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United States : Taxpayers left with $22.5M to pay off new Choctaw County Medical Center.

Taxpayers in a community of less than 8,500 have been left with $22.5 million to pay off for their new Choctaw County Medical Center, following funding changes.

The changes enabled the hospital management firm to bail and the county to lose the firm's lease payment that was supposed to service the debt.

An ex-Choctaw County supervisor who has closely seen the ins and outs of the hospital saga, Kenny King, said : "So taxpayers owe $22.5 million for a $12 million facility, and the revenue source is gone."

The launch of construction for Choctaw County Medical Center in January 2012 was rightfully called a big deal.

The rural county in northeast Mississippi was receiving the cutting-edge hospital that would take the place of one built in the early 1950s. It would provide advanced health care to a rural county, something as rare as it is welcomed.

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Nov 10, 2014
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