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Top marks for universities as guide revealed. Sep 18, 2020 183
Top marks for universities as guide revealed. Sep 18, 2020 243
Colleges unite to help people reskill. Sep 18, 2020 319
A crucial time for universities and colleges. Donella Beaton Sep 17, 2020 764
Short curriculums prepared for schools, colleges. Sep 12, 2020 381
Universities prepare to welcome 100,000 students; region's five institutions make 'commitment to fight covid-19' ahead of huge influx for start of term. STEVE ROBSON @SteveRobson04 Sep 10, 2020 923
UK rise in coronavirus cases is worst in wealthy youngsters aged 17 to 21; The surge in cases over the last few days is worst in 'affluent' under-25s, Matt Hancock said -prompting new fears for the return of universities this month. By, Dan Bloom Sep 7, 2020 678
Universities braced for surge in students; EDUCATION. NEIL POORAN Sep 3, 2020 197
Cabinet defers military service for conscripts accepted at UK universities (Updated). Evie Andreou Sep 3, 2020 534
Universities need support too; Local jobs will go unless government supports universities in the North East, says Matt Waddup, National Head of Policy and Campaigns at the University and College Union (UCU). Sep 1, 2020 780
Cold case colleges; Ex-cops team up with university students to trace missing people & ease families' pain. EXCLUSIVE BY LUCY THORNTON Sep 1, 2020 1728
Universities offering assurance amid fear of new Covid hotspot; CORONAVIRUS ? Concern they could be 'care homes' of second wave. DANIEL O'DONOGHUE Aug 31, 2020 624
Second wave could launch in universities. Aug 31, 2020 290
Students at FE colleges to wear masks. Aug 31, 2020 352
British universities should not reopen next month, says union. Reuters News Service Aug 30, 2020 256
Coronavirus second wave warning as students could make universities 'new care homes'; Unions fear a million students moving around the country was a 'recipe for disaster' and could turn universities into the new care homes triggering a second wave of coronavirus. By, Jeremy Culley Aug 30, 2020 801
LETS BACK TO SCHOOL; SCHOOLS and COLLEGES are ready to welcome PUPILS back Safely - and the BENEFITS to their wellbeing and mental health are huge. Aug 28, 2020 1935
Huge problems for universities. Aug 27, 2020 916
Calls for compulsory face masks at universities. Aug 26, 2020 238
Six million furloughed workers 'broke rules and worked from home' during lockdown; A report released by academics at Oxford, Cambridge and Zurich universities claims there has been widespread abuse of the Government's furlough system during April and May. By, Lorraine King Aug 23, 2020 739
Majority of young people believe the UK education system favours the rich; EXCLUSIVE: A new poll found 55% of 16-18 year olds believe the UK's schools and universities favour the rich over the poor -and just 14% think Boris Johnson's government understand them. By, Mikey Smith Aug 21, 2020 281
New campaign to get every child in England back to school next month; "The Government is committed to doing everything necessary to deliver on our national priority of all students returning to schools and colleges in September.". By, Neil Shaw Aug 16, 2020 463
Universities support over 18,000 jobs across city. Aug 13, 2020 327
300,000 A Level students pick up their grades this morning; As of Wednesday afternoon, there were 24,970 courses with availability across 146 UK universities and colleges for applicants living in England. By, Neil Shaw Aug 13, 2020 953
Identical twins who gained eight A* A-levels both head to Oxford University; Arianne and Enyala Banks will be going to separate colleges. By, Wales News & Abbie Wightwick Aug 13, 2020 618
Virtual boozing, outdoor Freshers' Week and WFH -what university life will be like this year; EXCLUSIVE: As teenagers pick up their A-level results, we've spoken to two universities to find out what being a fresher in 2020 will look like -and it's very, very different. By, Zoe Forsey Aug 13, 2020 1469
Athletes' village plan for 2020 Games axed; Competitors will be put up at universities and the NEC instead of PS500m new complex. ROB SMITH Aug 12, 2020 295
Athletes' village plan for 2020 Games axed; Competitors will be put up at universities and the NEC instead of PS500m new complex. ROB SMITH Aug 12, 2020 295
Welsh universities are going to charter planes to bring students here from China; Talks to fly them to Cardiff or Bristol airports have begun. By, Abbie Wightwick Aug 8, 2020 917
Our View: It is irrational to expect UK universities to make a mass exception. CM: Our View Aug 7, 2020 464
Universities must get funding needed. Aug 6, 2020 415
Eating too much rice with your dinner could be fatal, experts claim; Experts from two universities have been studying the association between prolonged consumption of low-level arsenic in rice and health problems such as cardiovascular disease. By, Courtney Pochin Aug 6, 2020 401
Male students for 2021 must negotiate own fee deal with UK universities. Annette Chrysostomou Aug 5, 2020 753
Billy helps map out future for colleges. SHARON LIPTROTT Aug 4, 2020 331
Academic freedom at universities 'in danger'. Aug 3, 2020 256
City's four universities support 18,000 jobs. JOHN CORSER Aug 3, 2020 249
Universities will create alliance to secure future. SION BARRY Business Editor Jul 31, 2020 808
Welsh universities agree 'strategic alliance' in face of Covid challenge. SION BARRY Business editor Jul 31, 2020 727
Colleges given funding to guide young people. HARRIET EVANS Community News Reporter Jul 31, 2020 288
Language Anxiety in Focus: The Case of Filipino Undergraduate Teacher Education Learners. Jugo, Rhodora R. Jul 31, 2020 6384
Call to reinforce links between our universities and industries. Jul 29, 2020 322
Universities will receive support package. Jul 25, 2020 252
PS50m Covid recovery fund revealed for Welsh universities and colleges. abbie wightwick Education Editor Jul 22, 2020 976
PS50m Covid recovery for Welsh universities fund revealed and colleges. ABBIE WIGHTWICK Education editor Jul 22, 2020 983
A [pounds sterling]50m Covid-19 recovery fund is launched for universities and colleges in Wales; The full impact of the pandemic won't be known properly until next term, warned the Welsh Government. By, Abbie Wightwick Jul 22, 2020 1130
Secret deal over students on 'counter terror' scheme; college agreed to tip-off bosses at universities. CHARLOTTE DOBSON Jul 21, 2020 414
Russian speakers slam need for English test to enrol at colleges. Evie Andreou Jul 21, 2020 577
UK Universities continue to invest over Au450m in companies complicit in Israel's war crimes. Jul 13, 2020 409
Sex attack hell isn't just a scandal here.. it's a terror stalking ALL our universities; ST ANDREWS RAPE VICTIM'S STARK WARNING Survivors' site reveals claims against frat house. John Ferguson / Political Editor Jul 12, 2020 655
Cyprus universities an alternative for UK-bound students. fm Jul 12, 2020 577
Two elite US universities sue ICE over US visa ruling for foreign students whose classes move online due to COVID-19 pandemic. Jul 9, 2020 154
Universities at risk of going bust without major bailout, warns IFS. Jul 7, 2020 356
US to withdraw visas for foreign students at universities switching to online classes due to COVID-19 pandemic. Jul 7, 2020 171
Universities require PS140m bailout to avoid insolvency; Higher education sector as a whole is facing 'unprecedented challenges' due to Covid-19. PETER MADELEY Jul 7, 2020 359
Universities require PS140m bailout to avoid insolvency; Higher education sector as a whole is facing 'unprecedented challenges' due to the Covid-19. PETER MADELEY POLITICAL EDITOR Jul 7, 2020 348
University and colleges minister praises sector's crisis response; EDUCATION. CRAIG PATON Jul 7, 2020 296
Universities 'may not last without help'. Jul 6, 2020 193
Universities at risk of insolvency unless Government offers a bailout package; 13 universities across the UK -which educate approximately 130,000 students -could end up with negative reserves by 2024. By, Daniel Smith Jul 6, 2020 825
Cyprus students write-off UK universities. fm Jul 3, 2020 563
Schools, colleges and work-based learning providers are hosting virtual open days for Year 11 pupils; More than 220 learning providers are involved in the digital open days across Wales. By, Lucinda Reid Jul 2, 2020 603
Profiles of Students in Bilingual University Degree Programs Using English as a Medium of Instruction in Spain/Perfiles de los estudiantes de las titulaciones universitarias bilingues en lengua inglesa en Espana. Madrid, Daniel; Julius, Steven Jul 1, 2020 7985
Change in fee status for English universities focus of talks between FM and UK counterpart. Peter Michael Jun 30, 2020 466
North-east academic speaks of fears over future of universities. Jun 20, 2020 361
Call for higher education funding model overhaul; UNIVERSITIES. JAMES WYLLIE Jun 19, 2020 332
'High level' of attendance as some secondary school students return to classrooms; Secondary schools and colleges in England have begun offering "some face-to-face support" for pupils in Year 10 and Year 12 this week. By, Brett Gibbons Jun 16, 2020 316
Universities fear funding shortfall as overseas students stay away. PETER MADELEY Jun 9, 2020 533
Universities fear funding shortfall as overseas students stay away. PETER MADELEY Jun 9, 2020 547
Universities face fall in revenue of PS463m. Jun 8, 2020 151
Cardiff University will ask staff and students to wear masks and carry out sample Covid-19 tests next term; Job losses across Welsh and UK universities cannot be ruled out as a result of the impact of the virus, warned vice chancellor Professor Colin Riordan. By, Abbie Wightwick Jun 7, 2020 625
Welsh universities warn of 'difficult' year ahead. ABBIE WIGHTWICK Education editor Jun 4, 2020 771
GB students cap at Ulster universities. SHAUNA CORR Jun 2, 2020 321
UAE universities expect more local applicants amid COVID-19 uncertainty. Faisal Masudi, Senior Reporter Jun 1, 2020 1519
What schools are reopening today? Pupils to return for first time since lockdown; Primary schools in England will today welcome back children in nursery, Reception, year 1 and year 6, alongside priority groups. Secondary schools, sixth form and further education colleges will be asked to offer some face-to-face support for year 10 and year 12 students. By, Amber Hicks Jun 1, 2020 1203
Schools reopening -is your child affected and everything you need to know; Schools, nurseries and colleges closed almost 10 weeks ago in a bid to stop the rapid spread of coronavirus -but from Monday, thousands of children in England may once again be walking through the school gates. By, Abigail O'Leary May 29, 2020 1088
Universities must adapt to survive in post-pandemic world. Yossi Mekelberg May 26, 2020 1146
COMMENT Britain's universities face an [...]. May 25, 2020 516
PS84m extra for vaccine R&D at top universities. May 18, 2020 171
PS84m extra for vaccine R&D at top universities. May 18, 2020 155
'Urgent action is needed to ensure universities are able to weather these very serious financial challenges'. May 15, 2020 893
Universities face finance threat as virus 'hits tuition fee income'. MARCUS HUGHES Reporter May 15, 2020 895
1,500 job losses are predicted for region's universities. HANNAH GRAHAM Reporter May 13, 2020 368
Universities' unique role in Covid-19 fight must be protected. Sarah Glendinning May 12, 2020 533
Colleges rally to support the NHS and local frontline key workers; ADVERTISING FEATURE GRWP LLANDRILLO MENAI IS SUPPORTING A RANGE OF COVID-19 RESPONSE INITIATIVES. May 8, 2020 439
Struggling universities win PS75m pledge; EDUCATION. KATRINE BUSEY May 7, 2020 301
Coronavirus upheavel could lead society to greener future; Dr Jennifer Allan, a lecturer in international relations at Cardiff University, is part of the COP26 Universities Network, a growing group of more than 30 UK-based universities working together to help deliver an ambitious outcome at the UN Climate Summit in Glasgow and beyond. Here, she considers what a green post-Covid-19 response would look like. May 5, 2020 970
Universities need twin funding lifelines; EDUCATION. CALUM ROSS May 5, 2020 573
Chinese university faculty members' visiting experience and professional growth in American universities. Hu, Jie; Chen, Kezheng; Liu, Dongfang May 1, 2020 5823
'Urgent action' needed to protect Welsh universities. abbie wightwick Reporter Apr 24, 2020 958
Universities could face PS2.5bn funding 'black hole' without government support - warning. Apr 24, 2020 767
Our universities must not lose out. Apr 24, 2020 393
English students pay more for fewer hours; UNIVERSITIES. ELEANOR BUSBY Apr 16, 2020 258
Coronavirus: Childminders in England ordered to close to help fight pandemic; Education Secretary Gavin Williamson announced that all schools, colleges and early year settings would close on Friday but there has been confusion among the thousands of childminders in the country as to whether they would be shutting. By, Andy Rudd Mar 19, 2020 603
All bars and pubs to close in Ireland ahead of St Patrick's Day; It comes days after schools and colleges were closed. By, Cathy Owen Mar 16, 2020 680
Supermarkets' plea to shoppers: Don't panic Students told not to attend classes will learn online; THE SHOPS THE UNIVERSITIES. Mar 15, 2020 544
Rowers will battle on Dee; Sport: Teams from city's universities to compete in 25th year of boat race. GREGOR AIKEN Mar 14, 2020 393
Why aren't schools closing for coronavirus? What the Prime Minister and experts said; It is a move in stark contrast to France, which closed all of its schools and universities yesterday due to COVID-19. By, Graeme Brown Mar 13, 2020 380
Colleges on front line as skills needs change. Victoria Masterson Feb 28, 2020 2058
Clarity needed on funding of apprenticeship programme; Degree apprenticeships are crucial to the future economy says Kieron Rees from Universities Wales. Feb 27, 2020 827
Brain drain fear as EU students snub Scots universities. Feb 23, 2020 657
Staff at 15 Scottish universities to walk out in ongoing strike action. Feb 20, 2020 622
University strikes in Scotland: why universities are striking, which ones are taking part and all the UCU strike dates. Feb 17, 2020 385
City universities condemn racist abuse over coronavirus. ELIS SANDFORD News Reporter Feb 15, 2020 530
Gower College Swansea students on path to the top universities. Feb 13, 2020 792
Labour claims spending down by PS135m; UNIVERSITIES. CRAIG PATON Feb 11, 2020 227
Top schools and colleges in Merseyside for GCSE results; These schools were the best in Merseyside for results last year. Emilia Bona Feb 9, 2020 612
Strikes to hit universities in row over pay and pensions. Feb 5, 2020 206
Teacher training colleges set Welsh language targets. MARTIN SHIPTON Chief reporter Feb 4, 2020 485
UK weather forecast: Britain to sizzle in summer heatwaves with highs of 30C; Experts from Edinburgh and Oxford universities found that record-breaking heatwaves are more likely in the future as a result of rising temperatures from climate change. By, Laura Paterson & Matthew Dresch Feb 3, 2020 287
Universities organise 'probably the largest' conference on British colonial history. Annette Chrysostomou Conference news Feb 2, 2020 456
Universities battle for the honours in brass band contest. Jan 31, 2020 466
'Resurgence' in interest in oil and gas education; Universities: Applications to courses increase following industry downturn. ALLISTER THOMAS Jan 29, 2020 494
Centre of excellence designed to cut UK flood risks opens in Newcastle; The UK's largest testbed for sustainable drainage systems was officially opened on Friday by Universities Minister Chris Skidmore. Katie Dickinson Jan 27, 2020 657
Coronavirus: Scottish universities 'monitoring' deadly outbreak as students warned of quarantine. Jan 24, 2020 419
Chiefs at Scotland's top universities branded 'out of touch' over six-figure salaries. Jan 23, 2020 1028
Rampling at third annual reception of Lebanese Graduates of UK Universities: Increased investment in education is the best way for changing and creating a better world. Jan 21, 2020 411
Rampling hosts third annual reception of Lebanese Graduates of UK Universities: Increased investment in education is the best way for changing and creating a better world. Jan 21, 2020 411
FREE PERIOD PRODUCTS FOR ALL SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES - official launch. Jan 20, 2020 1199
Moroccan Universities Seek Partnerships at International Forum in London. Jan 20, 2020 543
Free sanitary goods for schools and colleges. DAVID BANNER Jan 18, 2020 295
Number of students from Wales at UK universities up by 2.6%. Jan 17, 2020 266
'A city looking for fresh ideas, collaboration and innovation, with two highly successful universities and a digital cluster growing faster than any area outside London' Head of the BBC reveals plans for tech centre. GRAEME WHITFIELD Business editor @Graemewhitfield Jan 16, 2020 746
How to stem Welsh universities' losses. Jan 14, 2020 187
DEGREE OF CONCERN; Welsh universities in 'turmoil' over funding problems, cuts and falling applications from students. ABBIE WIGHTWICK Education Editor Jan 12, 2020 3039
Special report: The financial problems of Wales' leading universities amid fears they are losing competiveness with England's; One vice chancellor wants tuition fees raised in line with England. Abbie Wightwick Jan 12, 2020 3156
Wales' universities fail to make rankings. Jan 7, 2020 175
Moroccan Universities to Launch Bachelor System Starting September 2020. Jan 7, 2020 947
Drop-out rates rise at Welsh universities. ALISON KERSHAW AND IAN JONES Jan 3, 2020 791
Here's where you can start looking for a new job in Coventry and Warwickshire in 2020; Jaguar Land Rover, Aston Martin, Coventry's universities, Severn Trent and many more are hiring. Enda Mullen Jan 2, 2020 1853
Student, 17, who thought she'd get free university now faces [pounds sterling]27,000 bill; Bota McCormack could face paying up to [pounds sterling]27,000 in tuition fees a year due to being classed as an "international student" by universities -despite having lived in Scotland for the past six years. By, Paul Rodger Dec 21, 2019 479
Forging links with schools and colleges is vital for all. IAN PRICE DIRECTOR OF CBI WALES Dec 16, 2019 497
UK universities will work together to improve research quality and reproducibility. Dec 12, 2019 506
UK universities invest over Au450 mln in companies complicit in Israeli war crimes, research suggests. Nov 27, 2019 442
Uni staff strike over pay and conditions; Universities picketed as eight-day strike starts. ALAN JONES & ABBIE WIGHTWICK Nov 25, 2019 716
Staff at four Merseyside universities to strike today in row over pay and pensions; A march and rally is scheduled for Tuesday afternoon when politicians will speak before crowds of students. Luke Traynor Nov 25, 2019 707
Strikes begin at these 12 Scottish universities. Nov 25, 2019 362
Colleges face fire checks after blaze. Mark Aitken Nov 24, 2019 266
Colleges face fire checks in wake of blaze. Mark Aitken Nov 24, 2019 287
Universities need a long-term solution. Nov 23, 2019 351
'British universities have opened doors to Pakistan for increased research engagements'. Nov 14, 2019 629
Hay Festival Scribblers get to work; As part of its autumn programme, the Hay Festival Scribblers Tour visits universities across Wales with a varied programme of speakers, workshops and projects... Nov 9, 2019 776
Uni staff vote to strike again; After mass walk outs at universities in Wales and across the UK last year lecturers and support staff have voted to strike again. Here Andy Williams, Cardiff University College Union spokesperson explains why such drastic action is being considered again. Nov 7, 2019 927
Call for talks as wave of strikes in offing; UNIVERSITIES. Nov 7, 2019 234
Universities' staff backing strike action. WILL HAYWARD Social Affairs Correspondent Nov 2, 2019 466
Could universities in Wales collaborate to help boost economy. Dylan Jones-Evans Oct 30, 2019 710
Universities challenged over racism but decision to include nationality is bizarre. Lindsay Razaq Oct 29, 2019 909
Scottish universities unaware of extent of racial abuse, finds report. Oct 23, 2019 447
Teachers, scientists, parents and children protest at Department for Education to demand climate truth be taught in schools and universities. Oct 21, 2019 3327
Outbreak of mumps at universities. FFION LEWIS Reporter Oct 19, 2019 523
Outbreak of mumps at universities. FFION LEWIS Reporter Oct 19, 2019 524
Universities urged to reveal where the money goes. Oct 19, 2019 396
Universities must do more on hate crime; UK & WORLD. Oct 9, 2019 179
Universities must do more on hate crime; UK & WORLD. Oct 9, 2019 179
Give more help universities told; UK & WORLD. Sep 26, 2019 150
Give more help universities told; UK & WORLD. Sep 26, 2019 150
Reasons you should choose NPTC Group of Colleges. Sep 26, 2019 413
Universities are brimming with talent so we need to help more graduates start their own firms. Sep 25, 2019 664
HMRC calls on universities to protect students from tax scams. Sep 23, 2019 1257
The Best Universities in the World. Martin Armstrong Sep 22, 2019 102
Universities to create debut enterprise zones. JONATHON MANNING Reporter @JONNYAMANNING Sep 21, 2019 533
Creating a better future; Culture and creativity are good for people and the economy but is all as it should be? DAVID WHETSTONE spoke to leaders in the field at each of the region's five universities about their priorities and their concerns. DAVID WHETSTONE Sep 21, 2019 1436
Where Coventry's universities stand in The Times Good University Guide; The guide will be published this weekend. Enda Mullen Sep 20, 2019 464
Universities grilled over finances by committee; Gap between those with surpluses and deficits to be examined. Sep 19, 2019 551
Brexit won't disadvantage Scottish universities, pledges Gavin Williamson. Sep 16, 2019 585
SAGIA Hosts British Universities and Signing of Three MoUs in Educational Sector. Sep 8, 2019 179
Foam parties and a People's Vote rally: Edinburgh universities welcomethousands of new students. Sep 7, 2019 256
Commercial ideology of universities is attacked. Sep 2, 2019 630
Models, Processes, and Roles of Universities in Technology Transfer Management: A Systematic Review. Maresova, Petra; Stemberkova, Ruzena; Fadeyi, Oluwaseun Report Sep 1, 2019 18203
Universities facing new strike threat over pensions. Aug 29, 2019 399
Very high student satisfaction in area's council-run colleges. Aug 27, 2019 301
Universities ready to accept students through clearing. Aug 15, 2019 357
Why Boris Johnson should build universities, not 'mega-prisons' - Harry Burns. Aug 15, 2019 693
Why Boris Johnson should build universities, not 'mega-prisons' -- Harry Burns. Aug 15, 2019 693
Collaborate to innovate, technology sector urged; Digital: Expert says Aberdeen's 'world-class' universities have a key role. Aug 12, 2019 476
Funding for science research in universities in jeopardy, warns Lords Committee. Aug 8, 2019 624
Funding for science research in universities in jeopardy, warns Lords Committee. Aug 8, 2019 628
UK students 'at risk of scams as top universities fail to block fake emails'; Only 65 per cent of Britain's top 20 universities had the recommended level of scam protection installed in their email systems, new research has revealed. Aug 5, 2019 529
Campaigners: Students more confident about reporting sexual violence at Scots universities; New support systems in place Increase in students willing to report sex assaults is welcomed. Aug 4, 2019 801
Revealed: The best North East postcodes for buy-to-let properties near universities; Properties in Sunderland's SR1 and Newcastle's NE6 are in the top UK postcodes, according to letting agent Howsy. Jul 17, 2019 548
Female pioneers graduate after 150 year wait; UNIVERSITIES. Jul 6, 2019 226
Parliamentary privilege; A handful of universities and schools still dominate the House of Commons. Jun 30, 2019 315
Parliamentary privilege; A handful of universities and schools still dominate the House of Commons. PETER CHAPPELL Jun 29, 2019 422
Parliamentary privilege; A handful of universities and schools still dominate the House of Commons. Jun 28, 2019 435
Parliamentary privilege; A handful of universities and schools still dominate the House of Commons. Jun 28, 2019 437
Students can avail scholarships of more than 100 UK universities: Waseem Ahmed. Jun 26, 2019 199
Award for Bangor University professor. Jun 24, 2019 448
A college designed for our future; ARTS & CULTURE Writers Owen Sheers and Ben Rawlence, both based in the Black Mountains, have founded a remarkable new college aimed at finding ways to navigate the current climate crisis, writes Jenny White. Jun 22, 2019 1463
Lives at risk unless Liverpool's frontline services are given the funds they need to tackle knife crime; Hope University's Dr Jennifer Hough addresses the issue of knife crime in Liverpool in a three-part series on the issue, why we should be concerned and how the growth in blade-related trouble could be tackled. Jun 22, 2019 1571
Chilling austerity has made Liverpool's children more vulnerable to knife crime; Hope University's Dr Jennifer Hough addresses the issue of knife crime in Liverpool in a three-part series on the issue, why we should be concerned and how the growth in blade-related trouble could be tackled. Jun 22, 2019 1504
Aberdeen University students who have climbed the ladder of success s. Jun 21, 2019 2578
Graduates can be very 'proud of achievy achievements' ABERDEEN UNIVERSITY ? Honorary awards in fields of martial arts and music. Jun 21, 2019 610
University in bid to power future of rail with hydrogen. Jun 20, 2019 352
A UNIVERSITY VIEW. Jun 20, 2019 378
Edinburgh University's stance on trans-exclusionary feminists raises questions about equality - Dr Kevin Guyan. Jun 19, 2019 724
Universities aiming for a PS100m spin-out fund. Jun 19, 2019 485
Little progress made at struuggling health board as waiting-times and financees still causing concern; Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board has been in Welsh Government special measures since 2015 and signs of improvement are scarce, writes political editor Ruth Mosalski s or ki. Jun 19, 2019 1559
Boost for city universities. Jun 19, 2019 405
Extra funding for work with universities. Jun 19, 2019 604
This is where Coventry's two universities rank in the UK league table; Both the University of Warwick and Coventry University ranked highly in the Guardian's university league table for 2020. Jun 18, 2019 518
Summer 2020 launch for Fidic, King's College London's law course. Jun 18, 2019 231
Swansea University still yet to file annual accounts for 2017-18; All other universities in Wales, England and Scotland have filed their accounts. Jun 12, 2019 331
Auditor General tells Scottish colleges to tackle their deficits; Education: Growing gap between income and expenditure. Jun 4, 2019 447
East Surrey MP Sam Gyimah is 13th MP to enter Tory leadership race; The former universities minister pledged to hold a second referendum on the Brexit deal. Jun 2, 2019 390
Wales and the challenges of a changing workplace; The future of work in Wales relies on more people of all ages being able to go to university, says Professor Julie Lydon, chair of Universities Wales and Vice Chancellor of the University of South Wales. May 30, 2019 912
Universities issue joint statement on degree value. May 23, 2019 374
Universities battle perception degrees are 'dumbing down'. May 20, 2019 623
CITY'S BEST SCHOOLS FOR TOP UNI PLACES; Figures show which students win places at elite universities. May 19, 2019 477
Fame beckons as lads make cut for colleges. May 15, 2019 324
Stickers to help keep at-risk students safe; Support: Universities back moves to tackle violence on campus. May 14, 2019 426
Welsh rugby's best young players are being lured to England in major threat Wales are fighting to stop; Welsh starlets are being signed up by colleges in England. Apr 28, 2019 1917
Colleges help economic growth. Apr 23, 2019 514
Awards night for Midland media students; Students from the universities of Birmingham City, Derby, Gloucester, Lincoln, Northampton and Staffordshire all won major honours at the Midlands Media Student Awards. Apr 19, 2019 107
Universities' civic responsibility is more important than ever. Apr 18, 2019 709
City 'poverty pay disgrace' of public sector employers; MP Byrne condemns universities, hospitals and schools. Apr 4, 2019 644
Welsh Bacc 'confusing employers and colleges'. Apr 3, 2019 691
Sitting at 6.5: Problematizing IELTS and Admissions to Canadian Universities. MacDonald, Jennifer J. Mar 22, 2019 4370
The world's top 25 universities for civil engineering in 2019 ranked. Mar 14, 2019 1907
Universities in Wales heading for a financial 'perfect storm'. Mar 14, 2019 1112
These types of student are most likely to drop out of Birmingham's universities; Some 20 of these students - or one in 13 - had dropped out by the start of their second year. Mar 8, 2019 516
University of Surrey 'received precautionary advice' from counter terrorism police following suspect packages at universities; It comes after suspect packages were sent to two other universities. Mar 7, 2019 215
2 British universities evacuated over suspicious packages. Mar 7, 2019 133
Where to meet the world's first 'human cyborg' in Coventry; Kevin Warwick, Emeritus Professor at Coventry and Reading Universities, has performed innovative research into cybernetics. Mar 1, 2019 737
UK universities to offer masters courses in artificial intelligence; The government wants to cement Britain's reputation as a pioneer in AI. Feb 21, 2019 351
Economic surveys reveal benefits our universities bring to city. Feb 18, 2019 533
Meghan Markle wants to tackle discrimination in 'male, pale and stale universities; The Duchess of Sussex gave her support after reportedly being shocked by the lack of black and female professors at British universities. Feb 18, 2019 530
Meghan Markle Supports Confronting Racism At Universities. Feb 17, 2019 357
How the secret weapon in the battle against climate change could be the humble pond; Northumbria University research reveals how ponds have an amazing ability to soak up carbon, and are excellent for wildlife too. Feb 16, 2019 844
Science fest inspires pupils at university. Feb 16, 2019 502
LAURA McALLISTER; Laura McAllister is a sports mad academic from Bridgend. She is Professor at Cardiff University's Wales Governance Centre and former captain of the Wales women's international football team. Feb 16, 2019 1347
University defends PS386,000 salary for vice chancellor; OFFICE FOR STUDENTS FIGURES SHOW PROF IS FIFTH HIGHEST EARNER IN ENGLAND. Feb 14, 2019 431
Funding boosts OU opportunities; The financial package available to part-time learners in Wales is making a real difference, says Michelle Matheron from the Open University. Feb 14, 2019 1183
UNIVERSITY VIEW. Feb 14, 2019 846
Najib says getting replacement cert from university, promises to share it publicly. Feb 12, 2019 565
Clean sweep after 'worm' scare at college. Feb 9, 2019 165
Cadet's last words revealed by cousin Krept after shock death; UK rapper Cadet tragically died in the early hours of this morning in a car accident - he was on his way to a gig at Keele University. Feb 9, 2019 472
Victorian values for the future of Welsh education; Education Secretary Kirsty Williams, who is due to speak at Cardiff Metropolitan University on the new curriculum, outlines her radical vision for education in Wales. Feb 7, 2019 749
Cardiff pupil wins place at top US college. Feb 7, 2019 578
No-deal Brexit is not an option for universities; We must not jeopardise the success story of our universities with a no-deal Brexit, warns Professor Colin Riordan, Vice-Chancellor of Cardiff University. Feb 7, 2019 770
Making fish'n'chips healthy: North East project wins over customers; Newcastle University has worked with Gateshead firm Henry Colbeck to develop smaller portions. Feb 7, 2019 613
Universities unite to develop technologies. Feb 4, 2019 602
KLE Technological University Partners with Coventry University, UK. Feb 3, 2019 333
Cash-for-visas fugitive poses with PS65,000; college scammer goes on run after failing to turn up to sentencing hearing. Feb 2, 2019 579
UK's most and least affordable cities to buy in based on local wages - revealed; Londonderry and Stirling are the UK's most affordable cities - with university town Oxford the most out of reach. Feb 2, 2019 677
Job worries as university downsizing to save PS6.5m. Feb 1, 2019 363
Uni, college and Zip World sign up to Powerhouse. Jan 31, 2019 263
New arts studio to launch in former factory; University lecturers join forces to open new artistic space new Jewellery Quarter. Jan 31, 2019 355
College and Big Noise team up for ground-breaking work. Jan 30, 2019 363
Students' Oxbridge joy; COLLEGE'S RECORD TOTAL LEADS ACHIEVERS. Jan 30, 2019 321
Jewish Teacher Training College plans for extra classroom to be built; A document submitted to Gateshead Council stated that the college "has identified a need to improve and modernise the teaching environment.". Jan 28, 2019 268
Almost 150 UHCW patients face 'distress' of cancelled operations; The Royal College of Surgeons has blamed pressure on the over-stretched NHS for the increase. Dec 17, 2018 521
Cardiff University faces industrial action by lecturers over job losses and workload; The University College Union Cardiff executive said two ballots for action will be held in the new year. Dec 16, 2018 556
University workers may strike over cuts. Dec 15, 2018 550
University hub under threat. Dec 15, 2018 687
Cuts to university's staff 'could hit student safety'. Dec 15, 2018 385
University workers may strike over cuts. Dec 15, 2018 556
New colleges hang in balance. Dec 15, 2018 378
Why good practice must be the norm in Drakeford's government; Professor of Governance and Development in the School of Geography and Planning at Cardiff University Professor Kevin Morgan looks at the potential of the Drakeford era for the Welsh Government y. Dec 14, 2018 865
University jobs cuts under fire from union; FEARS AXE WILL THREATEN STUDENT SAFETY. Dec 14, 2018 389
College's epic show celebrates Welsh culture. Dec 13, 2018 349
Duke hands OBE to the principal of New College. Dec 13, 2018 324
Villas added to scheme to transform Old College. Dec 13, 2018 746
No-deal Brexit would be disruptive to higher education; How will Brexit affect HE in Wales? KIERON REES, policy adviser at Universities Wales, takes a look. Dec 13, 2018 438
How Coventry University is honouring these four famous faces; They will be receiving honorary doctorates this week. Dec 13, 2018 588
How can a future energy need shortfall be met? Energy Why nuclear and the planned Wylfa Newydd nuclear power station in north Wales have to be part of a mixed approach to electricity generation in Wales, says Tegid Wyn Jones, Emeritus Professor at University College London (UCL)'s department of physics and astronomy. Dec 12, 2018 1391
Why Wales should be optimistic ahead of Brexit's massive economic challenge; Growth will be crucially important, says Professor Dylan Jones-Evans, assistant pro-vice chancellor at the University of South Wales. Dec 12, 2018 1453
Albino student fears Malawi witch doctors will hunt and kill her for body parts; Tumeliwa Mphepo, 22, has completed a fellowship at Dundee University, but now she fears for her life at the prospect of returning to the country. Dec 12, 2018 452
Murray's delight at 'great honour' PRESTIGIOUS AWARD University presents honorary degree. Dec 11, 2018 252
Childhood obesity is a problem we can solve; The Welsh Government is set to produce a plan next year to tackle childhood obesity. Here, Dr David Tuthill, officer for Wales at the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH), explains how politicians and families can tackle this growing problem. Dec 10, 2018 680
Brainomix partners with the University of Oxford to demonstrate life-saving impact of AI-based technologies on stroke care across UK. Dec 10, 2018 208
Brainomix partners with the University of Oxford to demonstrate life-saving impact of AI-based technologies on stroke care across UK. Dec 10, 2018 204
Iconic university building becomes tech business hub. Dec 8, 2018 581
University of Surrey laser that paved way for internet in UK's top 100 Best Breakthroughs; The laser paved the way for the internet, computers, fibre-optic phone lines, barcodes and DVDs among other things. Dec 8, 2018 474
'Inadequate' Joseph Swan Academy could be taken over by Emmanuel College - what would change? Emmanuel College in Lobley Hill, Gateshead, is often listed among the top schools in the North East; Emmanuel College in Lobley Hill, Gateshead, is often listed among the top schools in the North East. Dec 7, 2018 629
School reform initiative finds national inspiration: Manchester Proud effort gives Queen City a chance to shine. Mccord, Michael Dec 7, 2018 1539
Pioneering university research applauded; top work features on 100 best advances list. Dec 6, 2018 528
British Embassy celebrates Chevening's 35th anniversary and the Alumni of Lebanese Graduates of UK Universities. Dec 6, 2018 344
UAE 'spy' Matthew Hedges first interview: 'I was drugged and chained - it felt like torture'; The Durham University academic was pardoned from a life sentence in the UAE after six months in solitary confinement. Dec 5, 2018 509
Loughborough College quartet earn England U20 call. Dec 5, 2018 301
Minister visits university. Dec 5, 2018 214
Three Slovak universities among best in the world. Dec 4, 2018 271
Never too late to think about a degree course; Wirral Met Latest news from Wirral Metropolitan College. Dec 4, 2018 327
University cutting jobs as it faces a PS21m deficit. Dec 4, 2018 571
University to cut jobs in bid to claw back PS21m deficit. Dec 4, 2018 569
College staff are still set to strike despite new pay offer. Dec 4, 2018 261
University's chief who secured gold rating to step down; VICE.CHANCELLOR TO RETIRE AFTER NINE YEARS AT BANGOR. Dec 1, 2018 389
All the major Brexit resignations as East Surrey MP Sam Gyimah quits as universities minister; The minister said in a statement: "It has become increasingly clear to me that the proposed deal is not in the British national interest.". Dec 1, 2018 865
University set to crack down on initiation events after tragedy. Dec 1, 2018 710
Newcastle University clamps down on initiations after tragic death of student Ed Farmer; The university has warned that students involved in initiation events could be kicked out and says it has put in new protocols since Ed died from excessive drinking in 2016. Nov 30, 2018 699
Jake hits a college high. Nov 30, 2018 276
Students reap the reward for work; GRADUATION University of Stirling Hundreds receive degrees at ceremonies. Nov 30, 2018 497

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