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United Kingdom Dairy Facts and Figures.


As in earlier editions, this ring-bound publication provides a lot of facts and figures about the UK milk business. Following notes on the abbreviations used and a review of the dairy industry, the various Milk Marketing Boards are identified and their areas of interest set out. As to the other sections of the text, they carry headings like: Dairy farming; Milk output; Prices; Marketing and these are followed by useful appendices on EEC data, conversion factors and an index.

Under milk output for instance, quotas, production, quality and collection are the topics discussed. Whilst under prices, one finds information on the history of the subject, the Community framework, Board income and expenditure, and producer prices. Under marketing comes information on the structure of milk producers, use of milk by processors, product supplies and consumption.

A very special text for a specialist audience.
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Publication:Food Trade Review
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Date:Jul 1, 1990
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