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Unique offshore lifting device.

A lifting device installed atop a North Sea drilling platform has been equipped with giant pulley wheels made by sandwiching rim segments in a molybdenum disulphide-filled nylon 6 between steel flanges.


The segments of the five-meter diameter pulley wheels, or sheaves, were cast by Quadrant Engineering Plastics (Quadrant EPP) in its own Nylatron GSM, a highperformance filled caprolaetam that reacts to form nylon 6 during the moulding process. Each sheave contains eight segments, and each segment is almost two meters long and 85 kg in weight.

The molybdenum disulphide (MoS2) dispersion acts as a solid lubricant capable of performing under high pressure and speed. It enhances the load bearing capabilities of the nylon 6 while maintaining its inherent impact resistance. The final product has very high resistance to wear and to weathering, making it last far longer than standard nylon 6.

The lifting device is built by National Oilwell Varco. Quadrant EPP supplies the Nylatron GSM parts through the Norwegian branch of European distribution company Vink, ready to mount onto the steel flanges. After casting them, Quadrant EPP then machines critical areas to exact dimensions.

This is the second time Quadrant EPP has supplied such parts to Varco. Sheaves installed some 10 years ago, and still in use, have operated virtually faultlessly, according to sales engineer Luc Debruyne.

Nylatron GSM is one of several grades of cast nylon 6 that Quadrant EPP offers for a wide range of engineering applications that include sprockets, beatings, gears and wear pads.
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Date:Sep 1, 2007
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