sarah Bainton Mar 15, 2010 720
Atlanta dedicates civil rights sculpture. Brief article Mar 15, 2010 200
Freedom House reports regression in freedoms across the Middle East. Joffe-Walt, Benjamin Mar 1, 2010 1129
The rights stuff. Brief article Feb 13, 2010 221
Arizona crazy: martyred cop/thief. Balko, Radley Brief article Feb 13, 2010 305
Ninth Configurations: rights "retained by the people" make a comeback. Cavanaugh, Tim Jan 26, 2010 1029
Choice without Equity: Charter School Segregation and the Need for Civil Rights Standards. Frankenberg, Erica; Siegel-Hawley, Genevieve; Wang, Jia Report Jan 1, 2010 534
The squirrel and the state. Maloberti, Nicolas Essay Jan 1, 2010 5381
Equity Overlooked: Charter Schools and Civil Rights Policy. Frankenberg, Erica; Siegel-Hawley, Genevieve Report Nov 1, 2009 329
Whose conscience counts? Religious Right forces want pharmacists' 'rights' to trump those of patients, as a national battle erupts over religion in the workplace. Bathija, Sandhya Oct 1, 2009 1847
Civil unions aren't civil rights: same-sex couples remain separate and unequal. Brownworth, Victoria A. Oct 1, 2009 1059
When preferred and common collide: a recent Delaware case gives directors appointed by preferred stockholders a reminder of their foremost obligation. Raymond, Doug Case overview Sep 22, 2009 998
Imagining the future at the WILPF U.N. Practicum. Morgan, Jessica Sep 22, 2009 639
Against the "starless midnight of racism and war": African American intellectuals and the antinuclear agenda. Foertsch, Jacqueline Critical essay Sep 22, 2009 10196
Conflation to coalitions: there is power in cooperation. Knox, Jeff Sep 20, 2009 803
Appeal to the Supreme Court. Knox, Jeff Aug 10, 2009 902
DOJ celebrates 45th anniversary of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act. Mann, Bonnie Brief article Aug 3, 2009 308
Civil rights: generally. Jun 1, 2009 2127
The 2009 influenza A(H1N1) outbreak: selected legal issues. Swendiman, Kathleen S.; Jones, Nancy Lee Report May 1, 2009 18000
Expanding the conversation: Hispanic law reviews provide an outlet to address Latino issues overlookd by other law reviews. Branch-Brioso, Karen Apr 16, 2009 756
Munoz offers insights at conference diversity breakfast. Gordon, Mary Conference news Mar 23, 2009 581
Faith-based initiative 2.0: civil rights and civil liberties leaders ate disappointed by Obama 'faith-based' rollout. Conn, Joseph L. Cover story Mar 1, 2009 2425
Martin Luther King Jr.: standing up for Justice. Anderson, Amy Feb 1, 2009 1067
Obama transition team deliberates future of 'faith-based' initiative. Feb 1, 2009 440
Is gay the new black? Brief article Feb 1, 2009 183
Inexorably toward trial: reflections on the Dover case and the "least dangerous branch". Jones, John E., III Jan 1, 2009 1756
Why democracy matters. Hagel, Chuck Jan 1, 2009 2290
Is health care a right. Busch, Andrew E. Dec 22, 2008 2218
Civil rights and the conservative soul. Arkes, Hadley Dec 22, 2008 2489
Conservative dilemma. Voegeli, William Brief article Dec 22, 2008 313
Freedom for all? Blacks, Jews, and the political censorship of white racists in the civil rights era. Webb, Clive Essay Dec 1, 2008 13137
Don't call it a culture war. Friedman, Ann Dec 1, 2008 748
A long train of abuses. Cockburn, Alexander Nov 17, 2008 1400
What are your rights? Who has the final say in what you can and cannot do? Sep 15, 2008 2153
Letters on use of race. Brief article Sep 12, 2008 184
Quotes. Quotation Aug 1, 2008 162
Native American children with disabilities. Waldman, H. Barry; Perlman, Steven P.; Swerdloff, Mark Jul 1, 2008 1496
Neither religious nor civil: the Catholic League for religious and civil rights. Jun 22, 2008 2783
Civil rights and the conservative movement. Voegeli, William Jun 22, 2008 7349
Choosing Advocacy. Occasional Paper Series 21. Matt, Megan; Morrison, Danielle Report Jun 1, 2008 328
Double exposure: civil liability and criminal prosecution in federal court for police misconduct. Schott, Richard G. May 1, 2008 5620
Our Constitutional Anchor: our priceless Constitution secures our God-given rights by keeping America safely anchored within the rule of law. We must not drift from its timeless principles. Benoit, Gary Apr 14, 2008 1485
Do You Know the Way to the Moral High Ground? Apr 1, 2008 869
Civil Rights Act of 2008. Brief article Apr 1, 2008 193
Mississippi terror, red pressure: the daily Worker's Coverage of the Emmett Till Murder. Grindy, Matthew A. Essay Mar 22, 2008 12297
A negative Utopia: protest memory and the spatio-symbolism of civil rights literature and photography. Trodd, Zoe Critical essay Mar 22, 2008 8164
Ad lib: free speech fight. Sullum, Jacob Brief article Mar 1, 2008 346
Color, values, America: one key task of the next president is to restore a nation of laws and of rights, rooted deeply in values. This effort must appeal to all Americans and transcend race--but cannot ignore race. Echaveste, Maria; Edley, Christopher, Jr. Jan 1, 2008 2430
"This is Harlem Heights": Black Student Power and the 1968 Columbia University rebellion. Bradley, Stefan Jan 1, 2008 8242
The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act: a brief overview of selected issues. Bazan, Elizabeth B. Report Dec 1, 2007 8166
End times for American liberalism. Shivani, Anis Sep 22, 2007 4580
Office for Civil Rights Annual Report to Congress, Fiscal Year 2006. Report Jul 1, 2007 269
It just could happen here. Sares, Ted Mar 30, 2007 448
Erosion of civil liberties continues. Mar 2, 2007 893
Transition of Students with Disabilities to Postsecondary Education: A Guide for High School Educators. Report Mar 1, 2007 198
King's call for a 'revolution of values'. Editorial Jan 12, 2007 1034
Is America ready for a Black president? America is ready for a Black president if we look to our civil rights roots. Sharpton, Al Jan 1, 2007 542
An ACLU coup? Johnson, Rick Viewpoint essay Jan 1, 2007 226
What First Amendment? Malone, Roy Brief article Dec 1, 2006 349
Unchecked, unbalanced. Dec 1, 2006 114
Civil liberties and government information policies and practices. Grimmett, Richard F. Report Dec 1, 2006 6108
The armchair activist: a new feature in which The Advocate focuses on one battle for equality, summarizes recent progress, and explains how you can make a difference. Lisotta, Christopher Oct 10, 2006 861
Hang ten: AU activists promote Bill of Rights in public schools. Oct 1, 2006 359
Indiana weekly wins rights to settlement. Brief article Sep 1, 2006 189
Good Night, and Good Luck: history replays itself. Lippe, Richard Critical essay Jun 22, 2006 3144
Does Kirkwood High School have jurisdiction over off-campus internet activity? Corrigan, Don Jun 1, 2006 1320
Nuggets & bites. Brief article May 9, 2006 234
Congressmen seek investigation into FBI use of force against journalists. Brief article May 1, 2006 179
A long time in politics ... Mayton, Joseph May 1, 2006 1075
Craigslist sued over housing ad bias. Brief article Apr 1, 2006 136
Parental discretion advised?. Zirkel, Perry A. Mar 1, 2006 1858
'No one, not even the president, is above the law'. Herbert, Bob Feb 20, 2006 197
Closeted in plain sight: Yale law professor Kenji Yoshino talks about his new book, Covering, inspired by how gay people hide themselves in public--to the detriment of our fight for equality. Marler, Regina Feb 14, 2006 607
Using a shotgun to hunt mosquitoes: like a stereotypical character shooting at mosquitoes with a shotgun, George Bush's claim to broad surveillance powers is blasting holes in our constitutional protections. Jasper, William F. Feb 6, 2006 1798
Braving the culture of fear: an elected official examines how Americans have become prisoners of their own anxiety. Shields, Katheryn J. Cover Story Feb 3, 2006 1719
Office for Civil Rights Annual Report to Congress, Fiscal Year 2005. Author abstract Jan 1, 2006 317
What is "cruel and unusual"? Wittes, Benjamin Dec 1, 2005 6116
Mad libs. Marrero, Victor Brief Article Nov 1, 2005 177
High Court skips Bible-based death penalty case. Company Profile Nov 1, 2005 137
'God don't like ugly': gay/lesbian movement deserves Christians' support. Hayes, Diana L. Oct 7, 2005 853
Local Voices on liberty & security. Tate, Nancy E. Cover Story Oct 1, 2005 2301
LWV in action: protecting civil liberties. Ponomareff, Shirley Tabata Oct 1, 2005 780
Martyrdoms perks? Sep 22, 2005 610
Before King. Sep 22, 2005 537
Private v. public rights (Grade Level: High School, 9-12). Fieth, Stacie; Deason, Neil Sep 1, 2005 3399
Federal affirmative action law: a brief history. Dale, Charles V. Sep 1, 2005 2867

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