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United States : Kronos Boss s Day Survey Finds Employees Believe Managers Set Good Example; Don t Want to Be Told to Think Outside the Box.

A new survey commissioned by The Workforce Institute at Kronos Incorporated and conducted online by Harris Interactive finds that an overwhelming majority of U.S. workers believe their managers set a good example for behavior in the workplace. The 2013 Kronos Boss's Day Survey also reveals the attributes of the best managers; employees preferred form of recognition; and the management-speak phrases that employees find the most annoying.

69 percent of employees who have managers believe their managers set a good example in the way they behave, agreeing they are ethical, honest, collaborative,creative, empowering, innovative, dedicated, and trustworthy. A whopping 92 percent of those who believe this to be true, also believe their managers adhere to those values on a regular basis.

Given the choice between a manager who is a high achiever but demanding, or a manager who is nice but ineffective, 75 percent of employees with managers would choose the high achiever.

When asked whether they'd prefer a manager who invests in their professional development or one who invests in programs to make the work environment more fun, 61 percent chose professional development while only 39 percent chose fun.

When asked to rank the three most important attributes of a good manager, honesty was the front runner (78 percent), followed by goal-oriented (44 percent), and compassionate (40 percent).

When it comes to being recognized, most employees with managers would rather receive praise privately. 43 percent of employees with managers prefer direct individual praise from their manager; while 32 percent favor praise to their manager's manager, and 25 percent prefer praise in front of their peers.

76 percent of employees with managers find business jargon terribly annoying. Phrases that they dislike include: "Think outside the box" (25 percent); "I don't care how, just get it done" (24 percent); and "It's on my radar" (19 percent).

The 2013 Kronos Boss's Day survey reveals that American Millennials are not all that different from previous generations. Their preference for individual recognition; investment in professional development over fun work programs; and high-achieving but demanding manager over nice but ineffective manager - are the same as previous generations within the workforce.

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Oct 15, 2013
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