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United Kingdom : Varoufakis investigated the solution to Europe's crisis.

The European Union plagued for years with economic crises, the rise right-wing populist parties and a loss of confidence. In response to these problems of European democracy demands the DiEM25 movement to Yanis Varoufakis transparent decision-making processes in the EU and the revival of a pan-European constitution.

DiEM25 stands for Democracy in Europe Movement 2025 and is a young, European-wide movement that after barely six months already found their confirmation and importance in the current context. Your main question is simple: Will Europe more democratic or is it split? The move their voice heard with proposals on how Europe's citizens could approach again and how to avert a progressive disintegration of the European Union. DiEM25 focuses on a manifesto that has been translated into eleven languages ??and developing policy proposals for reform in various fields.

Thus DiEM25 campaigns for greater transparency in decision-making processes. Using streaming to meetings of the EU Council of Ministers, the Council of Economy and Finance (ECOFIN) or the Euro-group transfer. A mandatory register of lobbyists to be created and made ??available to the public. The same applies to documents that deal with decisions with future consequences for EU citizens and meeting minutes of the Governing General Meetings. More than 75,000 Europeans supported these demands with a petition, addressed to Donald Tusk, Jean-Claude Juncker, Jeroen Dijsselbloem and Mario Draghi.

Next year, the movement aims to develop an offensive plan to combat the current economic crisis in Europe, which includes the public debt, banks, lack of investment and the rise in poverty.

By 2018 requires DiEM25 that a new constituent assembly will be appointed - a meeting that would be selected by means of transnational lists and whose task it would be to reform the European Union democratic. This is reminiscent of 1848, when the Frankfurt Parliament wanted to unite the 38 countries of the German Confederation by a constitution. Such a body would introduce a new constitution that will replace all the existing European agreements, yet the national self-determination as well as the division of responsibilities between European, national, regional and local parliaments would have true, so every problem is dealt with at the right level. The decisions of this assembly would have to be implemented by 2025, including the said European Constitution.

Utopian - the movement is to the fact that it is. The European dream is shattered. DiEM25 makes an attempt to reverse this. The movement aroused following a presentation in February 2016 at the Berlin Volksbhne great attention and has since won 17,000 members themselves. Nevertheless, one must admit that their "brand character" Yanis Varoufakis, former Greek finance minister under the Tsipras government remains, even if other personalities contribute to the movement is gaining popularity, such as the British director Ken Loach, Julian Assange , founder of Wikileaks, the German philosopher Boris Groy and Italian intellectuals Toni Negri - not to mention the Dutch-American sociologist Saskia Sassen and Frenchman Julien Bayou, spokesman for the green party French EELV.

Even if the movement does not unequivocally provides the patent solution of the European crisis, so she does, after all, for their proposals for reform and deserves a clear timetable. Certainly DiEM25 (still) far from bringing their ideas to application and now appears more as a European think tank. Nevertheless, this is exactly the kind of initiative that Europe urgently needs - today more urgent than before.

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Aug 20, 2016
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