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Uniroyal Chemical.

Uniroyal Chemical Company is a privately held, leading worldwide manufacturer of specialty chemica customers in 120 countries. The company had its origins in the chemical operations of its former par Rubber Company, which dates back more than 88 years.

Uniroyal Chemical's three divisions are Specialty Rubber Chemicals and Polymers, Specialties, and Specialty Rubber Chemicals and Polymers division is further comprised of three main businesses: Spec Paracril[R] Nitrie Rubber, and Royalene[R] EPDM.

Uniroyal Chemical's Specialty Rubber Chemicals' business is the world's second largest supplier of including antiozonants, antioxidants, blowing agents, and accelerators to the rubber processing indu started in 1949, today offers a wide variety of specialty oil-resistant nitrile rubbers and blends o such as hose, sponge, footwear and mechanical goods.

Royalene EPDM is a terpolymer made with ethylene, propylene and diene monomers, and this business as well. Uniroyal Chemical's first commercial plant to produce Royalene EPDM was commissioned in 196 second manufacturing facility in 1969, both located in Geismar, Louisiana. In 1992, the company buil facility at the same site. This addition to the two existing manufacturing plants has brought Uniroy capacity to 91,000 metric tons, making the company the largest producer of EPDM in North America and EPDM producer worldwide. Uniroyal Chemical is committed to Europe as the site for one of its next EP facilities.

To help broaden the application of its Royalene technology, Uniroyal Chemical licensed, in 1985, t high-performance elastomers -- silicone-modified EPDM which offers up to 10 times the service life o Technology expansion continued with the 1987 introduction of Trilene[R] liquid polymers -- viscous, weight ethylene-propylene copolymers and terpolymers used in thermoset and thermoplastic application the Royaltuf[R] line of chemically-modified EPDM has been developed to improve the impact resistance such as polycarbonates, polyesters and nylons.

Uniroyal Chemical's leading edge Royalene technology was licensed internationally beginning in 196 signed a licensing agreement with Sumitomo Chemical in Japan. A joint venture agreement with Herdill EPDM in India, was signed in 1988, followed by a technology agreement with Yukong Elastomer Co., Ltd joint venture company formed by Sumitomo Chemical and Yukong Limited). Start-up of the Herdillia pla

Technological Leadership

Currently, over 40 percent of EPDM sales are a result of new and improved products developed to me needs. One example of the company's efforts in this area is the recent development of new polymers f market.

Uniroyal Chemical also continues its leadership role in the automotive weatherstrip market with th EPDM sponge polymers offering improved compression set resistance, superior low temperature performa appearance.

The company is active in the molded goods area, where a current program involves the use of EPDM t rubber in engine and body mounts for better temperature resistance. Uniroyal Chemical also continues EPDM applications for today's tires and tubes, with its work to improve the appearance of the black of tubes.

In 1965, the first Royalene EPDM single-ply roof was installed. Since that time, the company has c new roofing polymers, which are today's product of choice for the roofing market.

Royalene EPDM is also used extensively to modify polypropylene resins by both resin manufacturers New Royalene products for the plastics market include a new copolymer, improved oil-extended product new Royalene/resin masterbatches available in pellet form.

For the future, Uniroyal Chemical plans to introduce new Royalene polymers for the wire and cable developing new hose polymers for automotive, industrial and consumer applications.

Through modification of current EPDM products and the development of new polymers to meet customer needs, Uniroyal Chemical is targeting substantial worldwide growth and continued success for Royalen EPDM into the next century. To help support this global mission, Uniroyal Chemical's Royalene EPDM business has offices located in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, Italy and Mexico.
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