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United States : The IAEA Nuclear Data App Now Available on iOS.

Scientists and professionals working in nuclear-related areas can now quickly reference the properties of more than 4000 nuclides and isomers using their iPhones and iPads. The mobile application, IAEA Isotope Browser, was recently made available on the iTunes App Store. The Android version of the application, or app, was released in the middle of last year and has already had 10 000 downloads.

This app gives you a glimpse of all the nuclear data you can access in our databases, focusing on what people use most often, said Robin Forrest, Head of the IAEA Nuclear Data Section. Think of it as a mobile nuclear dictionary: a one-stop-shop for an overview of nuclides and their properties.

The atoms of a particular element all contain the same number of protons in the nucleus. Different numbers of neutrons change the mass of these atoms which are called isotopes of the element. These various nuclear species are the nuclides, while isomers are two or more atomic nuclei that have the same atomic number and the same mass, but different energy states and half-lives. Understanding their properties is essential to work done in nuclear-related fields, such as energy production, and has facilitated the development of many tools and techniques, some of which are used to diagnose and treat diseases, study how climate change is affecting our environment, improve access to water and food security for people worldwide and even analyse artefacts to better understand history.

The app s database is updated twice a year, and is stored locally on the device to allow access to the data offline an essential feature for users working in environments without an internet connection or those in developing countries where internet access can be limited.

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Dec 13, 2014
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