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United States : AVON Lake utilities to associate with Elyria.

The city of Elyria will get consulting services for emergency interconnection for water after the Avon Lake Board of Municipal Utilities passed the motion in its meeting Oct. 6.

The motion allows Todd A. Danielson, chief utilities executive for Avon Lake Regional Water, to approve and enter into the agreement with Burgess+Niple for design and other services for Elyria.

Danielson stated prior to the meeting that they will design a pumping station and water line to connect Rural Lorain County Water Authority s line and Elyria s line. They in addition will design a bypass around RLCWA s pumping station.

He said that the pumping station is designed for emergency purposes only.

Danielson said that this project is something the board has been talking about for about a year and a half.

He said, We ve been talking with Elyria where they could provide water to us or we can provide water to them .

He added that back in 2014, Regional Water had an icing event in January and Elyria had an icing event in March.

After that, Elyria said it had an interest in partnering up, Danielson said, adding that they went through the city and did some engineering plans that are feasible.

Regional Water can offer 8 million gallons per day.

He said, During the winter time, 8 million is about half the flow we need in the winter time .

We re looking through the agreements now, this would be for the design services.

As per to an Avon Lake Regional Water memorandum dated Oct. 2, one of its initiatives is the Water Supply Resiliency and Reliability. Staff at Avon Lake Regional Water has been working with Burgess+Niple, the engineering and architecture firm, to make the preliminary design for an emergency interconnection with the Elyria.

Regional Water will be capable to give Elyria water in an emergency and Elyria will be able to give Regional Water and the Rural Lorain County Water Authority whenever they need it, according to the memorandum.

The memorandum said, The overall project is anticipated to cost up to $3 million, with Elyria paying up to $500,000, and RLCWA and Avon Lake Regional Water equally splitting the rest .

Regional Water has qualified the project for a 0 percent interest, 20-year loan through the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, as per to the memorandum, adding that the project must be awarded by June 2016 in order to receive the loan.

The memorandum stated that Burgess+Niple will prepare designs, an estimate of cost and bidding specifications and then provide the bidding services. The cost for this will be $198,600.

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Oct 9, 2015
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