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United States : The Impact of OpenFlow and Software Defined Networking is explored by advanced TCA Summit 2012 on Telecommunications, Mobile Infrastructures, and Military/Defense Applications.

The disruptive impact of OpenFlow and Software Defined Networking (SDN) will be explored by The eighth annual AdvancedTCA Summit, September 18-19 at Silicon Valley s Santa Clara Marriotton telecommunications and other high-performance applications.

The evolution of the AdvancedTCA and MicroTCA backplane standards for embedded platforms in telecom central office, mobile computing, video processing, and military/defense applications with presentations by many leading vendors will be focused by AdvancedTCA Summit 2012.

Keynotes from Verizon and BAE Systems, Intel s update for the communications industry, Sessions on OpenFlow, Software Defined Networking, and data-intensive applications, The latest PICMG specifications, Updates on new boards and backplanes, system integration, and high-performance applications, Special Grand Challenges session to explore needs for extensions, customer initiatives, and new standards are the AdvancedTCA Summit 2012 features.

A full-day overview of OpenFlow and Software Defined Networking will be provided by executive speakers from Big Switch Networks, Cisco, IBM, Netronome, Spirent, and other OpenFlow innovators at ATCA Summit 2012.

AdvancedTCA Summit keynote speaker Stuart Elby, Ph.D., Vice President, Network Architecture & Technology, Chief Technologist, Verizon Digital Media said, OpenFlow can help carriers survive in a difficult and highly competitive environment, Software Defined Networking is a key enabler in creating service-aware networks that can be reconfigured dynamically to meet changing service requirements and traffic patterns. SDN also allows new services to be introduced more quickly and at a lower cost. Suppliers are accelerating SDN adoption by providing OpenFlow-enabled equipment that carriers can put into service rapidly without wholesale change-out of their infrastructure and with minimal disruption to current customers.

Ernie Bergstrom, President of Crystal Cube Consulting and Chairperson of the AdvancedTCA Summit said, AdvancedTCA Summit 2012 focuses on strategic directions for xTCA platforms in telecom central office, wireless systems, video processing, and military/defense applications, Mobile computing remains a key driver, since demand for increased bandwidth for smartphones and tablets keeps rising. The latest 4G LTE systems promise much better performance for mobile Internet and video downloads. AdvancedTCA is the obvious way to provide the tremendous processing power high-speed telecom requires, while also offering the modularity, flexibility, scalability, and capacity to support both old and new standards and protocols that network and cloud operators need.

AdvancedTCA Summit 2012 features in-depth tutorials, fast-paced sessions, vendor insights, best of show awards, and other perspectives only available at this unique gathering.

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Date:Sep 3, 2012
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