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United States : Need A Re-Do? With A SUDAFED REPLAY Sinus Sufferers Have The Chance To Experience A Missed Activity Without Pain & Congestion.

Long before #FOMO was part of the everyday vernacular, the serious sinus sufferer was living in constant fear of missing out on favorite activities because of their pain and congestion. The football game, the concert, the must-have dinner reservation - no matter the situation, there s no denying that sinus problems keep sufferers from enjoying life s important moments. So the makers of SUDAFEDA are coming to the rescue with the SUDAFED REPLAY and giving sufferers a chance to press rewind on life.

Sinus sufferers can enter to win a SUDAFED REPLAY to help them relive their most regrettable, missed out moments. By simply describing the activity they missed or suffered through due to sinus pain and congestion on the SUDAFED REPLAY app on the SUDAFEDA Facebook page, sinus sufferers will be entered to win a $250 gift card for such experiences as a Flight Replay, Sporting Event Replay, or Movie Replay. The sweepstakes is open through April 6, 2014.

There is also a chance to win $25 gift cards on the SUDAFEDA Facebook timeline via Rapid Replays. To enter, fans only need to comment about what they missed out on due to sinus pain and congestion when there is a dedicated Rapid Replay post. All those who comment will be entered into the sweepstakes, and 10 winners will be chosen from each post. Winners will be announced on March 19th, April 2nd and April 19th 2 .

We know that serious sinus sufferers describe their sinus pain as being beat down and crushed, said SUDAFEDA Brand Manager Will Brassel. We then took a deeper dive to find out what those symptoms held them back from in life. Our results inspired us to create the SUDAFED REPLAY and offer sinus (and life) relief at the times sufferers need it most.

According to the survey by the makers of SUDAFEDA 3 , serious sinus sufferers agreed that some of the most painful activities to experience with sinus pain and congestion include attending sporting events and concerts, watching movies, listening to music and reading. In addition, nearly half of serious sinus sufferers (44%) stated they are uncomfortable flying when suffering from sinus pain and congestion. So, the SUDAFED REPLAY Ambassadors set-up shop at John F. Kennedy airport in New York City on a busy day to give serious sinus sufferers the chance for an instant SUDAFED REPLAY . Would they skip their flight that day for a chance to fly sinus pain and congestion free tomorrow? Click here to find out.

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Mar 4, 2014
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