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United States : LOW-INCOME clinic shuts - Union County.

Next week Union County s low-income medical clinic will not see as it has no doctor or nurse practitioner to treat them.

Health department secretary Diann Timberman said, the clinic, which serves low-income residents without medical insurance or Medicaid coverage, lost its nurse practitioners earlier this summer, in part because finances don t allow more work hours.

After the nurse practitioners left, this summer, Health board president Dr. Susan Bantz saw clinic patients but she is now returning to her job at Miami University.

The county health board met Thursday night in executive and public sessions but didn t address the clinic issue in the public session as it s unclear that it might reopen.

At the Union County Medical Center owned by Reid Hospital and Health Care Services, Dr. John Clarkson will continue as the county health officer, though he is no longer working.

Timberman said, Malpractice insurance also is an issue for the clinic at this time. Bantz s insurance at Miami doesn t cover her work here.

He also said, the health department can t afford to pay for a physician s insurance.

He will seek his own malpractice insurance coverage, said by Clarkson.

County health nurse Kim Klein said, in 2007, the county s low-income clinic, began which fills an important need.

According to Bantz, Kim spends a lot of time on the phone for patients, She s their advocate.

We get a lot of calls from people who need medical care. We get calls every day, We hear from people who have just lost their insurance and they have a sick child. I thought things were supposed to be getting better, but it doesn t seem that way from the calls we re getting. Said by Timberman.

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