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United States the World's Least Racist Nation, Study Tells Us.

Vindicating earlier studies, author Kathleen Brush visited 114 nations during the course of her "racism" research and found what common sense informs us: The United States is among the least racist countries on Earth.

Author of the book Racism and Anti-Racism in the World Before and After 1945, Brush appeared December 10 on Tucker Carlson Tonight to present her findings.

Among her compelling metrics for measuring "racism," Brush mentioned, Americans express less displeasure about living next to someone of another race than people in other countries do, with only zero to five percent of Americans saying they objected. "In Iran and Nigeria, it was 30 to 40 percent," said Brush. "In France, it was 20 to 30 percent."

Brush said she was motivated to conduct her research by people such as former presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, who play the race card to attain power and impugn our nation as inherently bigoted and even as "white supremacist."

After studying racism the world over for more than 10 years, however, "I know what systemic racism looks like," the author told host Carlson. "It is opposite to the United States."

The reality is that if we were a white supremacist nation, we'd be the most incompetent white supremacists in history. As to this, Brush cited how black Americans "are the most prosperous, educated black population in the world."

The same white supremacist incompetence is apparent in other group outcomes as well. For example, "America's Latino GDP is the highest GDP of any Latin American nation," reports Brush. "And that includes Brazil, with 3.5 times the [Latino] population."

Then there are the Asian-descent Americans, who, inexplicably, the white supremacist power structure has decided to elevate above whites. In fact, they "are the most educated and prosperous racial group in America. Their incomes are 25 percent higher than whites', on average," Brush tells us. "For Indian Americans, household income is 60 percent higher."

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Title Annotation:INSIDE TRACK
Publication:The New American
Date:Jan 18, 2021
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