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Unit safety. (Monthly Award Winners).

A ward of Distinction

During the month of January, the 32d Combat Communications Squadron mobilized and deployed in support of the continuing Global War on Terrorism. Immediately upon return from the New Year holiday the squadron began the enormous task of inventorying and packing over 138 tons of tactical communications equipment, support items, and tents. Quickly realizing the potential for mishaps, the squadron mandated the use of steel-toed boots, reflective belts, work gloves, and hard hats when building cargo pallets. The importance of personal protective equipment was reiterated at daily safety briefings. Exterior lights were set up to illuminate outdoor work areas and reduce the potential for tripping hazards as crews often worked late into the evening. In all, 44 increments of cargo, consisting of 19 pieces of rolling stock and 25 pallets were built. Facility chiefs prepared 81 hazardous cargo declarations to ensure aircraft loadmasters were aware of potentially dangerous materials. In order to ensure aircraft safety, th e squadron's Quality Assurance (QA) team personally inspected each increment of cargo. No increments were frustrated at Tinker Deployment Control Center. Additionally, the squadron conducted refresher training for 27 personnel requiring Self-Aid and Buddy Care and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation training. Squadron effort ensured deployment of over 4-dozen troops without a single safety mishap. Once on the ground in Southwest Asia, the team downloaded and set up 67 tons of communications equipment and assisted civil engineering by erecting 30 living tents -- without incident.

2nd Combat Communications Sqn., 3rd Combat Communications Group, Tinker AFB, Oklahoma
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Title Annotation:military safety
Publication:Combat Edge
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Date:Jun 1, 2003
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