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Unique design from NIMO-KG saves Norwegian backs.

Heavy and repetitive lifting on a production line at Nortura in Forus, Norway, made for backbreaking work. In search of a solution, the meat supplier contacted NIMO-KG Transportsystem--and completely new and specially designed equipment is now on its way.

With 6,500 employees, 39 facilities around the country and turnover exceeding NOK 17,000 billion, Nortura is Norway's leading meat and egg supplier. One of its factories is located in Forus, just outside Stavanger. Its products include steaks, sausages and ham. The meat is also cut up--with considerable effort. Up to now, the cutting station was characterized by a lack of ergonomics, which had led to various complaints and muscular-skeletal pain among some of the staff.

"The workstation was poorly designed and the operators were obliged to pull and lift items manually. That's now completely obviated with our new machine" says Per-Sigurd Meting, Project Coordinator and Technical Manager at Nortura Forus.

The new solution, based on requests from the employees, comprises the complete first part of the production line--emptiers, conveyor belts, easily accessible workstations and collecting ducts for valuable by-products. Roughly butchered meat lands in pallet-adapted trays that are lifted and tipped out by a powerful emptier. The contents are then automatically distributed along a conveyor belt that moves the parts to two ergonomic benches.

Both lifters and transporters are controlled by the users via pedals. So the speed can be adapted depending on how much cutting the meat requires. During its time on the belt, the parts are simultaneously drained of excess liquids, which are used in other products after being collected in a duct underneath.

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Comment:Unique design from NIMO-KG saves Norwegian backs.(NEWS & INSTALLATIONS)
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Date:Jul 1, 2009
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