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Countryside Properties enjoys "very strong" demand from local authorities. Jan 24, 2020 392
SOLACE Annual Elections Conference 2020. Conference news Jan 23, 2020 2067
Time for a quantum leap in the UK's voting system. Chris Game Jan 23, 2020 994
Tory leadership hopeful hears business rates fears; Politics: Concerns raised over the devolution of powers to local authorities. ALASTAIR GOSSIP Jan 23, 2020 464
Decline in performance and slow pace slammed; Audit watchdog orders local authority to improve its progress. SUSY MACAULAY Jan 23, 2020 520
Local government employers accused of creating "unnecessary" pay delay. Jan 23, 2020 496
Memory Lane. Jan 22, 2020 494
Council loses plan ruling; Appeal: Local authority stance on accommodation facility 'unreasonable'. Jan 21, 2020 475
Council leaders back Starmer Labour bid. Jan 20, 2020 176
Council given key areas to improve; TOWN HALL CONSIDERS RECOMMENDATIONS IN GOVERNMENT REPORT. TONY EARNSHAW Local Democracy Reporter @LdrTony Jan 17, 2020 831
Masroor Barzani discusses with the British military delegation the latest developments on the Iraqi scene and the region. Jan 15, 2020 124
Scottish Labour party chiefs block two female politicians from competing for deputy job on joint ticket. Jan 15, 2020 711
SNP austerity simply cannot continue -- Richard Leonard. Jan 14, 2020 1068
Paid leave call for abuse victims; NEWS IN BRIEF. Jan 14, 2020 162
Hcc 01/20 Pre-procurement Market Engagement (ppme) Options For Disposal And/or Treatment Of Hertfordshire~s Residual Local Authority Collected Waste. Jan 14, 2020 321
The Regeneration Of The Crystal Palace Concert Platform. Jan 14, 2020 181
SNP backlash against prospect of celebrations to mark Brexit day. Jan 13, 2020 525
Hall marks; LETTERS TO THE EDITOR. Letter to the editor Jan 13, 2020 249
Cuts leading to 'cracks' in communities, Cosla says; Budgets: Finance secretary being urged to invest more in local government. TOM PETERKIN POLITICAL EDITOR Jan 13, 2020 492
5,000 families in Pagadian to benefit from housing program. Jan 11, 2020 311
Thousands of cheap homes lost as builders use loophole to escape planning rules; When you're building expensive homes, planning rules force developers to make some affordble ones for people to buy or rent too -but companies have found a loophole. By, James Andrews Jan 11, 2020 500
Gb-london: Childrens Social Care Nationwide Sufficiency Statement. Jan 10, 2020 106
New BBC politics show launches to shine spotlight on issues in the North away from Westminster; A new politics programme is being launched by the BBC this weekend which will focus on 'local democracy' in the North of England. Kathryn Riddell Jan 10, 2020 353
City Hall needs a shake-up if it is to deliver for all Londoners. Susan Hall Jan 9, 2020 667
Could the PM's zeal to devolve dissolve in 2020? Chris Game Jan 9, 2020 987
Scottish Government announces licensing scheme for Airbnbs. Jan 8, 2020 1020
Frontbench Westminster team is revised; SNP. Jan 8, 2020 258
Call for councillors to have a wage. Jan 7, 2020 304
60 Years After I Was Born, Nigeria Still A Toddler -Odinaka Azubuike. Jan 5, 2020 1192
'Crack down' as fly-tipping cases rocket. NADA FARHOUD Environment Editor Jan 4, 2020 116
'Crackdown' as fly-tipping cases rocket. NADA FARHOUD Environment Editor Jan 4, 2020 116
Revealed: Nearly 400 families left without a home; charity calls for government to act. ALICE CACHIA ECHO Correspondent @LIVECHONEWS Jan 3, 2020 520
UC Saghri allegedly secretary tampers with official birth register. Israr Ahmad Jan 3, 2020 783
Reserve's owners still negotiating with NRW. LIZ BRADFIELD Local Democracy Reporter Jan 2, 2020 372
Reserve's owners still negotiating with NRW. LIZ BRADFIELD Local Democracy Reporter Jan 2, 2020 726
Service will remain as councillor's legacy. Jan 2, 2020 311
Councils use spy tactics in scores of covert probes; North local authorities exploit controversial 'snooping' powers. CALUM ROSS Jan 2, 2020 200
Additional £35 million for Violence Reduction Units. Dec 30, 2019 786
The hundreds of Berkshire families facing life with no permanent home; And a staggering 1,436 children were homeless and living in temporary accommodation according to data from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government. Alice Cachia Dec 30, 2019 632
Council told to pay after 'threat' to immigrant mum of two; AUTHORITY MUST APOLOGISE FOR CALLING HER LIAR OVER HER STATUS. GEORGE MAKIN Local Democracy Reporter Dec 28, 2019 603
The staggering number of homeless children and families in Croydon; There has been a big rise from the previous year. getwestlondon Dec 28, 2019 596
Spaceport plans and an old Mars create a whirl t. Dec 27, 2019 696
Cabs, bailiffs and the 'dustbin of the North West' - one council's controversial year; 2019 has been tricky for one local authority. Christopher McKeon Dec 26, 2019 1178
United Kingdom : New law to make it easier for more people in Wales to stand to be local councillors. Dec 26, 2019 498
British father, two children drown in Spanish pool on Christmas eve. Reuters News Service Dec 24, 2019 176
New figures show hundreds of families don't have a permanent place to live. ALICE CACHIA & MADELEINE CLARK Dec 23, 2019 562
London calls on the Kurdistan Region and Baghdad to solve the outstanding problems according to the decisions of the constitution. Dec 22, 2019 146
UK, Ireland pause talks to restore Northern Ireland's regional govt. - FT. Dec 21, 2019 203
Thousands of families in region are homeless. ALICE CACHIA @MENNEWSDESK Dec 20, 2019 267
Plans to phase out single-use plastic in Wales. RUTH MOSALSKI Political Editor Dec 20, 2019 753
Wales 'to be zero waste by 2050 and cut plastics' Wales aims to become the world leader in recycling. ruth mosalski Political editor Dec 20, 2019 721
Wales sets out goal to be free of plastics. Dec 20, 2019 175
New figures show hundreds of families don't have a permanent place to live; This includes more than 700 children. Madeleine Clark Dec 20, 2019 678
Wales to be 'zero waste by 2050' and phase out single use plastics; The Welsh Government says single use plastic will be phased out. Ruth Mosalski Dec 20, 2019 697
Anglesey, Gwynedd and Welsh NHS set for cash boost - but austerity not over. Dec 18, 2019 388
Landmark decision over new bridge is celebrated; Local authority will take control of the proposed replacement. DAVID MACKAY Dec 18, 2019 401
United Kingdom : GADs review of the Local Government Pension Scheme (Scotland). Dec 18, 2019 412
United Kingdom : Civic society to discuss Scotlands future. Dec 18, 2019 333
Welcome for 'more positive settlement'. Dec 17, 2019 547
Finance boost for all departments as draft budget is revealed. martin shipton Chief reporter Dec 17, 2019 909
Cash boost for all departments as draft budget for Wales revealed. MARTIN SHIPTON Chief reporter Dec 17, 2019 1116
New CLA Cymru director champions 'rural powerhouse'. Dec 17, 2019 460
Britain welcomes the agreement between the Kurdistan region and the federal Finance regarding the next budget. Dec 17, 2019 162
United Kingdom : Minister announces 6bn funding settlement for Wales councils. Dec 17, 2019 599
United Kingdom : A budget for the NHS and the future of our planet. Dec 17, 2019 581
Councils take abuse fight to Westminster. DOUGLAS BARRIE Dec 16, 2019 196
GAD's review of the Local Government Pension Scheme (Scotland). Dec 16, 2019 353
MBRSG holds 'Future Trip 3' programme in London. Dec 15, 2019 351
PS600m boost for public services in Wales - 'but more money is needed'. martin shipton Chief reporter Dec 13, 2019 1287
Council sorry over migrant row. MEGAN ARCHER Dec 13, 2019 373
Fears over Scottish plan to devolve rates; Retail groups have slammed proposals to devolve powers to councils. ROBIN MANNERING Dec 13, 2019 317
8006 Local Authority Staffing Survey 2019 - 2024. Dec 11, 2019 126
Council leader honoured with new role. Dec 7, 2019 198
Party heavyweights on campaign trail. DAVID IRWIN Local Democracy Reporter Dec 6, 2019 413
Move to stop tax rise for private schools rejected; Holyrood: MSPs oppose Tory amendments to Bill. TOM PETERKIN Dec 5, 2019 329
United Kingdom : Scottish citizens want local councils to embrace digital tech and build smarter cities. Dec 5, 2019 734
Scotland's private schools to start paying full tax from next year. Dec 4, 2019 723
Dunraven Educational Trust Cleaning Services Tender. Dec 3, 2019 216
Closing Ceremony of the FATA University English Works! Program - Press Release issued by FATA University. Dec 3, 2019 251
Chance to have say on council's plans to increase council tax. Nov 30, 2019 347
United Kingdom : Welsh housing organisations welcome government commitment to partly introduce right to adequate housing into Welsh law. Nov 30, 2019 286
Smart Energy, Greater Lincolnshire, Energy Conservation Measures For Public Buildings Grimsby Auditorium Boiler Replacement. Nov 30, 2019 183
United States : Senate Passes Leahy Bill To Formalize National Cybersecurity Preparedness Consortium, With Norwich University As A Key Training Center. Nov 27, 2019 398
General Election 2019: Labour pledge to expand teams set up to tackle violent crimes; The Labour Party has promised to expand 18 units with an average of 20 additional officers each in police forces tackling the highest rates of gang-related violent crime. By, Catherine Wylie & Tanveer Mann Nov 27, 2019 475
We need to restore budgets for councils. Beth Farhat Nov 25, 2019 354
Call to create forum for Grenfell findings; UK & AROUND THE WORLD. Nov 25, 2019 175
Call to create forum for Grenfell findings; UK & AROUND THE WORLD. Nov 25, 2019 175
Tollesby shops, West Lane Hospital and Tees AMP: Andy McDonald is seeking re-election; The 61-year-old politician answers questions from Local Democracy Reporter James Cain in this lengthy interview. James Cain Nov 24, 2019 3122
Australia : Bushfire assistance extended to Somerset local government area. Nov 22, 2019 225
Fewer councils for greater efficiency. Nov 21, 2019 147
Update voting system, give people a voice. Nov 21, 2019 185
P5403 Local Authority Property Furnishings Framework. Nov 21, 2019 239
P5403 Local Authority Property Furnishings Framework. Nov 21, 2019 191
Top Tory Priti Patel arrogantly says poverty 'isn't the Tory government's fault'; The Social Metrics Commission found there are 14.3million people in poverty in Britain but Priti Patel tried to pass the buck to local authorities. By, Dan Bloom & Matthew Dresch Nov 21, 2019 333
PS1m crisis grants given out to needy; MSP'staggered'at 12,000 figure. ALASTAIR MCNEILL Nov 20, 2019 346
Campaigners' joy over elections Bill. Nov 20, 2019 162
London urged to become 'more open' through local authorities. STEFAN BOSCIA @Stefan_Boscia Nov 20, 2019 211
Gb-middlesbrough: Nhc Offline Analysers. Nov 20, 2019 151
Job promise to veterans; council will ensure ex-military get interview for local authority roles. TONY EARNSHAW Local Democracy Reporter @LdrTony Nov 18, 2019 485
Liberal Democrats focus on tourism in towns that have been 'left behind'. Nov 18, 2019 178
Liberal Democrats focus on tourism in towns that have been 'left behind'. Nov 18, 2019 178
Retail bosses call for pedestrianised area; ? 'Urgent action' required for Union Street car ban. EXCLUSIVE BY JON HEBDITCH LOCAL GOVERNMENT REPORTER Nov 18, 2019 793
SNP chiefs celebrate after winning hat-trick of new councillors in local authority by-elections. Nov 15, 2019 315
Building firm joins housing framework. Nov 12, 2019 197
Gb-london: Evaluation Of Sector-led Improvement 2020. Nov 12, 2019 189
Gb-london: Evaluation Of Sector-led Improvement 2020. Nov 12, 2019 130
'Reciprocal arrangements' pledge over UK citizens' freedom to move; LABOUR. Nov 11, 2019 347
Current pension system hurts taxpayers, workers. Nov 11, 2019 1446
Fears Teesside councils have 'absolutely no control' over taxi drivers licensed in Wolverhampton; Inter-council tensions over taxi licensing rules continue to rumble on. Local Democracy Reporter Alex Metcalfe takes an in-depth look at the saga. Alex Metcalfe Nov 10, 2019 2106
Push for compulsory sales to help the homeless. Nov 10, 2019 370
Why is Coventry not in Warwickshire? The city's historic connections with the county are strong; The city's historic connections with the county are strong. Enda Mullen Nov 9, 2019 505
How should we view the art that's held behind the scenes? North East local authorities hold a surprisingly rich array of artworks in storage. WILL METCALFE and HERBERT SODEN have been taking a look. WILL METCALFE Nov 8, 2019 1262
Case for reform is overwhelming. Nov 8, 2019 401
Conservatives will battle for Brum. ROBERT JENKIN Nov 7, 2019 396
Leader has high hopes for future as board starts work. ANTHONY LEWIS Local democracy reporter Nov 6, 2019 536
United Kingdom : New league table reveals electric car charging availability across UK as Transport Secretary calls on local authorities to do more. Nov 6, 2019 435
United Kingdom : New parking code could give motorists 10-minute grace period in private car parks. Nov 6, 2019 450
Gb-middlesbrough: Nhc Multiplexed Measurement Of Rna, Dna, Protein. Nov 6, 2019 166
New 'league table' reveals electric car charging availability across UK as Transport Secretary calls on local authorities to do more. Nov 4, 2019 637
New parking code could give motorists 10-minute grace period in private car parks. Nov 4, 2019 533
Government in move to arrest towns' decline. JONATHAN WALKER Political Editor Nov 2, 2019 542
Midland towns could cash in on PS3.6bn government pot. JONATHAN WALKER Political Editor Nov 2, 2019 380
Blueprint for 100 multi-million pound Town Deals revealed. Nov 1, 2019 732
Cross-border Western Gateway will form new 'powerhouse' in UK economy. Nov 1, 2019 718
Law must protect ALL public service staff from violent attacks; union call after 37,000 assaults Report highlights scale of problem. CHARLIE GALL Oct 31, 2019 383
Provision Of Treasury Management Services And Provision Of Annual Abstract Of Accounts Training And Technical Guidance For Ni Local Authorities And Nihe. Oct 31, 2019 119
Board to oversee improvements. anthony lewis Local Democracy Reporter Oct 26, 2019 632
Changes at council to be overseen by new board. ANTHONY LEWIS Local democracy reporter Oct 26, 2019 527
Tributes to respected journalist Brian Walters, 72. Oct 23, 2019 781
N.Irish Lawmakers Fail To Thwart Abortion Law Change In Rare Assembly Sitting. AFP News Oct 21, 2019 519
N. Irish Lawmakers Sit To Oppose Abortion Reform. AFP News Oct 21, 2019 440
Canadians seek Scots' right to roam. Oct 20, 2019 590
Votes of EU citizens living in county are threatened. Oct 19, 2019 309
United Kingdom : Engaging young people early key to creating cohesive communities. Oct 18, 2019 554
The PM of the Kurdistan Regional Government discusses with a British military official developments in the situation on the Syrian and Iraqi arenas. Oct 15, 2019 164
MP's plea for bridge cash refused. Oct 12, 2019 207
Scotland's crucial clash with Japan could be played behind closed doors as decision looms. Oct 12, 2019 527
MP's plea for bridge cash is refused by Westminster; Funding : UK ministry declares that money is reserved 'for England only'. RACHEL LEE Oct 11, 2019 324
Gb-london: Improving Practice And Building Capacity In Councils In 2019/2020. Oct 10, 2019 114
Nicola Sturgeon: Workplace parking levy shows Scottish Government 'devolving' more powers. Oct 10, 2019 567
City's youngest member up for award - again. Oct 9, 2019 228
Provision Of Internal Audit Services. Oct 9, 2019 228
Intervention call snubbed. Oct 3, 2019 211
Theory of devolution to be reality. Jonathan Walker Oct 3, 2019 856
Thousands missing from vote register. LUCINDA CAMERON Oct 3, 2019 120
Esol For Refugees: Workshops And Toolkit. Oct 3, 2019 191
Gb-middlesbrough: Nhc Toc & Tn. Oct 3, 2019 148
Argyll and Bute given PS25m boost. LEWIS MCKENZIE Oct 2, 2019 119
Clothes Banks: undressing the truth More local authorities have run commercially than far more textile banks realise are run for commercial. MICHAEL GOODIER Oct 2, 2019 711
Gb-middlesbrough: Nhc Robot. Sep 28, 2019 152
Council blasted for 'elite' decision-making process; Committee chairman wants local authority's voice to be heard. LOUISE GLEN Sep 26, 2019 356
FILM CHOICE. Sep 24, 2019 520
FILM CHOICE. Sep 24, 2019 520
Council leader's title after honour. Sep 23, 2019 148
Newport council leader off to the Lords. Sep 21, 2019 139
Councillor confirms new Lords title. Sep 21, 2019 139
Barn conversions 'hit infrastructure'. Sep 21, 2019 230
Barn conversions 'hit infrastructure'. Sep 21, 2019 230
Gb-london: Taking A Public Health Approach To Tackling Serious Violent Crime. Sep 20, 2019 165
North East rail users promised cheaper fares and faster trains - on one condition; The region's leaders have welcomed Prime Minister Boris Johnson's announcement that he wants to hand over control of fares, timetables, trains and stations to local authorities. Sep 19, 2019 420
SOUNDING BORED? SNP group say they've heard enough talk and won't join budget debate. Sep 18, 2019 472
Law may provide sanitary products; HOLYROOD. Sep 17, 2019 106
Call for views for independent review into local authority audit. Sep 17, 2019 611
How can we have a drug addiction task force full of people who don't know about drug addiction? just one of team had 'lived experience' Selection not wide enough, say critics. Sep 16, 2019 552
PS3.5bn rail network upgrade would help city become better connected. Sep 16, 2019 466
Provision of free sanitary products could become legal duty in Scotland. Sep 16, 2019 202
One family made homeless every six hours in Berkshire; Steps are being made across the county to reduce the number of people living in temporary accommodation. Sep 15, 2019 630
How much women get paid to work for the council - compared with male colleagues; Some of Merseyside's local authorities have a much bigger gap than others. Sep 14, 2019 787
Thousands sign up to protect nature reserve. Sep 13, 2019 736
Jenrick fast-tracks Midlands Engine growth Package. Sep 13, 2019 405
Homelessness at a 10-year high; UK & WORLD. Sep 13, 2019 123
Homelessness at a 10-year high; UK & WORLD. Sep 13, 2019 123
United Kingdom : Review of electoral arrangements: Orkney Islands council area public consultation. Sep 12, 2019 423
Council leader's elevated role. Sep 11, 2019 251
INCA announces surge in members as focus on 21st century digital infrastructure intensifies; Latest 34 new members include established and new operators, vendors and many local authorities, as tenth annual conference agenda is confirmed. Conference news Sep 11, 2019 874
Push for swifter funds allocation by Crown Estate; Coastal: Council in plea to Scottish Government. Sep 7, 2019 321
100 places to benefit from new Towns Fund. Sep 6, 2019 780
From strong community links to global partnerships: why Bury Church of England High School is so special ADVERTISING FEATURE; SEE THE SCHOOL FOR YOURSELF AT ITS OPEN EVENING ON THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 12. Sep 5, 2019 988
SNP MSP questions Scottish Government priorities after manifesto pledge dropped. Sep 4, 2019 553
Steve goes with flow into new role. Sep 4, 2019 279
Housing field gets boost of PS600 million. Sep 4, 2019 386
Council services could be 'unrecognisable'. Sep 4, 2019 498
Caspar, the Case Management Solution for Local Authorities, Private Legal Deputies & Appointees, Turns 13. Sep 2, 2019 790
Call for powers to battle HGV 'mayhem' on roads. Aug 31, 2019 431
Call for action to stop lorries 'causing havoc'. Aug 31, 2019 361
Call for action to stop lorries 'causing havoc'. Aug 31, 2019 361
Government pledges £30 million to bolster ports for Brexit. Aug 30, 2019 551
London mayor Sadiq Khan urges government to devolve powers. Aug 30, 2019 139
Call to stop fracking plan after quakes; NEWS WIRE. Aug 29, 2019 194
What foundations should we be building housing policy on? How do councils ensure they provide the right housing mix for the communities they serve? CHRIS BINDING looks at the efforts of one North East local authority. Aug 29, 2019 1174
United Kingdom : Ministers & Local Government leaders urge UK Government to increase spending to meet the demands of public services in Wales. Aug 29, 2019 276
'Catastrophic' council cuts. Aug 28, 2019 657
Phe - Corporate - Fiscal And Pricing Policies To Improve Public Health. Aug 28, 2019 152
Council tax bills up but 'still not enough'. Aug 27, 2019 447
United Kingdom : More than 3.5 million for Maesteg Town Hall redevelopment. Aug 27, 2019 471
National Body For Home Improvement Agencies. Aug 27, 2019 196
Provision Of Qa/qc Services. Aug 24, 2019 262
Beach Ballroom remains council-run after U-turn; Buildings: Local authority claims decision is the best one for taxpayers. Aug 23, 2019 450
Funding needed 'to prepare for no-deal disaster'. Aug 22, 2019 458
Councils reach crisis point as funding slashed. Aug 22, 2019 546
Call for local authorities to get power to replace council tax; REVENUE. Aug 22, 2019 253
Gb-london: Psaa Procurement And Market Supply Options Review. Aug 21, 2019 109
Homes boosted by battery technology; Lower bills for Raploch tenants. Aug 21, 2019 511
Austerity not over for councils forced to make huge cuts. Aug 21, 2019 559
£9 million announced to get ports and local areas ready for Brexit. Aug 21, 2019 1156
Local councils are at breaking point thanks to [pounds sterling]5bn funding shortfall; Gateshead council was one of a number of authorities issuing a warning about funding for transport, culture, housing and more. Aug 21, 2019 621
Search is on for chief executive of incoming 'special health board' RECRUITMENT. Aug 19, 2019 250
Street counting on your vote to get PS15k prize. Aug 16, 2019 478
Minister gets view of what's coming Next. Aug 16, 2019 570
Home Office on lockdown after stabbing. Aug 16, 2019 183
Man stabbed outside the Home Office. Aug 16, 2019 459
We are now in Brexit extra time; BY PAISLEY AND RENFREWSHIRE SOUTH MP MHAIRI BLACK PAINT IT BLACK. Aug 14, 2019 633
Fossil fuel funds 'unsustainable'. Aug 14, 2019 413
2020 Design Conference - Audio Visual Conference Package Services. Conference news Aug 14, 2019 210
PS880k windfall for force to help tackle violent crime. Aug 13, 2019 232
'Everything we did was about improving the quality of care' A few years ago, you may well have described NHS Northumberland Clinical Commissioning Group as a basket case. Local democracy reporter Ben O'Connell hears how the organisation, which plans and buys the county's healthcare, turned itself around to be rated good last month. Aug 13, 2019 2175
United Kingdom : Funding for Violence Reduction Units announced. Aug 13, 2019 410
Minister visits 'trail blazing' factory. Aug 12, 2019 264
Cost of council complaints revealed in full; FAILURE TO HELP AUTISTIC BOY MOST SERIOUS CASE. Aug 9, 2019 534
PM picks man to champion the West Midlands; Johnson calls on Black Country-born MP to give region a voice at cabinet level. Aug 8, 2019 666
'Think again' UNISON tells government on LGPS plans. Aug 8, 2019 492
United Kingdom : Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council. Aug 7, 2019 854
Concern over job for Brexit Party candidate. Aug 6, 2019 599
Provision Of Internal Audit Services. Aug 6, 2019 235
Red faces as adviser is also a Brexit candidate. Aug 5, 2019 586
Concerns over councils' mounting pension deficits. Aug 2, 2019 642
PTI local leader accused of tampering UC birth record. Aug 2, 2019 598
New Midlands Engine Champion Robert Jenrick backs the Midlands from the heart of government. Aug 1, 2019 583
Pension fund to move toward low carbon index tracking fund. Jul 31, 2019 383
United States : FEMA Approves States Request to Provide Disaster Assistance to Local Governments Recovering from Flooding and Storms. Jul 30, 2019 466
Gb-london: Increasing Apprenticeship Starts In Local Government. Jul 29, 2019 172
Lord Bourne resigns in protest over Boris no-deal. Jul 27, 2019 538
Local Government Pension Scheme (lgps) Pensions Administration System. Jul 25, 2019 112
Pensions Systemlocal Government Pension Scheme (lgps) Pensions Administration System. Jul 24, 2019 174
Local Government Pension Scheme (lgps) Pensions Administration System. Jul 24, 2019 128
This is how much CWaC spent on travel expenses between 2017 and 2019; The local authority paid out [pounds sterling]286 on a train ticket from Chester to London Euston. Jul 21, 2019 473
This is how much CWaC spent on travel expenses between 2017 and 2019; The local authority paid out [pounds sterling]286 on a train ticket from Chester to London Euston. Jul 21, 2019 473
Prisons Clinical It System. Jul 20, 2019 182
Gb-middlesbrough: Nhc Automated Electrophoresis For Nuclei Acid Quality Control For Ngs Application. Jul 19, 2019 167
Gb-middlesbrough: Nhc Gas Chromatography-mass Spectrometry. Jul 19, 2019 159
Council chief set to retire. Jul 17, 2019 505
Young people gather to discuss future leaders. Jul 17, 2019 458
United Kingdom : First Minister sets out legislative priorities to create a more equal Wales. Jul 17, 2019 707
Concerns over filming of meetings sparks call for restrictions; Live streaming of local authority meetings could put councillors off giving their views, it was warned. Jul 16, 2019 729
United Kingdom : Bizagi Secures Presence on G-Cloud 11 to Support UK Government Automation & Transformation Programs. Jul 15, 2019 402
United Kingdom : Tackling the risks in taxi licensing through digital solutions. Jul 13, 2019 317
Report reveals Brexit threat to town hall funds. Jul 12, 2019 250
Condition Surveys Of Local Authorities Maintained Schools. Jul 11, 2019 207
United Kingdom : Council Tax Reduction Scheme Annual Report 2018 to 2019. Jul 11, 2019 662
Plea to Government to review schools funding. Jul 10, 2019 1037
Welsh Government told to come clean on school funding gap in Wales; Assembly Members are calling for an urgent review of school funding in Wales. Jul 10, 2019 1037
Condition Surveys Of Local Authorities Maintained Schools. Jul 9, 2019 158
Condition Surveys Of Local Authorities Maintained Schools. Jul 9, 2019 168
Funding boost aims to future-proof high street. Jul 9, 2019 604
Cuts linked to rise in drug-related deaths. Jul 9, 2019 422
Town's PS150k boost for high street facelift; FACELIFT. Jul 8, 2019 110
Cheshire West deputy leader tells Government of the Brexit challenges faced by council; Karen Shore was speaking at the Local Government Association conference. Conference news Jul 8, 2019 394
Cheshire West deputy leader tells Government of the Brexit challenges faced by council; Karen Shore was speaking at the Local Government Association conference. Conference news Jul 8, 2019 394
Why it's a rough deal for roads. Jul 7, 2019 338
Scandal of councils' failure to drink and drug test bin lorry drivers; ROAD SAFETY CHARITIES HIT OUT OVER LACK OF MONITORING OF STAFF; Just two of Scotland's 32 local authorities carry out checks; At one of those, 3 workers failed and 2 more refused to take part. Jul 7, 2019 978
'8m potholes could have been fixed by axed funding'. Jul 7, 2019 231
Darlington garden village development. Jul 6, 2019 183
WEBCHAT; Cardiff council looking to more than treble charges at several city car parks. Jul 6, 2019 720
Funding could have tackled pothole hell. Jul 6, 2019 286
Funding could have tackled pothole hell. Jul 6, 2019 286
Award is Well-deserved! Jul 4, 2019 491
Eurig Wyn: a great Welsh patriot loved by all; Dafydd Wigley Former Plaid MP writes for the Daily Post. Jul 4, 2019 516
Eurig Wyn: a great Welsh patriot loved by all. Jul 4, 2019 527
Buses are 'holding the government to ransom' VIEWPOINTS Write to: Viewpoints, M.E.N, Mitchell Henry House, Hollinwood Avenue, Oldham, OL9 8EF Or email: Jul 3, 2019 872
Toward Commercializing University Research in the Caribbean: Creating a Science and Technology Park Model. Bachan-Persad, Indrani Jul 1, 2019 4503
The Local Government System of Pakistan: Participation, Representation and Empowerment of Women. Jun 30, 2019 12069
Druridge Bay mine protesters not allowed to appeal decision that put mine plans back on the table; Lord Justice Lindblom said there was "no compelling reason" for another appeal to be heard. Jun 30, 2019 522
Coventry-built modular home is a council first - here's how it looks; They will help local authorities meet housing need. Jun 29, 2019 596
Going carbon neutral after climate emergency protest; Local authority makes declaration while activists lobby meeting. Jun 28, 2019 461
McCarthy & Stone Welcomes Retirement Sector Exemption On Ground Rents. Jun 28, 2019 268
Laid-back Labour are needing to put sorry affair to bed for good. Jun 27, 2019 364
EU, United Kingdom inaugurate Khashem al-Daraj Village Council Building and Internal Roads South of Hebron. Jun 27, 2019 385
Homeless deaths 'linked to town hall budget cuts'. Jun 26, 2019 536
Seaford UK Mayor calls on Sindh Governor. Jun 26, 2019 120
Labour say new government childhood obesity plans are 'window dressing'; But newly announced plans would see five councils paid to try inventive ideas to tackle childhood obesity. Jun 25, 2019 432
Road delays prompt call for more funding; Drivers waste one minute every three miles travelled. Jun 24, 2019 353
The scandal of Windrush. Jun 23, 2019 124
Public sector workforce at historic low. Jun 20, 2019 491
Decline in Wales' public sector workforce blamed on austerity. Jun 20, 2019 638
PS85m ready to help Wales in event of no-deal Brexit. Jun 19, 2019 562
COUNCIL STAFF SICK RATES AT 29YR HIGH; Audit finds 15 days a year lost. Jun 18, 2019 413
Wrap up saga and change the rules. Jun 15, 2019 379
A private social club could be opening in Bensham if plans are approved; A private social club could be opening its doors to a select clientelle in Bensham if the plans are toasted in by the local authority. Jun 14, 2019 278
JOBS BOARD; JOBS. Jun 13, 2019 317
City administration keen to run municipal service; Transport: First Group could sell Aberdeen bus line to local authority. Jun 11, 2019 483
WINNERS & LOSERS SUMMARY: Ted Baker Sinks After Profit Warning. Jun 11, 2019 954
Supply Of Multi-purpose Firefighting Foam Concentrate. Jun 11, 2019 193
Reading among the worst for recycling in the country; Reading Borough Council is near the bottom of the local authority rankings. Jun 9, 2019 489
Stand with Mary. Jun 7, 2019 234

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