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United States Grains Council.

The U.S. Grains Council develops export markets for U.S. barley, corn, grain sorghum and related products. The Council believes exports are vital to global economic development and to U.S. agriculture's profitability.

Founded in 1960, the Council is a private, non-profit corporation with 10 international offices and programs in more than 50 countries. Its unique membership includes producer organizations and agribusinesses with a common interest in developing export markets. Membership funds trigger matching market development funds from the U.S. government and support from cooperating groups in foreign countries to produce an annual development program valued at more than $28 million.

The Council tailors its programs to meet individual countries' cultures and needs. Our technical programs teach livestock and poultry producers how to use feed grains effectively and manage their operations efficiently. Our trade servicing efforts educate potential and current customers about the U.S. marketing system, including financing, government programs; U.S. feed grains quality and prices. Our trade policy initiatives identify foreign barriers to U.S. feed grains exports.

USGC Quality Report Outreach Builds Rapport with Key Buyers in Colombia, Peru

The U.S. Grains Council (USGC) presented the findings of its 2014/2015 Corn Export Cargo Quality Report to eager audiences in Colombia and Peru this week. These two countries both have such a large demand for U.S. corn that Peru filled their 2015 TRQ in just one week's, and Colombia has filled 90 percent of its TRQ in just five months. Despite this, both countries' interest in purchasing U.S. corn has remained strong.

Colombia and Peru have both helped boost their region, the Western Hemisphere, to 20.5 million metric tons (807 million bushels) in outstanding sales and accumulated exports of U.S. corn as of May 7. This is 2.8 million tons (110 million bushels) more than last year at the same time.

"With trade agreements favoring U.S. corn in both markets, it is the perfect time to build strong relationships with key buyers and end-users in Colombia and Peru," said USGC Regional Director of the Western Hemisphere Marri Carrow. "Meetings like this enable us to meet face-to-face with people who want and will use this information in their buying decisions."

As of May 7, Colombia has accumulated exports and outstanding sales of 3.7 million metric tons (146 million bushels), and Peru has accumulated exports and outstanding sales of almost 2 million tons (79 million bushels) of U.S. corn, respectively. This is a significant increase from the 2012/2013 marketing year, when Colombia only imported 155,000 tons (6.1 million bushels) and Peru only imported 572 tons (22,500 bushels).

"The attractive pricing of U.S. corn in these markets, which is due to availability and trade policy, has helped spur these sales," Carrow said. "However, there is still work left to do in order to make these markets strong over the long term.

"We plan to provide education for importers on contract specifications and purchasing power, which will significantly help them, received the desired grain. This will ultimately improve their perception of U.S. corn and create ongoing customers."

The 2014/2015 Corn Export Cargo Quality Report is the fourth in a series measuring U.S. corn quality by looking at grade factors, moisture, chemical composition and physical composition in corn samples ready to be loaded for overseas shipment, which is valuable information for overseas customers.
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