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United States : Developers of human enhancement technologies must partner to succeed in a niche market with enormous growth potential.

The visible progress in the development of so-called Human Enhancement and Human enablement technologies has its potential to become a mass-produced product, given huge boost. Although there are various technologies, such as exoskeletons Neurostimulators and nootropics, the non-invasive brain-computer interface (BCI) may well be the most promising development with the best views are referred to commercialization. The width and length in relation to the range of applications of BCI in clinical and non-clinical areas give them a special position in the market and encourage developers to take advantage of their technology virtually bring potential end-users.

According to a recent study by Frost & Sullivan entitled Innovations in Human enablement and Enhancement Technologies ( ) win neurostimulators healthcare progressively in importance Ting. A number of top government organizations around the world regard them as second-line, so-called second-line or second-line treatment. Nootropics have yet to face a number of ethical questions and prove various regulators have banned their revenue. Companies that manufacture pharmaceuticals from organic substances that increase mental performance have, however, can achieve success lately. Exoskeletons for medical use will eventually encounter a wider acceptance when there will be a cover for this.

The majority of the main manufacturers of BCI products based on electroencephalography (EEG) are located in the US, which is why North America represents the region with the highest penetration rate for BCI. Strategically, manufacturers have their products are not positioned as a medical treatment, which is why these were therefore exempt from the certification by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Europe also has great commercial interest in the human enhancement technology and is responsible for more than 20 percent of product sales. The region has also acted much with in the technology development.

"The greatest demand for BCI comes from the gaming market since the technology allows for innovative gaming and user experience due to neuro Gaming. On the other hand waiting patients who suffer from a weak functional activity of the lower limbs, paralysis or hemiparesis, to new developments that can improve their quality of life by moving support or harmonization while walking, "says TechVision senior research analyst Karan Verma. "This is one of the main drivers for BCI applications, especially in terms of exoskeletons and prostheses."

Devices that improve human performance, easy connection to a cell phone and thus their activities can be recorded, allowing detailed analysis and are gaining popularity. Besides portability can advanced headbands and headsets that record brain activity, offer many potential uses, such as help for a mental relief through meditation exercises and improved concentration.

Due to a larger end-user awareness of these benefits, crowdfunding is the standard model for initial investments Human enablement or enhancement market. Several venture capitalists are currently focused on companies that have grown through crowdfunding and their innovative technologies seem very promising.

"Start-ups around the world have relied on their technical skills and cooperate with small and medium-sized enterprises to fully exploit the funding opportunities," replied Verma. "When human enablement or enhancement market is a niche market and technologies are still quite young. Companies should cooperate rather than compete with each other in order achieve a higher level of innovation. "

The study Innovations in Human enablement and Enhancement Technologies is part of TechVision Health & Wellness program and presents the key industry participants and their products, their innovative features and possible success factors in the North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Lead you to the main market driving factors and challenges for the industry and recommended management strategies, increase the acceptance of human enhancement technologies. The study also lists some of the most important technologies and applications that will be joined by 2025 in the global market.

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Jul 26, 2016
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