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United States : Survey Reveals Home & Auto Worries Abound this Fall: 360-Degree Videos Show Helpful Tips, DIY Dos and Don'ts.

DIY guru Chip Wade teams up with Liberty Mutual Insurance on ways to minimize common maintenance & security worries in advance of winter If you own a home or car, unfamiliar and unexpected maintenance or security issues can be a source of worry, regardless of the time of year. Autumn, however, can bring colder temperatures and inclement weather, which can spark issues from rusting metal to clogged guttersand holiday travel often leads to unattended homes and more wear and tear on our vehicles. In fact, a new survey of 1,000 Americans?i from Liberty Mutual Insurance found that more than half of homeowners (55 percent) are worried ???that an unexpected issue will occur in their home that will require a repair th??is fall. The data also shows auto owners are equally as worried about car repairs as they are about home repairs.

The new survey on home and auto worries this fall is an extension of the Liberty Mutual Insurance Worry Less Report?, released earlier this year, which sheds light on the science of worrying and how to break the worry cycle. To help home and auto owners protect their largest investments and seek security, Liberty Mutual is releasing three 360-degree videos with helpful tips and tricks from DIY and home improvement expert Chip Wade. The videos include tips on how to leave worry behind across topics ranging from DIY home maintenance to emergency preparedness on the road and smart home technology.According to the survey findings, one in three homeowners have faced an unexpected home repair of $5,000 or more. Its easy to see how homeowners can lose sleep over this; in fact, nearly 30 percent of American homeowners have been so worried about a home improvement project that it has negatively affected their sleep. Across the board, cost is the biggest driver of home improvement worries (40 percent), and nearly one third of American homeowners fear the unknown of a home improvement project (31 percent).

Dont let worrying get the best of you procrastination is your worst enemy. The fall is an ideal time for homeowners to perform routine maintenance on the various systems throughout their house. Much of the work can be completed yourself, too yet only 36 percent are taking the DIY route, says Chip Wade. Seasonal preparedness can help you worry less as a little routine maintenance goes a long way.

As the holiday season approaches, more Americans are traveling and leaving their homes for extended periods. Seventy percent of Americans worry, at least sometimes, about the possibility of a break-in while away from their homes and 31 percent worry about who has access to their home. Additionally, 64 percent worry about the possibility of a fire and 60 percent worry about their doors and windows being closed or locked. New smart home technology can mitigate these worries, and help homeowners take action quicker with leaking pipes, electrical fires, and even forgetting to lock the doors.

Instead of asking a neighbor to check in on your home while away, consider installing smart home products such as locks, smoke alarms or video security systems as another way to minimize worry, says Wade. These connected devices help homeowners keep an eye on their home through their smartphone. Currently, 27 percent of Americans who own smart home products say they purchased them to save money on utility bills. For additional savings, Liberty Mutual offers a smart home discount on home insurance for qualified customers who adopt certain smart home technology from partner companies such as Nest, Vivint, August Home and Canary.

Similar to home-related issues, for many, anxiety about the unknown creates worry while driving. Survey results found that 39 percent of Americans fear an unexpected mechanical breakdown this autumn, and 36 percent are worried about getting into an accident. To minimize risk, Wade recommends, Basic auto maintenance leading into the winter months is a must for safety and if youre looking to extend the life of your car, but one of the most overlooked ways to alleviate worry is to ensure you have a roadside emergency kit.

In case of emergency, most Americans are prepared to get themselves back on the road through their own devices (69 percent have a jack, 59 percent have jumper cables), but many are missing essential items that should be included in a roadside emergency kit. Only 29 percent have bottled water or spare food, only 36 percent have a blanket for extreme temperatures or as a ground covering when making repairs, and only 41 percent have a first-aid kit. These basic items can be pieced together as part of your roadside emergency kit. Keep everything in your trunk or the spare tire wheel well so theyre easily accessible, says Wade.

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Date:Oct 7, 2016
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