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United States : 2017 Acura NSX Press Kit - Chassis.

The next-generation NSX chassis, consistent with the Sport Hybrid SH-AWD powertrain and Multi-Material body, combines fundamental concepts in sports car design with advanced new technologies to elevate and enhance the NSX driving experience.

Anchored to the vehicles ultra-rigid aluminum-intensive space frame and industry-first ablation cast frame nodes, the NSXs sophisticated all-aluminum front and rear suspension systemsaugmented by third-generation active magnetorheological (MR) damper technology, dual-pinion variable gear ratio electric power steering (EPS) system, and electro-mechanical sports brakeselevate the NSXs dynamic capabilities and responses to driver inputs while supporting the breakthrough capabilities of its Sport Hybrid SH-AWD system.

Deceleration capability is enhanced with a next-generation electro-servo braking system that combines the effectiveness of a mechanical (friction) braking system that utilizes large ventilated rotors and aluminum brake calipers with the efficiency of a seamlessly integrated regenerative braking system.

One of the key traits that set the original Acura NSX apart from its contemporaries was its novel use of a finely-tuned aluminum suspension. The NSX team went back to the fundamentals to design the next-generation NSXs lightweight all-aluminum, fully independent front and rear suspension system.

Utilizing lightweight yet rigid aluminum alloy components at all four corners, the NSXs suspension keeps unsprung weight to a minimum while retaining component stiffness for instant and accurate response. Designed to work seamlessly with the advanced electric power steering system, the optimized tuning of the NSXs steering and suspension systems allow for both nimble responses at low speeds, coupled with superlative high-speed stability.

Making use of Acura-tuned third-generation magnetorheological (MR) dampers in place of conventional shock absorbers, the NSXs highly advanced suspension essentially acts as a continuously adaptive active system that can adjust damping forces in a fraction of a second, instantaneously adapting to the driving situation, driver inputs and road conditions.

The new third-generation MR damper technology offers the widest range of damping force and the fastest response for maximum handling capability and ride quality in all driving conditions. The reservoir within each of the NSXs MR dampers is filled with a special magnetorheological (MR) fluid that contains microscopic metallic particulate. Running an electric current to each MR damper creates a magnetic field within the fluid that causes an instantaneous change in the fluid properties and resulting change in damping force.

While many active dampers make use of a an internal valve-based technology to vary the damping force, the Acura MR dampers utilize a valve-less design that offers a much broader range of damping force and more rapid response.

The lightning-quick response rate and superior damping properties allow the NSX to make optimum use of a high-performance tire design and low-profile sidewall while still providing comfortable ride quality.

The MR dampers also function as a component of Integrated Dynamics System via two unique damper tuning settingsone biased toward unsprung mass control, used for Quiet and Sport modes; and a second with optimized performance tuning biased toward sprung mass control, used for Sport+ and Track modes.

The Acura NSX chassis design and engineering team has configured a bespoke wheel and tire package that extracts optimal performance from the platform, not only in lateral grip but in every element of driving performance including acceleration and braking.

The standard wheel design package for the new NSX includes lightweight Y-spoke forged aluminum alloy wheels wrapped in Continental Conti-Sport Contact 5P tires (245/35ZR19 front; 305/30ZR20 rear) developed jointly with Continental specifically for the NSX. This tire package strikes an excellent balance between high performance and everyday drivability, offering high levels of traction in both wet and dry conditions.

The unique Y wheel design is a result of the NSX engineering teams extensive research to find the strongest and most rigid spoke structure with the least amount of material. Forged in high-strength aluminum, the wheel design offers a lower total weight than any wheels of similar size and material composition within the NSXs competitive class.

An optional factory-installed wheel set utilizes a stylish thin interwoven wheel spoke design featuring a machined/polished, fully polished, or fully painted finish.

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Date:Mar 16, 2016
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