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Unisys integrates leading object tools with OSMOS.

BLUE BELL, Pa.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 17, 1996--Unisys Corp. Monday announced the integration of several leading object tools with OSMOS, the industry's first high performance, object-relational database for Web-enabled applications.

ParcPlace-Digitalk's VisualWave, the first object-oriented application development environment for building dynamic applications on the World Wide Web and corporate-wide Intranet Web Servers, plus Platinum Technology Corp.'s Paradigm Plus, a powerful OOAD tool that supports Enterprise Component Modeling (ECM), code generation and reverse engineering, are now integrated with OSMOS.

"These leading enterprise class tools will leverage the highly scalable robustness of the OSMOS object-relational database system to bring mission-critical strength to object technology applications," said Dick Ulmer, vice president, Software Products Group Unisys, "Users can now build client/server applications with the ease of point and click and realize unprecedented performance and resiliency."

ParcPlace-Digitalk Incorporated's VisualWave

VisualWave is the first object-oriented application development environment for building dynamic applications on the World Wide Web and corporate-wide Web Servers.

VisualWave is based on the proven ParcPlace Smalltalk programming language, an open, ANSI-compliant language designed for high-speed, industrial-strength application development. The OSMOS-Smalltalk interface allows Smalltalk data objects to be manipulated just like any other Smalltalk object, improving performance by providing a seamless database interface for Smalltalk programmers.

The combination of VisualWave with OSMOS allows development and deployment of industrial-strength, highly-scalable Web applications.

"One key advantage of VisualWave is that customers use the Web not just as a static publishing environment but as a means to deploy dynamic applications," said Martin Yam, senior vice president, Sales and Marketing, ParcPlace. "Dynamic applications are interactive and personalized which arouse businesses to build relationships with their customers.

"Dynamic Web applications connect to the company's business systems for up-to-date information. OSMOS and VisualWave are a natural combination because both focus on user interaction and high-update capabilities."

OSMOS customers can also use ParcPlace's VisualWorks to create client/server/web transaction processing in-house applications. Customers use object-oriented capabilities to their fullest when they reuse application code between the two development tools.

OSMOS complements the VisualWorks environment since the OSMOS architecture supports high performance and concurrency, transaction integrity and resiliency.

Platinum Technology Corp.'s Paradigm Plus

The Paradigm Plus graphical modeling environment fully automates all leading object-oriented methodologies and notations, while allowing users to customize methods based on business requirements. Paradigm Plus is now available as the OSMOS Object Analysis and Design Tool.

OSMOS customers can easily develop their schemas with graphical models and diagrams, a significant advantage over defining schemas in a syntactical definition language using text editors.

Paradigm Plus supports C, C++, ParcPlace Smalltalk, PowerBuilder, Forte, SQL and Java for application designs and specifications. Paradigm Plus components can be published on the web as HTML documents where they can be viewed, downloaded and reused. Using the Paradigm Plus powerful scripting language, OSMOS database schemas are generated.

"Platinum is delighted that Unisys has integrated the OSMOS database with our powerful Paradigm Plus product," said Ed Miller, vice president and general manager of lifecycle business unit, Platinum, "Platinum is a leader in the industry when it comes to integrating leading edge technologies.

"OSMOS fits this category of being the first object-relational database to offer high performance across the enterprise. By integrating with Paradigm Plus, OSMOS users have a solution that begins with the OO Analysis and Design phase and continues through the deployment phases."

The Unisys Computer Systems Group

The Computer Systems Group (CSG) is the Unisys technology business. The people of CSG design, develop, produce and sell the advanced hardware, middleware and system software that serve as the building blocks for traditional and advanced information management solutions.

CSG works with clients, with Unisys services groups, and with outside integrators and consultants, independent software developers, distributors and resellers in providing these technology building blocks to help them better serve their customers.

Few other companies have the breadth of experience of the Computer Systems Group -- from enterprise servers to parallel processing to PCs, with all the software and peripherals in between.

Unisys -- The Information Management Company

Unisys is one of a select group of companies with the portfolio of services, technologies and third party alliances needed to deliver the benefits of information management -- helping clients use their information asset to enhance their competitiveness and responsiveness to customers.

Our expertise in information management is founded on the strengths of our three global businesses: consulting, solutions and systems integration; industry-leading technologies, and comprehensive services and products supporting distributed computing environments.

Access the Unisys home page on the World Wide Web -- -- for further information. For information on OSMOS access on the World Wide Web. -0- Unisys is a registered trademark of Unisys Corp. All other brands and products reference herein are acknowledged to be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jun 17, 1996
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