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United Kingdom?

Warm greetings from the not-so-United Kingdom of "less than Great" Britain. Oh, and the unlawfully occupied northern Ireland.

I've been living here a few years now and must confess English life is not at all what I anticipated. I'm tired of "socialist" everything, and the anti-gun stance clearly isn't working out well as crime is on the rampage here.

Here in England, on an English TV show, a guy--I call him a guy as opposed to a "real man"--was at a range with a firearms instructor and they shot a couple of old French cars to see the effects of the rounds on them. He first shot an old Lee Enfield bolt action rifle at the cars. Okay, so far so good. Then they got this full auto AK--but he didn't fire it. Why? Because it's "... illegal for a civilian to fire a full-auto rifle." It's what they call here, a "Class 5 firearm." A big no-no. So, this English wanker, human-sheep had this chance, but didn't shoot that bloody AK--at the range, where it was set-up for him to shoot it. What was the big deal? It's not like it was a storm trooper blaster, or a laser gun. What a disappointment to my eyes--but what do you expect, they're English, and they've given up their rights and their common sense. A "Class 5 firearm?" I'm speechless. What would a Barrett .50 BMG be, a "Class 15"? How about an M60? "Class 20"? Gads, get me out of this country!

Anyway, soon there will be the "Liberation of my soul, and body" from this sheep enclosure. I'll be going home to, wait for it ... Romania. I know, I know, but it's still more free than England!

I hope you are still free in the U.S. Keep a sharp eye on it. I have some experience with the other side of things.

Andi C.

Via email

I hear from Andi now and again and honestly believe he was somehow separated at birth from U.S. parents. Andi's more American than most Americans I know and cherishes our freedoms and gun rights as no other. I'm pulling for him to come visit some day. When he does, I'm going to reach out to all of you to play host--and let him get to shoot some real guns!--RH

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Author:C., Andi
Publication:American Handgunner
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Date:Jun 11, 2019
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