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Voter ID plan labelled a 'threat to democracy' Warnings issued over voter ID. ROBERT LLOYD & MAX CHANNON Sep 6, 2021 924
Labour chief vows to fight Tory 'democracy-rigging' that would've denied her grandad a vote; Shadow minister Cat Smith confirmed Labour will attempt to vote down the entire Tory Elections Bill next week -as she revealed it would have disenfranchised her grandad, who hid his illiteracy for most of his life. By, Dan Bloom Sep 2, 2021 968
Nice one sun! A PS1m solar powered carport will be one of first steps to unlock clean energy for transport, writes Local Democracy Reporter Joseph Timan. Joseph Timan Aug 29, 2021 441
Come and explain democracy to us; Get in touch - tell us what you think Email: Twitter: @WalesOnline Facebook: Post: Media Wales, 6 Park Street, Cardiff CF10 1XR. Aug 17, 2021 361
Greens angry over seat 'snub'. TONY EARNSHAW Local Democracy Reporter @LdrTony Aug 7, 2021 313
New ministers could undermine parliament's role in democracy; Should prime ministers be allowed to appoint a new type of minister, as recommended by the Commission for Smart Government? Here, Stephen Clear questions the impact on democratic accountability. Aug 6, 2021 1033
'Bring democracy closer to people'. ROBERT LLOYD Aug 3, 2021 605
Economic boom hope as slate landscape wins Unesco World Heritage Status; What will the new Unesco World Heritage Status mean for the communities in the shadows of once major slate works? Local democracy reporter Gareth Williams reports. Jul 30, 2021 1323
Elections Bill is an assault on our democracy. Jul 22, 2021 376
INDY STANCES 'A DANGER TO DEMOCRACY' BATTLE FOR DIVIDED SCOTLAND Both sides accused of trying to rig vote system. CHRIS MCCALL Deputy Political Editor Jul 13, 2021 675
Police breached 'fundamental rights' at Sarah Everard vigil and 'Kill the Bill' protests; The All Party Parliamentary Group on Democracy and the Constitution found there were "multiple failings" by police at both events. By, Flora Thompson (PA) & Margaret Davis (PA) & Erin Santillo Jul 1, 2021 857
Gangsters target our democracy; RECORD VIEW. Jun 25, 2021 246
The Impossibility of Populism. Lemieux, Pierre Report Jun 22, 2021 5014
UPDATE: Biden says "US is back" as urges democracies to stand together. Jun 9, 2021 600
Delivering on democracy. Jun 1, 2021 272
An attack on fabric of our democracy. May 28, 2021 219
UK announces 'votes for life' policy for British citizens living abroad. May 28, 2021 724
Make voting much fairer. May 28, 2021 189
Voter ID is 'right-wing power grab', says Labour; Move will 'disenfranchise' opponents, claims councillor. Tom Dare Local Democracy Reporter May 27, 2021 569
UK 'votes for life' for British citizens in Cyprus. fm May 27, 2021 432
Boris Johnson's plan for voter ID cards will damage democracy in the UK - Scotsman comment; Hot on the heels of the record turnout at the Scottish Parliament elections came news that the UK government aims to introduce a requirement that will, without any real doubt, cause a fall in voter numbers. Scotsman comment May 15, 2021 433
Harborough councillor accuses ruling council group of 'diluting local democracy' by reducing the number of annual meetings; But the council leader angrily hit back, claiming that is 'absolute poppycock'. Red Williams May 14, 2021 784
Low turnout at election is 'a crisis for democracy'. MARTIN SHIPTON Political editor-at-large May 13, 2021 495
Low turnout at election 'a crisis for democracy'. MARTIN SHIPTON Political editor-at-large May 13, 2021 492
Irish voting model would be better for democracy; letters Get in touch - tell us what you think Email: Twitter: @WalesOnline Facebook: Post: Media Wales, 6 Park Street, Cardiff CF10 1XR. May 13, 2021 482
North Yorkshire's police and crime commissioner Philip Allott promises to be 'a broad church' after Conservative election win; Public relations firm boss Philip Allott has pledged to be "a broad church" and tackle a wide range of concerns after being elected Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire. Stuart Minting, Local Democracy Reporting Service May 10, 2021 567
Conservatives become the largest party but Milton Keynes Council remains in no overall control; The Conservatives have leapfrogged Labour to become the largest party on Milton Keynes Council. David Tooley, local democracy reporter May 9, 2021 831
Scottish election 2021: Democracy must be at the heart of Scotland's recovery - Willie Sullivan; The last 12 months have put democracy in Scotland squarely into focus - far beyond the usual constitutional debates that have come to define Scottish politics. Willie Sullivan May 8, 2021 603
Scottish election 2021: How independence question is having a distorting effect on democracy - Scotsman comment; Tactical voting has almost certainly existed for as long as democracy itself. Scotsman comment May 8, 2021 436
Scottish election 2021: With SNP on course for victory, spotlight will eventually turn on Boris Johnson's refusal to allow independence referendum - Henry McLeish; Regardless of the party-political outcome of the Scottish elections, the increased turnout is a significant and positive sign of the success of the new Parliament, a boost for democracy, and a measure of the political importance of Holyrood. Henry McLeish May 8, 2021 441
Conservative party just one seat behind Labour in Rotherham as count continues; The Conservative party is just one seat behind Labour following today's election count. Danielle Andrews, Local Democracy Reporter May 7, 2021 1268
Reform voting system to save democracy. May 7, 2021 244
PM access row claim is 'affront to democracy' Labour backlash over Tory claim Johnson would not see Byrne. Jonathan Walker Political Editor May 6, 2021 879
Scottish election 2021: Will this election see demands for a new voting system? "Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all those other forms that have been tried" is the Churchillian quip most often quoted when the root of the UK electoral system is occasionally dug up, examined for signs of life and then replanted. Gina Davidson May 6, 2021 1516
Scottish election 2021: We must beware 'populist' liars who would corrupt our democracy - Scotsman comment; Election day is the most important time in the life-cycle of a democracy. Scotsman comment May 6, 2021 465
'Boris Johnson's a street corner fraud fleecing the hoodwinked and laughing at voters'; Incompetent sleaze bag Boris Johnson has again dodged TV interviews ahead of an election -soundbites and staged pictures are the manipulation of democracy by a self-propagandist laughing at voters. By, Kevin Maguire May 5, 2021 533
Women under-represented as local election candidates in England, study suggests; Data from the Fawcett Society and the Democracy Club also showed fewer than one in four police and crime commissioner candidates are female. By, Alan Jones, PA & Brett Gibbons Report May 4, 2021 280
The key election battles in Coventry. TOM DAVIS Local Democracy Reporter May 4, 2021 1303
Scottish election 2021: Sir Ed Davey 'deeply alarmed' at Tory attacks on Electoral Commission; Liberal Democrat leader Sir Ed Davey says he is "deeply alarmed" by Conservative criticism of the Electoral Commission, accusing Tory critics of "damaging democracy". Neil Pooran May 4, 2021 402
Campaign aims to get more young women involved in politics - Megan Maclean; The Scottish Parliament elections are taking place on Thursday, May 6 giving all young women and girls over the age of 16 the opportunity to vote. For many young people it will be their first-time taking part in democracy. Megan Maclean May 1, 2021 599
Justice has no sell-by date - to absolve wrongdoing would destroy democracy. Catherine Deveney Apr 30, 2021 775
'Coalition would protect devolution and democracy' Political editor-at-large Martin Shipton assesses what a coalition could look like after the May 6 election. Apr 23, 2021 870
All the candidates after er your vote; REAVEALED, RUNNERS IN KIRKLEES COUNCIL ELECTIONS. TONY EARNSHAW Local Democracy Reporting Service @LDRTony Apr 16, 2021 1428
Who's standing in county council election. DANIELCLARK Local Democracy Reporter @HEDANIELCLARK Apr 15, 2021 951
The runners and riders in council elections. DANIELCLARK Local Democracy Reporter @HEDANIELCLARK Apr 15, 2021 606
The candidates for upcoming local elections. TOM DAVIS Local Democracy Reporter Apr 14, 2021 820
recovery first; ELECTIONS 2021 Renfrewshire residents will hit the polls on Renfrewshire residents will hit the polls on May 6 to elect the region's new MSPs for the next five years. Today, the Paisley Daily Expressspeaks to Eileen McCartin, of the Scottish Liberal Democrats, who is seeking election in Paisley. Eileen says tackling post-Covid problems will be No.1 priority. STEPH BRAWN Local Democracy Reporter Apr 13, 2021 889
In the race: Candidates fes for council elections; BOROUGH GOES TO POLLS IN LESS THAN A MONTH. JOHN GREENWOOD Local Democracy Reporting Service @JohnG_LDR Apr 12, 2021 758
Parties must respect the will of voters; LETTERS. Apr 5, 2021 273
Alex Salmond has plunged a stake into the heart of Scottish democracy - Brian Monteith; Be under no illusions, the launch last week of the Alba Party shall put a stake through the democratic credentials of the Scottish Parliament elections on 6 May. Brian Monteith Mar 29, 2021 949
'There was a need for a clean break. I think that is healthy' In this second part of a look back at Anglesey council's March 2011 takeover and eventual release from Welsh Government control, Local democracy reporter Gareth Wyn Williams speaks to some of the authority's main figures. Gareth Wyn Williams Mar 22, 2021 1528
Procedural Democracy and Electronic Agents. Gupta, Suman Report Mar 22, 2021 6848
After the turmoil, island's council is taken over and steered towards calmer waters; It is a decade since Anglesey council's powers were handed to government-appointed commissioners following years of infighting. In this first of a two-part series, Local democracy reporter Gareth Williams looks back at ministers'decision to step in and take over control of Anglesey council in March 2011... Mar 19, 2021 1323
Does our democracy need more diversity? MY CITY. Mar 11, 2021 264
US should care about Lee in Hong Kong. Mar 3, 2021 866
Villagers urged to join forces in battle against HS2 impact; As Swampy digs in, parish councils are told to use power of democracy to monitor rail line. PETER MADELEY Mar 2, 2021 977
Villagers urged to join forces in battle against HS2 impact; As Swampy digs in, parish councils are told to use power of democracy to monitor rail line. PETER MADELEY Mar 2, 2021 977
Sparks fly as rise in council tax bills is railed against; YOU'RE A DISGRACE, OPPOSITION LEADER TOLD. HERBERT SODEN Local Democracy Reporter Mar 1, 2021 621
Britain's democracy is in need of repair; Talkback. Mar 1, 2021 372
Neo-Authoritarianism and the Contestation of White Identification in the US. Gilmore, Justin Essay Mar 1, 2021 10501
'Bizarre' response to 2020 Games petition. MARK CARDWELL Local Democracy Reporter Feb 26, 2021 319
Democracy, not a new Barnett formula, is the way to achieve fair funding for councils - Scotsman comment; Joel Barnett is probably not a name that many people would recognise today. Scotsman comment Feb 25, 2021 486
Games boycott of India petition disappointment. Mark Cardwell Local Democracy Reporter Feb 25, 2021 504
Call for all 16 and 17-year-olds to get the vote. Feb 25, 2021 189
Roadmap out of virus lockdown is welcomed by MPs; Prime Minister Boris Johnson described his roadmap for the lifting of lockdown measures across England as 'a one-way road to freedom'. Local democracy reporter Daniel Clark got the reaction to the plan from Devon's MPs and council officials. Daniel Clark Feb 25, 2021 1751
Supreme Court's Uber ruling exposes the reality of the gig economy and should act as a rallying call for democracy in the workplace - Richard Leonard MSP; After five years of resistance in four different courts, Uber lost its claim last week that its taxi drivers were customers not workers. Richard Leonard Feb 23, 2021 1144
THE COVID D ID DIVIDE; STARK DIFFERENCE IN INFECTION RATES IN AREAS JUST A FEW MILES APART T Covid infection rates in Solihull appear to have fallen more slowly in the less affluent north of the borough, reinforcing concern that deprived communities continue to be the worst affected. Local Democracy Reporter DAVID IRWIN analyses what the data suggests. DAVID IRWIN Feb 23, 2021 1503
Calls for MSPs to open up Scottish decisions to local communities; MSPs should take forward calls to revamp Scottish democracy by opening up decisions to local communities, according to a coalition of community and civil society groups. Jane Bradley Feb 18, 2021 621
Let's gets the basics of democracy right; LETTERS. Feb 16, 2021 180
Disagreement is part of democracy; LETTERS. Feb 11, 2021 500
Railway revival plans seek slice of PS500m fund; The controversial Beeching cuts in 1963 were designed to increase the efficiency of the nationalised railway system in Great Britain, but came at a huge cost to rural rail services across Devon. Efforts are now under way to restore some of those lost railway links. Local democracy reporter Daniel Clark looks at the work being done. Daniel Clark Feb 11, 2021 1971
Beijing's hand behind Myanmar military coup? Feb 10, 2021 873
In most democracies, a committee like this one would be looking at evidence not in the public domain. This one refuses to look at evidence already out there. It is Through the Looking Glass- An informed source yesterday. Mark Aitken POLITICAL EDITOR Feb 7, 2021 1469
Rules you will have to follow to vote in England's May 6 elections; "Democracy should not be cancelled because of Covid". By, Neil Shaw Feb 5, 2021 435
Scotland must wake up to the threat posed by disinformation to democracy - Scotsman comment; The Intelligence and Security Committee's report into Russian interference in UK affairs warned last year that Vladimir Putin's regime was spreading disinformation in order to achieve a "general poisoning of the political narrative in the West by fomenting political extremism". Scotsman comment Jan 31, 2021 629
Readers' Letters: Do Scots believe in democracy? It seems likely that the majority of Scottish people do not believe in democracy. We have been brought up in the tradition of the clan system, where one observed total allegiance to the chief. Questioning such authority is not part of our psyche. Letter to the editor Jan 30, 2021 1578
Readers' Letters: UK should go federal to cope with Brexit; Images of new President Joe Biden have been reassuring. The US election showed a nation divided, not in a nice way. However, it also demonstrated that in any democracy four years come and go. Scotland on Sunday Letters Jan 30, 2021 583
How GPs united to vaccinate 1,200 people in one weekend; Given just two days to prepare, a team led by six vaccinators across three practices carried out the remarkable feat without wasting a single jab, as Local Democracy reporter Gareth Williams reports. Gareth Williams Jan 29, 2021 1051
Scottish independence: Boris Johnson, like Donald Trump, will eventually have to bow to democracy - Keith Brown; As a party of government, the SNP's focus and responsibility is on the health and well-being of the country, as it should be. Keith Brown Jan 27, 2021 1008
Readers' Letters: This is no time for Indyref2 talk; I am outraged to discover that the SNP are making a priority of holding another referendum, when there is a pandemic to deal with and a failing vaccination programme, well behind what is happening south of the border. I am also astonished that they are seriously considering continuing with the elections in May. Scotsman Letters Letter to the editor Jan 26, 2021 1691
Johnson 'frightened of democracy' - Sturgeon. NEIL POORAN Jan 25, 2021 611
Sexism in Scotland's toxic politics is still a blight on our democracy - Kristy Strickland; It's not often that US politics brings relief in troubled times, but this week's inauguration ceremony did exactly that. Kirsty Strickland Jan 24, 2021 1062
Amanda Gorman's poem for Joe Biden's inauguration has a lesson for Scotland - Christine Jardine MP; If ever there was a demonstration of both the best and the worst way to behave in a democracy we saw them played out on the steps of the US Capitol over the past few weeks. Christine Jardine Jan 24, 2021 1047
Scottish independence: Boris Johnson should heed Joe Biden's words on democracy amid calls for second referendum - Joyce McMillan; On Wednesday morning, just after 9am Washington time, the then President-Elect Joe Biden sent a tweet to his 25 million followers. Joyce McMillan Jan 22, 2021 1043
Donald Trump's failed attempt to destroy democracy like Vladimir Putin must never be forgotten - Scotsman comment; The sustained efforts made by Donald Trump to overturn the result of the presidential election - and the millions of Americans seemingly prepared to "support the steal", to repurpose one of his mendacious slogans - should long be remembered by all those committed to the preservation of democracy as the world's dominant form of government. Scotsman comment Jan 20, 2021 461
QUO VADIS, AMERICAN FOREIGN POLICY! - It seems that Trump's resistance not only poses a threat to American democracy but also casts an aspersion on national security. Wajid Shamsul Hasan Jan 16, 2021 942
Electorate must now be engaged and galvanised to turn out and vote to make a difference; A public information campaign is needed to drive Wales' voters to the ballot box in 2021, argues Theo Davies-Lewis. Jan 15, 2021 855
Brexit: Boris Johnson should heed Theresa May's wise words about danger to democracy - Scotsman comment; Those who hold high elected office need to watch their words if they are to maintain support from a broad enough section of the political spectrum to stay in power. Scotsman comment Jan 13, 2021 447
Politicians of all parties in the dark. Jan 13, 2021 363
Donald Trump: Golf world starts to turn on this cheater in sport and democracy - Scotsman comment; In 2018, golfer Suzann Pettersen revealed something telling about Donald Trump. A regular partner of the US President, she said he "cheats like hell". Scotsman comment Jan 12, 2021 374
Outrageous sellout; McLeish: This looks like a decision to get Celts off hook >>>> There is no democracy in our game.. time for a rebellion >>>> Leadership crisis is reason Holyrood bailed out rugby first. DAVID McCARTHY Jan 12, 2021 1048
US Capitol riots: Scotland must not allow its democracy to fall as low despite passions of independence debate - Christine Jardine MP; There's a clip on YouTube of the original cast of Hamilton visiting the White House in the final days of the Obama Presidency to perform an emotional rendition of the show's One Last Time. Christine Jardine Jan 9, 2021 1137
US Capitol attack: Here's what Scotland should learn from this assault on democracy by Donald Trump's supporters - Gina Davidson; "That rifle hanging on the wall of the working-class flat or labourer's cottage is the symbol of democracy. It is our job to see that it stays there.". Gina Davidson Jan 8, 2021 641
World leaders slam US Capitol raid. Jan 7, 2021 712
Hong Kong arrests 53 for plot to 'overthrow' govt in latest crackdown on dissent. Reuters News Service Jan 6, 2021 857
Anne Applebaum's Debt to Adorno: Twilight of Democracy: The Seductive Lure of Authoritarianism. Jones, David Martin Jan 1, 2021 2180
Justice As The Bedrock Of Democracy In Nigeria (2). Dec 29, 2020 1897
Malawi's new president sets three challenges for Scotland - David Hope-Jones; Through the Covid pandemic, we learn from 'The Economist', 80 countries have seen their democracies weaken and only one has seen their governance systems strengthen. Malawi, the small landlocked African nation which has a 161-year friendship with Scotland, was the one global exception. David Hope-Jones Dec 29, 2020 521
Scotland's leader is ignoring democracy; LETTERS. Dec 24, 2020 228
Projects are moving town in the right direction; Despite all the coronavirus-related upheaval, some major developments in Merthyr Tydfil have taken significant steps forward this year. Local democracy reporter Anthony Lewis takes a look. Dec 23, 2020 1014
Even flawed democracy is still the best. Campbell Gunn Dec 22, 2020 798
New Cold War: World's democracies must wake up to a chilling new reality after massive cyberattack on US - Scotsman comment; "From Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic, an iron curtain has descended across the Continent," Winston Churchill warned in 1946 at the dawn of the Cold War. Scotsman comment Dec 19, 2020 492
Blurred lines in our democracy; Letters to the editor Send to - Letters, The Press and Journal, 1 Marischal Square, Broad Street, Aberdeen, AB10 1BL or email All letters are subject to editing and must include your full address and daytime telephone number for verification. Thank you. Letter to the editor Dec 19, 2020 202
Revealed: Support for 'House of Citizens' second chamber at Holyrood to keep MSPs in check; Scots would back plans for a "second chamber" at Holyrood to scrutinise legislation and keep the Government of the day in check, according to a new poll. Scott Macnab Dec 12, 2020 957
'Regulators need the power to stand up for standards and integrity' Cabinet minister-turned-academic Leighton Andrews, pictured above, believes there is a significant gap in governance at the heart of Welsh democracy. Political editor-at-large Martin Shipton assesses his concerns. Dec 10, 2020 888
Scottish Parliament elections 2021: Nationalists and unionists must both agree on their equal rights to disagree - Scotsman comment; After the 2016 Brexit referendum vote, Christian Holliday, a Conservative councillor in Surrey, launched a petition calling for the 1848 Treason Felony Act to be amended to make it an offence to "support the UK becoming a member of the European Union" or "to conspire with foreign powers to make the UK, or part of the UK, become a member of the EU". Scotsman comment Dec 6, 2020 588
'Dark ads' could be used to influence Holyrood election outcome; So-called "dark ads" on social media could be exploited in next year's Scottish Parliament election unless action is taken to tighten new campaign rules, pro-democracy groups have warned. Scott Macnab Dec 4, 2020 593
Nawaz Sharif struggling for democracy, supremacy of parliament: Dar. Dec 2, 2020 555
A Gravity Model of Civic Deviance: Justice, Natural Duties, and Reparative Responsibilities. Lim, Woojin Dec 1, 2020 8223
Andrew Marr deserves to be canonised as our new patron saint - Brian Monteith; Today, as our now secular Scotland celebrates the day of Andrew, our patron saint, without, I suggest, the majority of our people really being able to explain why, we now endure a similar void, only far larger and darker at the heart of our democracy. It is this: how do we hold our government to account? Nov 30, 2020 888
Unionism and Conservatives compared to Trumpism as SNP figures issue rallying call; Unionism has been likened to Trumpism and its "denial of democracy" by senior figures in the SNP as their party conference debated its annual resolution to seek Scottish independence. Conor Matchett Conference news Nov 29, 2020 961
Questions asked as health board is taken out of special measures; This week Health Minister Vaughan Gething took a Welsh health board out of the special measures it had been in for more than five years. Local democracy reporter Jez Hemming reports on this'brave decision'. Nov 28, 2020 1279
Council backs call to support veterans; commonwealth veterans 'have right to stay here'. ED OLDFIELD Local Democracy Reporter @ed_oldfield Nov 21, 2020 459
Tyne for a change; Local democracy reporter DANIEL HOLLAND takes a look at the seven massive developments that will dramatically change the face of Tyneside. DANIEL HOLLAND Nov 20, 2020 765
The British government must take a stand for freedom and democracy in Hong Kong. Alistair Carmichael Nov 19, 2020 790
'Ambition and democracy' behind drive to hold Scottish independence referendum in 2021; Constitution Secretary Michael Russell has said "ambition and democracy" is behind the SNP's push to potentially hold a second independence referendum in 2021. Conor Matchett Nov 19, 2020 339
Hong Kong and China: One country, one system. Nov 17, 2020 866
Democracy put on hold. Nov 13, 2020 213
Fears for the future of democracy in Wales. Nov 13, 2020 170
Reshaping planning a threat to democracy; VIEWPOINTS Write to: Viewpoints, M.E.N, Mitchell Henry House, Hollinwood Avenue, Oldham, OL9 8EF Or email: Nov 10, 2020 705
Pandemic should lead to changes to voting processes. Iain Malcolm Nov 10, 2020 745
Alister Jack's stance is straight out of Donald Trump playbook - Readers' Letters; I am yet again struck, but hardly surprised, by the arrogant and misguided authority with which the Secretary of State of Scotland, Alister Jack, parrots the UK Government line that there should not be another independence referendum in Scotland "for a generation" (Scotsman, 7 November). Letter to the editor Nov 9, 2020 1515
The Conservatives, Labour and the Lib Dems must work together to defeat SNP - Brian Monteith; If ever proof was required that the greatest threat to devolution in Scotland, indeed to democracy itself, is the Scottish National Party it is now being provided by the First Minister and her government. Every day she resists the vote of the Scottish Parliament to provide the evidence to the Salmond Inquiry she originally promised - and avoids establishing a full inquiry into her government's handling of the care homes during the Covid pandemic - is testimony to a shameless pursuit of power without accountability. Brian Monteith Nov 9, 2020 876
Donald Trump's hate-filled politics are a threat to democracy that Scotland must beware - Scotsman comment; In her speech following victory in the Maine senate election, Republican Susan Collins warmly thanked her Democratic opponent for calling to concede and spoke of the "extraordinary honour" of having the opportunity "to serve all of Maine for the next six years". Scotsman comment Nov 8, 2020 624
Nicola Sturgeon: US needs a President who will 'respect democracy'; Nicola Sturgeon wants to see a US president who will "uphold the norms of democracy", as she gave a clear hint that she hopes for a Joe Biden victory in the tightrope election. Scott Macnab Nov 6, 2020 441
Tory minister refuses 3 times to condemn Donald Trump's rambling attack on democracy; Nadhim Zahawi refused three times to call out the President's lies from a White House podium in a toe-curling interview with Sky News -and insisted Britain would welcome whoever ends up in power. By, Dan Bloom Nov 6, 2020 611
US election: Why Donald Trump's downfall is vital to the future of democracy and the Free World - Scotsman comment; There are some who take the view that the US presidential election between Donald Trump and Joe Biden does not really matter all that much to people in Scotland. They are dead wrong. Scotsman comment Nov 2, 2020 1016
Media Regime Disruption and the Conditions of Public Reflexivity. O'loughlin, Ben Nov 1, 2020 9102
Burden placed on councils to pay for free school meals after vote by MPs; After voting down an extension to the free school meals programme, the Government's answer to the subsequent public outcry was to dump the problem onto cash-strapped local councils. Local democracy reporter Daniel Clark reports. Oct 29, 2020 2217
MPs sue Boris Johnson over failing to investigate claims on Russia election attacks; A cross-party band of MPs and peers have filed legal proceedings against the Government, accusing ministers of failing to protect the UK's democracy against Russian interference. Patrick Daly Oct 29, 2020 593
US election: Donald Trump must lose to Joe Biden for the sake of democracy the world over - Susan Dalgety; All eyes are turned westwards this week as two septuagenarians battle it out for the soul of America. Susan Dalgety Oct 24, 2020 1157
Let's harness powers to deliver better democracy; Democracy in Wales is facing multiple challenges today and here's what we must do to defend it, argues Jess Blair, below, director of Electoral Reform Society Cymru. Oct 23, 2020 866
Senedd a product of our democracy; LETTERS. Oct 22, 2020 164
New economic plan to help lead Devon's recovery; Devon County Council's cabinet unanimously agreed last week to an urgent PS6million package to help guide the county towards economic recovery in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Local democracy reporter Daniel Clark outlines the plan. Oct 22, 2020 1919
If BBC turns Daily Mail-lite, I will not pay a licence fee for that - Kenny MacAskill; A quality public broadcaster's essential in a society. America, despite its rich media resource, is the poorer for its almost total lack of one and its democracy's distorted by its absence. Kenny MacAskill Oct 14, 2020 714
Proud of holding our local leaders to account; LOCAL DEMOCRACY REPORTERS WORK AS 'EYES AND EARS OF THE PUBLIC'. Oct 8, 2020 1128
Reporters' vital role in upholding local democracy. GURDIP THANDI Local Democracy Reporter Oct 8, 2020 531
It's never been more vital to hold authorities to account; To mark Journalism Matters Week, Media Wales' head of news David James describes the impact the three Local Democracy Reporters based with the South Wales Echo and WalesOnline have had scrutinising the work of local authorities in Wales. Oct 7, 2020 678
Voices for the people as social problems linger; To mark Journalism Matters Week, head of news David James describes the impact that the four Local Democracy Reporters based with the Western Mail and WalesOnline have had scrutinising the work of local authorities in Wales. Oct 7, 2020 793
Democracy needs indyref2 to happen; Letters to the editor Send to - Letters, The Press and Journal, 1 Marischal Square, Broad Street, Aberdeen, AB10 1BL or email All letters are subject to editing and must include your full address and daytime telephone number for verification. Thank you. Letter to the editor Oct 5, 2020 258
So just what ARE the rules? It's difficult to keep up with the latest rules and guidelines surrounding Covid-19, they seem to be constantly changing - especially in the North East. Local Democracy Reporter DANIEL HOLLAND tries to clarify them for you. Oct 1, 2020 1330
Drakeford accused of 'disregarding democracy'. Sep 30, 2020 255
FM accused of 'disregard for Welsh democracy'. Sep 30, 2020 226
Contingencies 'being considered' for moving election date next year; DEMOCRACY. Sep 28, 2020 231
Brian Monteith: Is Scottish independence more important than life, liberty and economy? Having a strong opposition to hold the government of the day to account is at all times a prerequisite of a healthy democracy, but rarely is it more important than today when our liberties are being heavily restricted and access to our universal health care provider - the NHS - is denied to us if we happen to have the wrong illness. Brian Monteith Sep 28, 2020 1036
Council set to vote on citizens' assembly. alex seabrook Local Democracy Reporter Sep 25, 2020 504
Democracy, election riggers and punishment. Sep 25, 2020 1618
Vernacular social democracy and the politics of Labour. Lawrence, Jon Sep 22, 2020 2048
Raymond Aron and the contested legacy of 'Cold War Liberalism'. Stewart, Iain Sep 22, 2020 1904
Social democracy, party of values. Jobelius, Sebastian; Vossing, Konstantin Sep 22, 2020 3477
On urbanism and optimism. Ortolano, Guy Sep 22, 2020 3258
Enduring Information Vigilance: Government after COVID-19. Jankowicz, Nina; Collis, Henry Sep 22, 2020 6079
Why the free world needs Donald Trump to lose to Joe Biden - Scotsman comment; Economics can be used to coax tyrannies towards democracy, but the West first needs its leading light, the United States, to elect Joe Biden, not Donald Trump, as its next president. Scotsman Leader Comment Sep 19, 2020 638
Brexit: Boris Johnson's contempt for rule of law shows he is following Donald Trump's sinister playbook - Kenny MacAskill; Boris Johnson's Internal Market Bill and the threat to break the UK's obligations under international law are signs that democracy in the UK is in trouble, writes Kenny MacAskill. Kenny MacAskill Sep 17, 2020 727
Where did democracy go? RENFREWSHIRE Tom talks BY RENFREWSHIRE SOUTH MSP TOM ARTHUR Sep 17, 2020 478
Edo/Ondo Polls: UK Visa Restrictions Will Strengthen Nigeria's Democracy- NCF. Sep 15, 2020 374
Democracy getting forgotten about; Letters to the editor Write to: Letters to the editor, The Press and Journal, 1 Marischal Square, Broad Street, Aberdeen, AB10 1BL. email: All letters are subject to editing and must include your full address and daytime telephone number for verification. Thank you. Letter to the editor Sep 15, 2020 204
More Senedd members needed to tackle 'a crisis of democracy'. DAVID JAMES Head of Sep 11, 2020 761
Donald Trump, Boris Johnson and Nicola Sturgeon share a dangerous trait - Susan Dalgety; As Boris Johnson launches 'Operation Moonshot' to beat Covid, Donald Trump claims the virus will just 'go away' and Nicola Sturgeon dismisses Scotland's [pounds sterling]15 billion deficit, Susan Dalgety warns the politics of delusion will damage democracy. Susan Dalgety Sep 11, 2020 1264
FRAUD PROBE AFTER HEALTH BOARD PROJECT WENTPS60M OVER BUDGET; PS171m hospital asbestos removal work saw Betsi staff members arrested. JEZ HEMMING Local Democracy Reporter Sep 9, 2020 996
Democracy is not just votes; Letters, comments and emails. Sep 5, 2020 235
Indoor visits to start but strict rules are in place; Care homes have been preparing for indoor visits - and here's what visitors can expect, as Local democracy reporter Hannah Neary reports. Sep 4, 2020 716
Democracy could be end of civilisation; letters. Get in touch - tell us what you think Email: Twitter: @WalesOnline Facebook: Post: Media Wales, 6 Park Street, Cardiff CF10 1XR. Letter to the editor Sep 1, 2020 251
How Scottish democracy can be transformed for the better - Alison Evison; The time is right for the kind of ground-up democracy envisaged at the dawn of devolution, writes Alison Evison of Cosla. Alison Evison Sep 1, 2020 1032
Deepening Democracy Through a Social Movement: Networks, Information Rights, and Online and Offline Activism. Relly, Jeannine E.; Pakanati, Rajdeep Sep 1, 2020 8861
Rationalizing the Gap: How Journalists in a Nondemocratic Regime Make Sense of Their Professional Work. Karaliova, Tatsiana Sep 1, 2020 8919
True meaning of democracy? Aug 27, 2020 257
Files reveal all the 'big cat' sightings reported to police; Eyewitness accounts of a so-called big cat roaming Devon and Cornwall have been recorded since the very first one in 1983. Whether a phantom wild cat is out there remains open to debate. What isn't is the police records of every sighting since 2011. Local democracy reporter Daniel Clark has compiled the long list of sightings. Daniel Clark Aug 20, 2020 2524
Independent, impartial and fighting for justice; The man whose job it is to defend people's rights in Wales against bodies who don't, says he wonders if some public service"inertia is deliberate". Nick Bennett, Public Service Ombudsman for Wales, speaks to local democracy reporter Jez Hemming about his role and social justice. Aug 6, 2020 964
Shape of region's future unknown as councils weigh up major plan; Local democracy reporter Daniel Clark looks at the future of the Greater Exeter Strategic Plan after East Devon District Council members recommended the authority pulls out of the blueprint for the region over the next 20 years. Daniel Clark Aug 6, 2020 2027
'His death has totally affected us. It shocked the community' The unexpected death of a businessman and former restaurant owner sent shockwaves through Swansea's Bangladeshi community as it reacted to the Covid-19 pandemic. Local democracy reporter Richard Youle reports. Richard Youle Aug 4, 2020 1824
Council leaders set out their 'vision for North Yorkshire devolution' Leaders across North Yorkshire and York have now set out their visions for what devolution will look like under plans to shake up local democracy in the region. Carl Gavaghan, Local Democracy Reporting Service Aug 3, 2020 787
PM FILLS LORDS WITH CRONIES; Johnson blasted for making 'huge insult to democracy'. DAN BLOOM Online Political Editor and OLIVER MILNE Political Reporter Aug 1, 2020 548
PM FILLS LORDS WITH CRONIES; Johnson blasted for making 'huge insult to democracy'. DAN BLOOM Online Political Editor and OLIVER MILNE Political Reporter Aug 1, 2020 549
Bill 'undermines democracy'. LAURA CLEMENTS Reporter Jul 30, 2020 311
Democracy and decency. Jul 25, 2020 1101
Propaganda, fake news and disinformation on the internet could destroy us - Susan Dalgety; The internet is a wonder of the modern world, but it is being used to spread dangerous conspiracy theories and undermine democracy, writes Susan Dalgety. Susan Dalgety Jul 24, 2020 1317
Ian Blackford has said that Scotland will vote again for Independence; The SNP Westminster leader has said that the PM cannot be a "democracy denier". Rachel Mackie Jul 24, 2020 680
Russia's string-pulling must be exposed to maintain faith in leaders and democracy. Alex Bell Jul 23, 2020 866
Protecting our democracy. JULIAN KNIGHT MP FOR SOLIHULL Jul 23, 2020 403
How Devon has been impacted by the lockdown; Devon County Council has assessed the social, economic, health and environmental impacts the coronavirus lockdown measures have had on people across the county. Local democracy reporter Daniel Clark shares the findings. Daniel Clark Jul 23, 2020 2025
China an 'evil empire' harvesting Brits' data through TikTok, claims Mike Pompeo; During his first trip to the UK since the coronavirus pandemic started, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said "freedom loving democracies" must stand up to the likes of China. By, Ryan Merrifield Jul 23, 2020 431
Boris Johnson makes false claim about Keir Starmer to deflect Russia row grilling; The Prime Minister was urged to withdraw an untrue statement about the Labour leader's response to the Salisbury poisonings as pressure grows on the government to get a grip on Russian meddling in UK democracy. By, Mikey Smith Jul 22, 2020 589
BREAKING Russia report declares Moscow cyber-attacks an 'urgent threat' to UK national security; The long-awaited Russia report was finally released today -and despite the grave threat posed to the UK, the government is accused of failing to look out for any influence on our democracy or Brexit. By, Dan Bloom Jul 21, 2020 416
Scottish Independence: 'Russia attempted to influence 2014 referendum' reveals report; The full report on Russian interference in British democracy will be released on Tuesday. Rachel Mackie Jul 21, 2020 690
Coronavirus vaccine: Why good science needs democracy - leader comment; As researchers close in on a Covid-19 coronavirus vaccine, we must remember the importance of democratic freedoms in fostering the right environment for science to flourish. Scotsman Leader Comment Jul 21, 2020 617
Global wealth firms to scrutinise Hong Kong clients for ties with pro-democracy movement. Jul 20, 2020 157
Global wealth firms to scrutinise Hong Kong clients for ties with pro-democracy movement. Jul 20, 2020 155
'Gaming' Scottish proportional electoral system 'is bad for democracy'; David Thompson, a former SNP MSP, last week announced the formation of a new political party, Alliance for Independence, which will compete for list seats in next year's Scottish Parliament elections. Thompson has not been shy about his motivation. "I do believe, tactically, we can gain far more independence-supporting seats by having a different vote on the regional lists," he said. Alison Smith Jul 19, 2020 615
New tyranny would destroy democracy. Jul 17, 2020 197
Scotland's 'Forgotten Martyr' should be honoured on Calton Hill monument - Kenny MacAskill; George Mealmaker's name was wrongly omitted from the Martyrs' Monument on Edinburgh's Calton Hill to Scots transported to Australia for seeking democracy in the 18th century, writes Kenny MacAskill. Kenny MacAskill Jul 15, 2020 461
Hong Kong activist Nathan Law says he is in London after fleeing over China crackdown; Nathan Law, one of Hong Kong's most prominent young pro-democracy activists, fled overseas in response to China imposing a sweeping security law on the city. By, Chris Kitching Jul 13, 2020 509
2022 Commonwealth Games are 'metaphor for the British empire' Call to rethink event which 'exploits' painful history. Mark Cardwell Local Democracy Reporter Jul 9, 2020 793
How Devon will ensure a 'Leicester lockdown' scenario won't happen; Devon has developed plans to prevent a Leicester-style lockdown by providing a rapid response to any future outbreaks of Covid-19 to prevent it from spreading. Local democracy reporter Daniel Clark explains. Daniel Clark Jul 9, 2020 2295
Martin Wolf: 'Democracy will fail if we don't think as citizens'. Jul 8, 2020 2449
Brexit Britain must help Asia's democracies stand up to oppressive China - Jim Sillars; The UK should seek to forge closer trade and political partnerships with democratic countries in the Asia-Pacific region where a great battle of ideas is being played out, writes Jim Sillars. Jim Sillars Jul 6, 2020 1195
'We faced the very real risk of death just for doing our jobs' Frontline NHS consultant Dr Stephen Kelly caught Covid-19 and was unable to see his dad in the final weeks of his life. Here, he speaks to local democracy reporter Jez Hemming. Jul 3, 2020 929
The fears, hopes and sobering reality for rural businesses during Covid-19 lockdown; A farmer, bed and breakfast owner and timber haulier share their experiences as council chiefs approve a draft recovery plan to try to kickstart the economy in one area in Wales. Local democracy reporter Richard Youle reports. Jul 3, 2020 917
Fury as three councillors OK PS10m in budget cuts; ? 'Dark day for democracy' in Aberdeen claims SNP group leader. ALASTAIR GOSSIP Jul 1, 2020 447
Enabling Cultural Policies? Culture, Capabilities, and Citizenship. Naerland, Torgeir Uberg; Hovden, Jan Fredrik; Moe, Hallvard Jul 1, 2020 9053
Translation vis-a-vis democratic deficit in the digital era: Policies, practices and possibilities of institutional translation in increasingly diverse societies. Ruano, M. Rosario Martin Jul 1, 2020 8122
PAIDEIA AND THE SEMIOTICS OF EDUCATING FOR DEMOCRACY. Mackey, Steve Critical essay Jul 1, 2020 10664
Iranian opposition's fight for democracy deserves support. Dr. Majid Rafizadeh Jun 28, 2020 930
Parents ponder what's best for their children as schools get set to open; As schools in Wales prepare to open their doors on Monday for the first time since lockdown, local democracy reporter Hannah Neary caught up with some of the South Wales parents facing up to the decision of whether to send their children back. Hannah Neary Jun 27, 2020 1115
More and earlier flu jabs probable in Devon in bid to protect NHS from winter pressures; Health bosses are pushing for an early winter flu vaccination programme amid fears that hospitals could be overwhelmed if Devon is hit by a second wave of coronavirus at the same time as an outbreak of influenza. Local democracy reporter Daniel Clark explains the fears of the county council's health and adult care scrutiny committee. Daniel Clark Jun 25, 2020 1032
Street Occupations, Neglected Democracy, and Contested Neoliberalism in Hong Kong. Martinez, Miguel A. Jun 22, 2020 9266
Class and nation in the age of populism: The forward march of labour restarted? Socialist organising among the new working class is the best way to defeat right-wing populism. de Miranda, Alvaro Jun 22, 2020 7881
WHAT'S LEFT OF THE 'END OF HISTORY'? Primrose, David Jun 22, 2020 5203
'Hancock's deliberate slip could hit public confidence' By TONY EARNSHAW Local Democracy Reporter @LdrTony; politicians speak out over revelation of kirklees covid-19 outbreak. TONY EARNSHAW Local Democracy Reporter @LdrTony Jun 20, 2020 943
Red star over Hong Kong; We've all seen the protests in Hong Kong highlighting the protection of 'one country, two systems' and the 'erosion' of democracy via a series of new laws from China. But these protests also spill out on to the football pitch, finds journalist and broadcaster Tim Hartley... Tim Hartley.. Jun 20, 2020 2011
Pedalling fast to ride mood swing to cycling option; Pop-up cycling schemes are capitalising on a renewed interest in alternative modes of transport as cars sat idle during lockdown. Schemes to make it safer and easier for people to cycle to work and reduce reliance on cars are being implemented across Devon. Local democracy reporter Daniel Clark investigates. Daniel Clark Jun 18, 2020 1367
'If you go to a beautiful place, what on earth possesses you to leave rubbish?' As lockdown has eased, so littering and fly-tipping across Wales has increased. Local democracy reporter Richard Youle grabbed some black bags and a litter grabber and headed to the hills... Jun 17, 2020 1204
EU despises democracy. Jun 15, 2020 289
EU despises democracy. Jun 15, 2020 288
Democracy inadequate. Jun 11, 2020 584
Why there's still a lonuntil health board is fg way to go fighting fit; FIVE YEARS OF BETSI IN SPECIAL MEASURES JEZ HEMMING ON WHAT STILL NEEDS TO HAPPEN TO O GET BETSI BACK ON TRACK. JEZ HEMMING Local Democracy Reporter Jun 10, 2020 1732
Fury at politician's return; Democracy: Man behind discriminatory comments back with Tory party. ALASTAIR GOSSIP Jun 9, 2020 352
MP forced to miss votes to protect partner. HERBERT SODEN Local Democracy Reporter Jun 9, 2020 797
Wind turbines blueprint is branded 'meaningless' Scottish Government accused of undermining local democracy. DAVID MACKAY Jun 8, 2020 483
Democracy in retreat. Abbas Nasir Jun 7, 2020 1114
UK's antiquated ideas transcend democracy. Jun 5, 2020 299
'Local lockdowns' could be used to control virus outbreaks; Councils across Devon will lead the new test and trace response across the county, which were rolled out nationally on Monday. Local democracy reporter Ed Oldfield outlines the new Government plan which will see 'Team Devon' test and track staff focus on hotspots in towns or villages to prevent the virus spreading. Ed Oldfield Jun 4, 2020 1076
Participation and Media: Comparative Analysis of Anti-Austerity in the Eurozone Crisis: Introduction. Vicente-Marino, Miguel; Papaioannou, Tao; Dahlgren, Peter Jun 1, 2020 4250
Governing Hate Content Online: How the Rechtsstaat Shaped the Policy Discourse on the NetzDG in Germany. He, Danya Jun 1, 2020 9383
Meeting called to debate lack of meetings. ALEX METCALFE Local democracy reporter @Mecs_LDR May 30, 2020 1393
Durham Dom affair stabs at the heart of our democracy. Will Hayward Welsh Journalist of the Year 2019 May 29, 2020 883
Former First Minister Henry McLeish on visiting death row; The evolution of civilised behaviour, indicating a retreat from barbarism, has become a distinctive feature of most modern western democracies, but America often disappoints, retaining practices that shock, sadden, and in my case, nearly made me physically sick. Henry McLeish May 12, 2020 1153
Rangers tell SPFL: run league like a democracy, not a dictatorship; Ibrox MD Stewart Robertson goes on attack as dossier is finally released. STEPHEN HALLIDAY May 7, 2020 1460
Devon councils 'plunging headfirst into black hole of debt' despite extra PS33m; Councils across Devon are fearing for their financial futures after the Covid-19 crisis effectively cut off virtually all revenue streams. And despite another PS33milllion in Government funding, councils say more is needed to prevent their complete financial collapse. Local democracy reporter Daniel Clark spoke to them. Daniel Clark May 7, 2020 1816
Political Power Sharing and Crosscutting Media Exposure: How Institutional Features Affect Exposure to Different Views. Castro, Laia; Nir, Lilach May 1, 2020 8323
Professional Autonomy and Structural Influences: Exploring How Homicides, Perceived Insecurity, Aggressions Against Journalists, and Inequalities Affect Perceived Journalistic Autonomy in Colombia. Garces-Prettel, Miguel; Arroyave-Cabrera, Jesus; Baltar-Moreno, Adolfo May 1, 2020 9105
How democracies can beat the pandemic. Apr 6, 2020 1013
'The nursing and medical staff here are brilliant - everybody has embraced the challenge and asked: 'What can we do?' How are frontline NHS workers dealing with the onslaught of Covid-19 cases? Local democracy reporter Richard Youle spent the day with staff at south Wales hospitals. Apr 3, 2020 1366
Public Opinion Polling and Post-truth Politics in Indonesia. Tomsa, Dirk Apr 1, 2020 10456
Social Media and Fake News in the Post-Truth Era: The Manipulation of Politics in the Election Process. Yerlikaya, Turgay; Aslan, Seca Toker Mar 22, 2020 7039
"The Culture of Contempt": Anti-Semitism in the UK. Hirsh, David Mar 22, 2020 2063
'The first time I wasn't allowed in a mosque was here in Wales' In his latest Martin Shipton Meets podcast, our chief reporter talks with Shereen Williams, originally from Singapore and now chief executive of the Local Democracy and Boundary Commission for Wales. Mar 11, 2020 1097
Public 'may lose faith in democracy'. Mar 1, 2020 256
Channel 4 boss who called PM a 'liar' warns people are losing faith in democracy; Veteran journalist Dorothy Byrne, the channel's head of news, said she was concerned about people's "low opinion" of politicians among the general public. By, Alex Green Mar 1, 2020 768
Communicating Academic Knowledge Beyond the Written Academic Text: An Autoethnographic Analysis of the Mirror Palace of Democracy Installation Experiment. Carpentier, Nico Mar 1, 2020 8845
Unionists must make positive case for UK as a multi-cultural, liberal democracy -- Murdo Fraser. Feb 25, 2020 1139
'Scotland's a democracy. If VAR can't be installed at Montrose, ditch it'. Feb 23, 2020 553
Let's stop being complicit in stealing democracy from people of Malawi. Feb 23, 2020 667
Still tough fight to secure democracy; LETTERS Get in touch - tell us what you think Email: Twitter: @coventrytelegraph Facebook: Post: Coventry Telegraph, Leicester Row, Canal Basin, Coventry, CV1 4LY. Letter to the editor Feb 20, 2020 229
Student body to hold a vote on indyref2; DEMOCRACY. Feb 8, 2020 226
Pressing questions; Why PM's bid to silence media critics is danger to democracy. jason beattie Head of Politics Feb 6, 2020 942
Pressing questions; Why PM's bid to silence media critics is danger to democracy. JASON BEATTIE Head of Politics Feb 6, 2020 942
Pakistan, the lone survivor. Feb 3, 2020 1230
Neotraditional authority contested: the corporatization of tradition and the quest for democracy in the Topnaar Traditional Authority, Namibia. Kramer, Mario Feb 1, 2020 10062
Political Parallelism in Transitional Media Systems: The Case of Libya. Wollenberg, Anja; Richter, Carola Feb 1, 2020 9015
Dissatisfaction with democracy 'at record high'. Press Association Jan 29, 2020 535
Planning calls overturned; Council: National officials accused of 'riding roughshod' over democracy. DAVID MACKAY Jan 23, 2020 345
Democracy fear over Lords move. Jan 21, 2020 174
Democracy fear over Lords move. Jan 21, 2020 174
Regional democracy backfired on Labour. Jan 21, 2020 316
Ian Blackford says Boris is 'disgraceful' for failing to reveal 'Russian interference' in UK democracy. Jan 20, 2020 372
Tories oppose an indyref in the 2020s; ? Blackford labels prime minister 'democracy denier'. TOM PETERKIN AND DAN O'DONOGHUE Jan 16, 2020 545
Sturgeon's idea of democracy is fake; Letters to the editor Write to: Letters to the editor, The Press and Journal, 1 Marischal Square, Broad Street, Aberdeen, AB10 1BL. email: All letters are subject to editing and must include your full address and daytime telephone number for verification. Thank you. Letter to the editor Jan 16, 2020 131
Tories oppose an indyref in the 2020s; POLITICS ? Blackford labels prime minister 'democracy denier'. TOM PETERKIN AND DAN O'DONOGHUE Jan 16, 2020 545
A mature decision on electoral reform. Jan 16, 2020 384
'Democracy denier' Boris Johnson tells SNP to 'change the record' on Scottish independence. Jan 15, 2020 301
Why Tories' Madrid-style stance on indyref2 will backfire on unionists -- Kenny MacAskill. Jan 15, 2020 851
New BBC politics show launches to shine spotlight on issues in the North away from Westminster; A new politics programme is being launched by the BBC this weekend which will focus on 'local democracy' in the North of England. Kathryn Riddell Jan 10, 2020 353
Ex-MP calls for rethink on changes to constituencies; Democracy in Wales is threatened by proposed boundary reforms, according to Davies. DOMINIC ROBERTSON Jan 3, 2020 351
Whoever is mayor after the election in May, this will be biggest year yet; The race is on to be mayor. Local Democracy Reporter TOM DARE explains why the role matters. TOM DARE Jan 3, 2020 1116
Changing face of Devon: The major projects lined up for the 2020s; Local democracy reporter Daniel Clark takes a look at the big projects which will change the shape of Exeter and the surrounding area in the next decade. Daniel Clark Jan 2, 2020 1409
THE RADICAL FREEDOM OF THE IMAGINARY IN CASTORIADIS. Papadimitropoulos, Vangelis Jan 1, 2020 8413
Digital Platform Policy and Regulation: Toward a Radical Democratic Turn. Cammaerts, Bart; Mansell, Robin Jan 1, 2020 8827
"Obstinate Partisanship": Political Discussion Attributes Effects on the Development of Unconditional Party Loyalty. Ardevol-Abreu, Alberto; de Zuniga, Homero Gil Jan 1, 2020 9171
The Expansion of Prevent: On the Politics of Legibility, Opacity and Decolonial Critique. Cruickshank, Justin Jan 1, 2020 8672
Who's on first? Is there a "modern convention" for minority governments? Morley, Gareth Jan 1, 2020 5165
The Saga of Candid Political Struggle of Benazir Bhutto to Restore Democracy in Pakistan. Muhammad Azeem and Dr. Asif Salim Dec 31, 2019 5407
On Cultures. Dec 25, 2019 618
The international institutional turn: the missing ingredient in Labour's new political economy. Adler, David Dec 22, 2019 5005
Deliberative democracy and the devolution of power in Camden. Gould, Georgia Dec 22, 2019 3951
Democracy mantra must go full circle. Dusty Bin Dec 20, 2019 448
UK voters win a moral victory for democracy. Allan Jacob (Fine Print) Dec 13, 2019 691
Democracy can only be built upon the will of the electorate. Dec 13, 2019 180
December poll is dark day for our democracy. TOBY NEAL Dec 12, 2019 815
December poll is dark day for our democracy. TOBY NEAL Dec 12, 2019 815
Personal vendetta will ruin democracy, warns Khawaja Asif. Javaid-ur-Rahman Dec 10, 2019 651
Can the youth speak up in next week's UK elections? Chandrahas Choudhury Dec 7, 2019 1027
I'm playing my part in the delivery of democracy; COUNCIL'S RETURNING OFFICER ON ORGANISING CITY'S FIFTH VOTE IN YEAR. DANIEL HOLLAND Local democracy reporter @danhollandnews Dec 5, 2019 704
The castle that's a true bastion of our democracy; ...and it's not the only north east polling station on the odd side. DANIEL HOLLAND Local Democracy Reporter Dec 5, 2019 476
Not everyone gets their wish; Stirling viewLETTERS TO THE EDITOR. Letter to the editor Dec 4, 2019 368
UK democracy being hollowed out by election lies. Chris Doyle Dec 3, 2019 1001
The 2001 ECOWAS Supplementary Protocol on Democracy in Light of Recent Developments in the Sub-Region of Africa. Basiru, Adeniyi S.; Salawu, Mashud L.A.; Adepoju, Adewale Dec 1, 2019 7574
Local Democracy and the Media: Can hyperlocals fill the gap? Jangdal, Lottie Dec 1, 2019 7299
Introduction, Special Issue 'Development, Democracy and Culture'. Clammer, John; Vickery, Jonathan Dec 1, 2019 3946
An Unsustainable Modernity: democracy, the global climate emergency and environmental ethics. Smart, Barry Dec 1, 2019 11660

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