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United States,Venezuela : Amuay refinery is fully operational and Cardon refinery is recovering after a provoked electrical interruption.

Cardon refinery, belonging to PDVSAs Paraguana Refining Center (Centro de Refinacion Paraguana) located in Falcon state, was affected by an allegedly provoked electrical interruption at dawn today. This deplorable action suspiciously coincides with a call made by the right-wing sectors of Venezuela to gather massively today in the capital city of Caracas for demanding a referendum to vote a dismissal of the constitutionally-elected President Nicolas Maduro.

This electrical interruption occurred around 2:13am, causing a cessation to Turbo-generator TG1 from Block E8 of Cardon refinery. The affected installation is part of the system that starts operating the whole refining center.

This unfortunate event only affected the operations of Cardon refinery. Thus, Amuay refinery kept operative thanks to the optimum performance of its protective systems based on the area partitioning and waste feedstock systems, which activated efficiently.

The fuel stock of Paraguana Refining Center guarantees a plenty availability for supplying the national and international markets.

The regulation of Cardon refinery operability is on its way, complying with related security protocols. Also, a research committee to determine the causes of this unfortunate event was conformed. It is worth recalling that sabotage acts like this were perpetrated in the heart of PDVSAs industrial fabric through December 2002 to February 2003 by right-wing adepts infiltrated in PDVSAS staff as an attempt to force President Hugo Chavez to resign.

PDVSA keeps going as a fundamental economic stronghold of the Bolivarian Revolution, despite the desperate attempts of the unpatriotic right-wing sector for overshadowing the battle for peace and work undertaken by the constitutionally-elected Venezuelan government headed by President Nicolas Maduro for addressing an economic and media war orchestrated by local and international right-wing forces.

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Publication:Mena Report
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Date:Sep 3, 2016
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