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United States : Omega Announces Weblink 6 Programming Capability For New Excalibur 50-Series Remote Start Line.

Omega today announced the upcoming release of Weblink 6 programming capability for their Excalibur 50-Series remote start systems via their vehicle integration website.

The introduction of Weblink 5 in 2010 allowed us to configure programmable features and update the firmware of our popular BLADE compatible remote start systems, making them some of the most powerful available on the market, said Mike Thompson, Product Development Manager, Omega Research and Development. Today, Omega Weblink 6 takes this to the next level, by enabling this powerful technology on all Excalibur 50-series remote start systems, including BLADE and NON BLADE units.

Weblink 6 utilizes a credit based system where dealers/installers accumulate credits in their Weblink account, free of charge, by flashing Omegalink interface modules. Every time you flash an Omegalink module, you earn two credits. Each individual credit allows you to view and configure all of the remote start unit s programmable features, or refresh its operating firmware if an update has been posted, using your PC or laptop. All Omega Weblink accounts will receive 10 free credits with the initial release, allowing you to familiarize yourself with the technology without the fear of emptying your account. All 50-Series units can still be programmed conventionally, using the Valet button and remote transmitter.

Key Benefits Of Weblink 6 and Excalibur 50 Series Remote Start Systems

BLADE cartridge no longer required for feature programming & firmware updates on BLADE compatible units! An external Omegalink module can also be used to access this new functionality.;

Firmware updates eliminate inventory obsolescence and allow the 50-Series product to evolve with today s vehicle technologies. For Example, if a new vehicle requires unique ignition timing for remote start, we simply adapt by releasing a new firmware you can use to update the system in just a few minutes.;

Dual independent data ports allow 50 series systems to support multiple plug-n-play accessories. For example, you can utilize both an Omegalink interface module and an Omega CARLINK simultaneously!;

Both the ADS iDatalink & Trilogix DBI protocols are supported on all models.;

All models are compatible with OmegaCarlink & OmegaCarlink-GPS smartphone interfaces.;

All models are proudly designed by Omega and manufactured by Nutek, the world s premier vehicle security manufacturer, for unsurpassed quality and reliability.;

Weblink 6 is powered by iDatalink/ADS, the world s leading innovator of vehicle integration technologies.

Saying that we ve honed our craft this year would be an understatement. said Mike Thompson, Product Development Manager, Omega R&D Technologies.

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Oct 10, 2012
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