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Unit Safety Award of Distinction.

The Flight Safety office is responsible for ensuring safety for ACC's largest programmed Flying Training unit. They implemented a FOD prevention of weekly FOD walks with their associated aircraft maintenance unit. Earned inaugural quarterly "Sentry FOD Award"--squadron made the greatest contribution to FOD prevention. They have maintained constant engagement with students; introduced pertinent safety topics to more than 700 students weekly. The safety briefing topics are included daily during mission planning briefings and weekly during hall calls. Initiatives developed instrumental in reaching new Airmen and instilling a career-long safety conscious ethos. The squadron SE publishes a weekly safety newsletter that informs the 966 AACS on current safety issues and trends. The newsletter was recognized as a best practice and is disseminated throughout the wing's flying squadrons--wow! Developed a safety pamphlet for newly assigned Airmen; the pamphlet contains information that familiarizes new Airmen with local area hazards, flight line dangers/movement areas and AWACS-specific risks. It also includes guidance for approaching aircraft with engines running, Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) safety, and taxi procedures to name a few.


966th Airborne Air Control Squadron

552nd Air Control Wing

Tinker AFB, Okla.

Oops! Pardon our mistake in the Nov/Dec 07 issue of THE COMBAT EDGE magazine. The Unit Safety Award of Distinction winner went to the 966th Airborne Air Control Squadron and not the 963rd as listed in the Nov/Dec issue.
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