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Unique peelable lidding film boost.

KWH Plast introduces a new generation of polypropylene-based lidding film, SecurityPeel[TM], for industrially produced food packages requiring high specifications. The secure and peelable seal, combined with excellent anti-fog properties, makes SecurityPeel[TM] the ideal lidding solution for meat and ready-meal packages. The unique properties of the film are based on multi-layer cast co-extrusion technology and enable production of food packaging that increases product safety, provides longer shelf life and a high level of consumer convenience.

"The objective for developing the new lidding film was to achieve superior performance which adds value throughout the value chain: packaging converters, food industry, brand owners, retailers and consumers," says Hakan Forss, Marketing Director of KWH Plast. "The challenge was to bring all desired functionalities together, as most lidding solutions today are either convenient or secure, but not both. With our multilayer solution, the excellent peeling of the lidding film has now been combined with other special features like state of the art barrier and anti-fog properties."

SecurityPeel[TM] has been developed in close cooperation with food packaging converters. Clean, safe, functional and economic packaging is an integral part of the consumer experience and influences the image of the brands. SecurityPeel[TM] is targeted for packaging of the leading meat, chicken and ready-meal brands.

"This film was developed together with several partners: converters, machine producers and companies from the food industry," says Hakan Forss. "This enabled us to optimise our solution. Our film protects the product inside the package without compromising safety and ensures a smooth and convenient opening. We have the best anti-fog film on the market."

The barrier layer reduces the oxygen transmission rate and protects the product. The anti-fog additive of the lidding film changes the surface properties so that the moisture inside the package does not form droplets but spreads out on the surface of the film. The food inside the package is fully visible on the cold shelves and the consumer can clearly see what he is about to buy.

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Title Annotation:PACKAGING
Publication:Food Trade Review
Date:Jul 1, 2012
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